APEX @ EXPO 2018 – SkyLights on Its Evolving Headset Offering

It’s day two here at APEX EXPO 2018 in
Boston and we’re joined now by Laurence from SkyLights, Laurence, welcome. — Thank you. — Yeah, thanks for coming. You guys have
made some big announcements this week and you’ve also brought your latest
version of your product to show us, so let’s start with the partnership with
Stelia and talk about the integration. — Sure, so we are super proud because we’ve partnered with Stelia, we have a business seat on the on the booth and this is a
full integration so this is 4K cinema you are like immersed in like a fully
synchronized experience so this is a massage, this is also context so it can
be on board a private jet or on board a boat, you can control everything the whole seat thanks to the to the glasses actually so
you’re really in a virtual world onboard business class. — Ok and how long have you been working on integrating these things together? — It’s a kind of a long,
it’s a six months nine months project, so it’s nice, this is the first time that a
virtual reality headset is integrated now in a seat, so this is a big a big step for us. — Right and it’s got some gaze control function
as well, doesn’t it? Correct, so we started as a cinematic experience like 2D, 3D and last
year together with this AlloSky, the new model we’ve added the 360 feature
and now we are all gaze-based so the 2D 3D is like very simple, there is a simple
control, however when you are in the VR part within this
immersive experience you control thanks to your eyes so you do not have to touch
anything anymore even the control button on the
seat so it’s kind of fun. — Wow. Its kind of hard for me to wrap me head around the fact you can control it with your eyes. — Okay and then you’ve also got an announcement here
that you’ve got your first North American airlines customer as well. — So this is super important as well for us you know we’ve started in Europe, we came in the US, we raised money actually the US which was good, and it’s been a less than a year that we’re developing the business in the US and yesterday we had our very
first flight with Alaska. — With Alaska, a great airline as well. — So it was first class. It was distributed
the headset distributed in first class and people enjoyed it, I mean the
feedback is good, you know we have 95% of satisfaction rate and again this is I mean all the passengers they were super happy about
the experience. — That’s fantastic. Okay so what’s next for you guys then? — A lot of stuff. We are we have enhanced the catalog, we went from 2D, 3D to 360 so it
was super important, we’re working more and more with with all the Hollywood
studios but not only dealing with studios but also the VR studios who
we have in our catalog. We have also wellness, travel content, related short-form content so this is first very big in investment for us and the
second one is the travel industry. We’ve started in the plane, we went through the
launches, we’ve made several announcement around the launches earlier this year
and we’re going to the train, to the hotel and yesterday we were starting on
the cruise so this is our next step. — Wow, that’s really exciting. Well thank
you so much for coming by and sharing that with us.

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