Angrath Planeswalker Deck Rebuild

Rebuild the Angrath Planeswalker Deck I really like the Planeswalker decks. They are a great place for new players to
start. Decks built around an idea that play well
against each other. There’s nothing wrong with these decks. They are a lot of fun. Instead of just upgrading the Angrath Planeswalker
deck, I wanted to take Angrath a new way. I want to show you how to rebuild a deck. I’m going to show you what we created with
the Angrath Planeswalker deck, right now. Reaching and teaching Young Mages of all ages. Welcome young mage, I’m Rhino. Before we get started, I asked you in a previous
video to tell me do you think Dinosaurs and Dragons are the same thing? There’s a reason I asked that. It’s actually from one of the cards in the
Ixalan block. Can you find which card I’m talking about? Just put it in the comments below. The purpose of the Angrath Planeswalker deck
was to over run your opponent with pirates. Fast pirates. I like fast decks, but could Angrath do a
bit more? I wanted to build this deck with cards I had
on hand or could easily trade for. What if we teamed Angrath up with Kari Zev? What would the deck look like? I’m not going over what we took out. This isn’t just a simple upgrade, but a
different idea. We will keep the Angrath and his buddies,
but use some other cards to make a new deck. Let’s start with the mana. Angrath is Red and Black. This is also known as Rakdos. We will keep the colors the same and use 22
land. I don’t think we need more land. It played really well for me. We start with 4 Cinder Barrens from the original
deck. We will add 2 Evolving Wilds for mana fixing. And for basic land, 8 Mountains and 6 Swamps. But I want to add one Desert of the Fervent
and one Desert of the Glorified. These are cycle lands. If you get them late in the game and already
have enough mana, you can use them to draw a card. That can be really helpful. Now for the creatures, a total of 22. Three Daring Buccaneer  A one drop for a
2/2 and you can reveal a pirate from your hand or pay 2. It is fast and big. That is
all value. One Deadeye Tracker.  One drop 1/1  this
card is just great for getting rid of  graveyard synergies and it explores as well. Three Fanatical Firebrand. A 1 drop 1/1 haste
and you can tap and sac it and it deals 1 damage to target creature or player. He’s
great for taking out any of your opponent’s one toughness creatures. Including annoying
flyers. Three Grasping Scoundrel.  A one drop with
+1/+0 as long as it’s attacking. I couldn’t find any other one drop black pirates. But
this is really nice. A 2/1 when attacking is still good. Three Dire Fleet Captain.  This card is just
amazing. Getting +1/+1 for each other attacking pirate is so good. He becomes an immediate
target if your opponent knows what’s good for him. Two Goblin Trailblazer.  A two drop 2/1 with
menace I don’t see a downside. He has to be blocked by at least two creatures. Then we
get to decide where we want the damage to go. Two Kari Zev, Skyship Raider  A 2 drop 1/3
 with First Strike and Menace. Plus we get a 2/1 monkey when we attack. The monkey does
more damage and Kari Zev has a pretty big toughness. This is a double threat. Three Forerunner of the Coalition.  It’s
a good pirate tutor. Whenever another pirate enters the battlefield your opponent loses
1 life. We have lots of pirates. And two Dire Fleet Neckbreaker.  A 4 drop
3/2. I think this is the pirate lord. All attacking pirates get +2/+0. And the Dire
Fleet Neckbreaker doesn’t even need to be attacking. But when she attacks, she’s a
5/2. That’s it for the creatures. By the way, keep watching. I have a neat combo
to show you. We are running 16 spells because we want to
do some fun stuff. Two Fling. You can sacrifice a creature and
deal direct damage to your opponent.  This doesn’t sound too great because you lose
your creature but I’ll tell you a neat combo in a moment. Two Lightning strike. A 2 drop instant that
deals 3 damage to target player, this is a solid card. Use it before they can put up
their creatures. Or just hit them at the end when their life total is low. Two Sure strike. A 2 drop instant that gives
a creature +3/+0 and first strike it’s a great combat trick. Three Walk the Plank. 2 drop destroy target
non-merfolk creature, pretty nice. It gets rid of just about any creature. Two Fell Flagship. At first I didn’t think
this ship would be that good. But this card is really good with this deck. Our pirates
get +1/+0 and force our opponent to discard a card. This can be super annoying… for
them. Two Kari Zev’s Expertise. You get to steal
one of their creatures and then you can play something for free. We have 26 cards in this
deck it can cast for free. I like it. And here’s that combo I mentioned earlier. Use
Kari Zev’s Expertise to steal your opponents creature. After you attack with it, use Fling
to sacrifice their creature to do even more damage to them. They don’t get their creature
back. And finally we are keeping Angrath and his
two fury’s. It’s like having 3 Angrath’s in your deck plus more damage. What do you think of this as a Planeswalker
deck? I want it to be more competitive. It may even win some games at Friday Night
Magic. If you want to see how this deck plays against
the Rebuilt Vraska Planeswalker deck, check the card above for the game play video. And finally, This isn’t the only way, or best way to
rebuild the deck. I like the idea of stealing your opponents
annoying creatures and attack them with it. But pirates can do a lot of neat things. Like Revel in Riches can give you a different
way to win the game. Or if you wanted to use Blue and Black, Hostage
Taker can give you some of the same capability and open your deck to flying pirates. Would you want to run a pirate deck like this? Let me know in the comments below. I have more videos coming out soon showing
you how to upgrade decks and play magic better. So subscribe now by hitting that rhino down
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so you don’t miss a single one. These videos are possible because of my generous
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3 thoughts on “Angrath Planeswalker Deck Rebuild

  1. The card is Dragonskull Summit because Angrath didn't know the difference. The reference is in the flavor text. That was a kind of cute addition, considering Angrath is portrayed as a headstrong character.

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