Ansviesulis: 168 Things to Know About FinTech Conferences

Hey, my name is Matiss, I’m the co-founder and CEO of Creamfinance and this is what I do. What’s up, Y’all FinTech enthusiasts and influencers! So I’ve been spending last seven years of my life building my company Creamfinance And attending what I would call are, You know, the most meaningful and Purposeful events of my life – FinTech conferences. That’s right. And I’ve been thinking about the world and where we are as people now and the one thing I realized That we need more FinTech conferences and I’ll tell You why. I’ll give You the reasons. I’ll break it down for You. The first rule of business that I’ve learned is that The more FinTech conferences You attend And the more FinTech conferences You get onstage at – The more successful your business will be. It’s true, man. That is a rule, which is confirmed By the National Authority of FinTech Conferences and by all the world’s journalists that work on business media. I Tell You – there’s the other thing, Which is that FinTech conferences give You an unparalleled opportunity to overpay Tons of money – thousands and thousands of euros to get on the stage To talk about random bullshit in front of an audience That is spending their time in the smartphone because they are some employees that Got their employer, You know, sending them over to the conference so that they can kill some time while the real people that make real decisions They’re out in networking lobby, You know, making contacts and do real business. That value-for-money trade off is just unparalleled. And I’ll tell You something more. You know, everything that You say at the FinTech conference is officially true. Boom, that’s right! If You have a FinTech startup that has no revenue, no business model, No clients, but You’re losing fuckloads of money every month Man… Just go to FinTech conference and talk about AI. Talk about Big Data. Talk about disrupting traditional banking. And Your position will be fully justified, You will be legitimate. That’s right. And the last thing, And it’s the best one – FinTech conferences stand beyond Statistical reality and conventional logics. That’s right. You know why? Because every year every single FinTech conference says it’s the biggest FinTech conference on the planet. That’s interesting, huh? And it’s getting bigger and bigger every year so by that logic This year the whole world is basically a huge FinTech conference That’s what it is and You think it’s bullsh*t… Just remember – everything that’s said at a FinTech conference is 100% true. Boom man, that’s it. Here You have it. I hope You enjoyed my knowledge sharing, and emotional kind of discussion about FinTech conferences. I want You to comment. I want You to subscribe. You want to know more about FinTech conferences – follow my channel. That’s it. And You know what – I want to see You at the Fintech conference. That’s right. I’ll see You at the next FinTech conference. Peace.

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