Android Smart Watch

specifics brand name Tkach function add
circle calendar remote control dial call alarm clock countdown speed measurement
kilometer calculators message reminder heart rate tracker
24-hour instruction called a minor fitness tracker app download
yes and detachable no styles for battery capacity Cola 300 450 mo system Android
wear battery detachable new screen size : 1.4 Internet work mode none
8750 model m2 2006 little part 1 SOT cubes were pulling
512mb pen material rubber wrongful and thoughtful mechanism yes
manufacturer mediatek american union movement type electronics free in shape
around multiple miles yes application age group results
waterproof grade like water boots and cart available new language English
compatibility or compatible GPS yes type on risk model tip watched as glacier
connection type through 2 3 4.1 bye bye : 8 2.11 be /c / and water resistance
ip67 water free please do not dip into the water for a long time let display or hundred times four
hundred compatibility iOS 8.0 + / Android 4.3 plus features heart rate
monitor proximity sensor accelerometer gyroscope GPS etc dot watch cover
material top rated polycarbonate glass and a strap glass box facts on
changeable walks facts specifications screen round OLED display 400 times 400
1 point 4 inch / 287 process when two gigahertz dual-core MT 2601
memory 512 m the board on one ble wlm 802.11 B / u /
n features heart rate monitor proximity sensor accelerometer
GPS sniffing speaker etc possibility iOS 8 0 + / Android 4.3 bus
waterproofing IP 6 please do not dip into the water for a
long time watch how that material top-rated quality car
battery 300 a month trademark wireless
enable late as sighs wait with strap forty five
point five grams weight with package 212 grams strap size 22 millimeters 118
millimeters 22 millimeters 75 millimeters package contents 1x Stickley
RS 1 x charger dock 1 x english manual the product by link video description
box and subscribe our YouTube channel

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