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subscribe our channel for daily videos Animal Crossing : Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – Now Coming To Smartphones – Tech News #1 Nintendo on Twitter today confirmed that
the company’s upcoming Android and iOS game Animal Crossing pocket camp will
launch worldwide on November 22nd Animal Crossing is a series of social
simulation video games in which players customize their evaders living spaces
and communities by trading materials and favors for decorative items in Pocket
camp the player decorates a campsite in lieu of a town and gathers materials
such as wood and cotton from the surrounding area to trade for furniture
orders the player character befriends neighboring animal characters who can
visit the player’s campsite ask another human players both invited and at random
the player’s avatar can travel to multiple locations such as sunburst
island or saltwater shores and a marketplace that sells furniture and
avatar clothing the players customization options extend to their
avatars gender facial traits and recreational vehicle abode neighbors and
nearby recreation sites reward the player with crafting materials for
completing requests a local blacksmith or carpenter turns these resources into
furniture tools and new locations the player can attract specific neighbors by
placing their favorite furniture at the campsite the mobile game introduces a
micro transaction currency lift tickets which the player can use to reduce
in-game timers or to craft without raw materials the player accrues leaf
tickets by completing in-game tasks or buying the currency outright through the
real world app store the player can also trade leaf tickets for special event
furniture which attracts specific characters to the player’s kamsa
the games developer plans to introduce seasonal events and furniture with
limited availability

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