Annoying Orange – Tech Support

(Orange laughing) – Hey dude! Whatcha watchin’? – Watchin’ America’s Got
Talented Groin Shots. – Toss it! – Looks like somebody’s not
havin’ kids anymore. (laughs) – Classy dude. – Uh oh, here we go. What the– What happened? – Looks like it’s stuck. – No! Now I’ll never know what happened. – Pretty sure he was gonna
get hit in the nards. – But how will we ever know? Come on! Load video! Load! – Dude! Dude! It’s not the computer! Looks like the Internet is out. – Well, tell it to come back.
Orangey needs groiny shots. – No! Orange! Look at the router! – What? Where? I don’t see a rooster. – No. Here. The router. All of the lights on the router are red. – (screams) Oh my God! Yeah, I
have no idea what that means. – It means that you probably
have to call tech support to fix the problem. – Why would I call about neck support? I don’t even have a neck. (chortles) – Stop it! You know what I said. Here. Call the support line
and try to get it fixed. I’m leaving. – Wha– Where are you goin’? – Marshmallow and I are
going to the movies. – Giddyap magical pancake! – Yay! – Now I’m hungry for pancakes. – Alright. Well, I better get
the Internety thingy working. – Lime Warner Cable. How can I help you? – Hi! Can you help me fix my rooster? – Uh, what was that? – My rooster has the red flishy-flashies and won’t give me my Internet. – Okay, are you talking about your router? – Yeah. My rooster! It isn’t
loading my groin shots. – Okay. Well, it’s called a router. And I’d be happy to help you fix it. – Woohoo! – So I’m gonna need some help from you. Can you tell me what color
the lights are on the front? – Red. Like the flavor. – Uh, okay. Uhm, well red isn’t good. Are the lights solid or flashing? – Hmm… They’re flashing. Oh no! Does that mean
it turned into a bomb? – What? No! – Is it trying to
communicate via Morse code? Flash more if you’re actually a bomb. Ah! I knew it! It’s a bomb! Ahh! – No! It’s not a bomb. Cripes. It just means it’s not receiving a signal. – Oh! It just needs some hand
signals to start up. Got it! I’ll just give it a thumbs up. Oh, wait. I don’t have
any thumbs. (screams) – Please stop screaming. Okay, let’s start out by
having you reboot the router. – Really? – Yes. Go ahead and reboot the router. – Okay. Hiyaya! (kicks the router) – What the– What are you doing? (Orange kicking the router) – You told me to reboot my router. So I pulled out my steel toes. (laughs) – No! Do not kick the router. How would that repair anything,
kicking it. Seriously? Especially sensitive electronics. – How am I supposed to
know how to fix a rooster? – Okay okay! What’s the router doing now? – Hmmm… Looks like– Oh no! Oh no! There’s no lights on
anymore! Is my rooster dead? – I don’t– – Cock-a-doodle, do not go
towards the light, rooster buddy. (snickers aloud) Shall I give it CPR? – No! You don’t give a router
CPR. It’s an inanimate object. It’s not alive. – Whew! Okay, good. Cause I’ll be honest, I
don’t even know what CPR is. (Lime growls) – And like, what does it
even stand for anyway? Cookie pants rash? – No! – Candy poop receptacle? – What? – Oh, cranking pickle raffle. – It stands for
cardiopulmonary resuscitation. – (laughs) Those aren’t words. – Yes! Yes, they are! – Crankle monkey. Prapple pooty.
I love makin’ up words too. (Orange laughs) (Lime growls) – That’s it! This is not working. I’m coming over there to fix it myself. – Woohoo! He’s comin’ over
to fix you, rooster buddy! – It’s a router! A router! Not a rooster. Those words, they don’t
even sound that similar. – Okay! Jeez! No need to
be so sour, Lime. (laughs) – (growls) There! Okay,
you see how easy that was? All you had to do was
press the reset button. – You saved my rooster’s life! – Router! – Rooster! – Rou-ter! – That’s what I’m saying. Rooster. – Rou-ter! – Rooster! – For the last time, it is
not pronounced that way. – No! Rooster! – Huh? (a rooster crows) (Lime screams) – Whoa! What the peck
just happened? (guffaws) – We’re back! They wouldn’t
let us into the theater ’cause we’re “outside
food”. What did we miss? – Nothin’. You’re back
just in time for this. (screaming from the video) – Oh!

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  2. Okay for the last time I’ll put you in the blender if you don’t tell me if marshmallow is a boy or a girl and make midget apple your normal size!!👿😡😡

  3. Which is not a word I'm not even going to subscribe to your channel because it's you said it's the rooster but it's so router

  4. "looks like someone is not having kids anymore!" … Dint knew orange was a pervert…

  5. When orange said that he is hungry for pancakes I started wondering about what the foods in the kitchen eat, like do they even eat? Lol

  6. No orange that is not how you reboot a router dude, the key to rebooting a router is just press the reset button.

  7. Why is it that anyone who's not a main character in this series always dies when they talk to Orange

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    Hmm…Maybe It's Loadi-….o wait I have no internet 😭
    There enjoy my story

  9. 1:17 When you're a fruit, you're going to watch Aladdin but you don't have a magic carpet so you get a pancake

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