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Hey everyone, welcome back to TECH(feed). I’m Juliet Beauchamp and today we’re talking
all things mobile. So stick around. If you’re an Android user, be on the lookout
for an important update to your OS. This month’s Android Security Bulletin revealed
a bug that could allow an attacker to hack phones through a malicious p-n-g image file. While it’s always good to be cautious, this
flaw absolutely does not apply to all p-n-g files online. And the good news is Google had no report
of this vulnerability being abused. Regardless, be sure to update your system
once a patch is released. The proposed T-Mobile Sprint merger is facing
increased scrutiny. The twenty six billion dollar deal has been
criticized by democratic lawmakers and consumer advocates, who point to potentially higher
prices and job cuts as a reason to block the deal. However, it’s not up to congress to decide
the fate of the merger–the justice department and FCC have to approve the deal. And those two government bodies are wrapping
up their investigations of the proposed deal. Nevertheless, congress has held two hearings
with T-Mobile and Sprint over the past two days and any newly uncovered info could warrant
further investigation from the the DOJ or FCC. And we’re back again with more Huawei and
5G news. According to the New York Times, the Trump
administration may soon issue an executive order that would ban telecom companies from
using Chinese equipment while building 5G networks. The order would likely ban equipment from
quote “adversarial powers”–and Chinese telecom giant Huawei fits in this category. This comes amid u-s criminal charges against
Huawei’s CFO and accusations about the company’s alleged ties to the Chinese government. Thanks for watching today’s episode of TECH(feed). Be sure to like this video, subscribe and
check out our social links below. See you next time.

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