Android Phones and Best Smartphone Deals

Android Phones and Best Smartphone Deals Want an Android Phone direct from the source, well you’re in the right place. Chinavasion sells the best Android phones
and cheap cell phones direct from the manufacturers. With top quality specs, but low price tags
you will see that our Android phones are great bargains. Discover the best smartphone and cell phones
for all your needs or order in bulk for greater savings and satisfy your customers. Android Phones and Cheap Cell Phones
Chinavasion offers the best Android smartphones and cell phone accessories. The smartphones listed here are categorized
mainly by screen size from discreet 1-3 Inch phones up to 6-7 Inch smartphones and phablets. These large screen phablet devices bring more
real estate for web browsing, videos, pictures, and touchscreen gaming. The 4 and 5 inch Android phones give astounding
value for money and can still give great results with all the latest features and technologies
such as fingerprint scanners, HD 1080P displays, and stunning cameras. Don’t forget the special feature phones from
our rugged phone category. These tough, Android powered cell phones come
with triple protection (dust, water and shockproof) so you can enjoy all the best smartphone features
wherever you may be. For something really dinky, you could try
our fun phone watches with calling features, they will make you feel like a secret agent
and offer a discreet way to check messages and calls without drawing attention to yourself. Business users may appreciate our Dual SIM
smartphones, which let you keep work and home life separate and are perfect for life on
the go. Dedicated gamers may want to choose one of
our large screen phones with lightning fast processors and pin-sharp displays for ultra-smooth
Android performance. All Android devices from Chinavasion are guaranteed
for 12 months and you should check the detail of descriptions to see which additional standards
such as 4G, fingerprint scanner, dual wifi, etc is supported by each mobile phone. Don’t forget to check the web shop navigation
links for other high performance (non-Android) cell phones, as well as Android Tablets in
their own separate category! Welcome To Android Phone Central! The beauty of these Wholesale Chinese Android
phones is not only that you have so many options to choose from but that they come at cheap
cell phones prices. Whether you are after a palm-sized high performer
to enjoy the latest games and multimedia, a tough waterproof phone or a compact smartphone
to handle your calls and texting, there is a perfect phone for you. All of our phones in this category run on
the Android OS, which means you can choose from over a million apps and games. Many of our phones come loaded with Android
6.0 Marshmallow. These advanced operating systems have the
latest features not always included on the Android 5.1 Lollipop or Android 4.4 Kit Kat
systems. Among the many improvements in the new OS
are Ok Google voice commands, better multitasking support and improved more efficient power
management, allowing the smartphones to run for longer periods and perform better with
graphics, gaming, and multitasking. At Chinavasion, you can choose from a large
selection of Wholesale Android smartphones. All our products have been carefully checked
by our dedicated quality control team to ensure you get top quality and high performance. As with all products from Chinavasion, these
Android smartphones are stocked in our China warehouse and ready to ship directly to your
door. Quality is guaranteed. Look out for our wholesale discounts and special
offers to pick up a bargain! Unlocked Phone
Unlocked phones are more popular than ever because of one simple reason, they bring the
user much greater freedom to choose the device they want, as well as the carrier and phone
plan that’s right for them. An unlocked Smartphone is one that isn’t tied
down to a specific carrier or contract provider. That means that you can shop around and find
the features you want on a phone and then have the freedom to select the carrier that’s
right for you. If you don’t like the service you’re getting
or want to swap providers then with an unlocked phone it’s much easier to do and you can usually
switch as often as you like to take advantage of the best and latest cell phone plans. Just check the supported network frequencies
to ensure the phone you want works with the plans you wish to use in your country or region. Everyone Needs Smarter Phones! One day we will know everything. Our fridges, cookers and even our washing
machines will be hooked up to the internet and we will only have to ask a question to
get the answer from Google in a millisecond. Until that day we have smartphones. They load up far faster than laptops and are
always with us. So if it is a just a quick bit of information
you are after — who played Darth Vader in the first Star Wars movie? What is the current exchange rate of Euros
to Yen? What are the names of all seven dwarves in
Snow White? — an Android phone puts the answers at your fingertips. There was a time when you’d have to go out
and buy shelving for your CDs. No matter how many CDs you bought, you’d always
get bored and your collection would slowly gather dust. Or you’d find that your favorite album was
damaged and would no longer play, just when you wanted to listen to it. Android phones are a perfect solution. You can download a service like Spotify and
enjoy access to millions of tracks, make your own playlists and take your music with you
wherever you go. No more CDs, no more creaking shelves — just
great music whenever and wherever you want it. We never had it so good! Android Phones: Know Your Tech Speak:
• OS The Android operating system (OS) was developed
specifically for mobile devices by Google. It is a hugely popular mobile platform. Many technology commentators argue that it
is superior to Apple’s iOS. Andriod 7.0 known as Nougat was realsed in
2016 and will likely featuer on more handsets in 2017
• Dual SIM Dual SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) phones
let you fit two SIMs in a single handset. These phones are a great way of keeping your
call charges to a minimum, by enjoying the advantages of more than one network. They are also popular with business users
who can keep their personal and work calls separate without having to carry two mobiles
around. • Capacitive touch screen
Capacitive touch-screens rely on the electrical properties of your body to detect when and
where you are touching the screen. Because of this they are very sensitive. You do not need to press hard on the display
to control the mobile device, making them responsive and easy to use. • WCDMA
WCDMA stands for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access, which is the third generation (3G)
wireless standard. Offering high transfer speeds for voice and
data, WCDMA 3G enables smartphones to access the internet at reasonable speeds. • GSM
GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications and is used for transmitting voice and data
services on mobile phones. GSM supports voice calls and data transfer
speeds of up to 9.6kbps, as well as the transmission of SMS (Short Message Service). • 4G
The 4th generation of mobile communications technology 4G is the successor to 3G. It’s faster connectivity speeds allow for
streaming of high definition video content and the faster data rates allow for smoother
video conferencing and online game playing. The LTE protocol offers 100Mbit peak download
and 50Mbit peak upload speeds while the LTE-Advanced offers speeds that are ten times faster at
up to 1000Mbps for downloads and 500Mbps for uploads. • Rugged
If you are an adventurous person, you might want to invest in a rugged Android phone that
is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof.. These will typically have an IP rating such
as IP66, IP67 or IP68 • HDMI port
High Definition Media Interface — If your Android phone is fitted with an HDMI port
you can take the video output and plug it into the HMDI input on a high definition (HD)
television, which means you can show whatever is on your phone on your TV. About Smartphone Brands
Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007. It was so new that Time magazine put it on
the cover of the magazine, describing it as ‘the phone that has changed phones forever’. The subsequent generations of iPhone have
sold in their millions — when the iPhone 5 was launched in September 2012 it sold five
million in the first three days of its launch. However, Apple’s dominance of the market is
no longer secure. Newcomers caught up fast, with products such
as the Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia and HTC One taking an increasing share of the market. As the market has continues to advance and
grow at an exponential pace more players have entered it. Today many Chinese brands such as Lenovo,
Xiaomi, Huawei, Umi, and OnePlus are neck and neck with the likes of Samsung, Sony,
HTC, and Apple when it comes to quality and features. Reasons to purchase an Android phone over
their fruity rivals include a wider choice of options, whether that be screen size, advanced
features such as better camera, larger battery, or just the freedom and options for customizing
your home screen and expandable storage options (many Android phones let you expand and swap
storage with a removable SD card). It is easy to find up-to-date information
about the latest products. On the internet, you could try T3, TechRadar,
Engadget, MobileMag or PCadvisor. In print, check out magazines like Android
or Mobile Europe. For Q&A you could try the forums, including
Android, AndroidCentral, and TalkAndroid or of course check out the Chinavasion Blog and
feel free to ask our CS about any specs or requirements you may be unsure of. You can buy Android phones pretty much anywhere
— online at Amazon, and from supermarkets and phone retailers. The Android phones available from Chinavasion
offer the same features as the major brands but without you having to pay major brand
prices. We are careful to source only the best quality
devices. Each one is tested before it is shipped to
you. Many of our phones devices are built in the
same factories and with the same components as the big brand name products — and to the
same high-quality finish. Ease Of Use and Comparing Prices… All Chinavasion products are built to the
same high standards. However higher priced items are likely to
have larger screens, higher CPU rates with more processing cores and larger RAM. The quality of the camera is also a contributing
factor, with higher spec lenses and higher MP (megapixel) counts for even sharper images. Higher priced phones may also have additional
features such as an HDMI port or GPS or fingerprint scanners. Some screens have enhanced high-definition
(HD) displays. Greater screen resolution adds to the cost
but you are sure to appreciate watching your favorite movies on a pin-sharp HD screen. Tips For Android Phone Sellers
Retailers and drop shippers of Android phones should consider selecting good titles and
description keywords to attract more customers. Remember consumers may be searching on eBay
or elsewhere for “mobile devices”, “portable PCs”, or even “cheap iPhones”. There is no harm in adding titles and keywords
that match the keen bargain hunter, either, such as “cheap Android phones”, “cheap smartphones”,
“cheap electronics” and “discount gadgets”. Of course, resellers should point out that
Chinavasion products are high quality as well as highly affordable.

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