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Hello everyone and welcome to the Awards edition of Up To Speed. We have quite a show for you today. We’ll recognize all of the creativity with the new Apple iPhone 11. And five lucky winners will get a new device. Plus…we all win when we register to vote. And…we’ll take you behind the scenes at TV’s biggest awards show to see how Verizon kept it moving. Let’s start with the first category of the night. Best Wish. Over the last couple of days, we asked you to comment on why YOU should get the latest iPhone 11. We got a lot of responses and only 5 phones to give away. So without any further delay…the winners are… Tammy Hartman, Jen Courier, Melvin Williams, Daniel Beall and Nick Easter. Congrats to all five of the winners. Next up…Best Citizen. We all win when we register to vote. In a little more than a year, voters in the U.S. will head to the polls for Election 2020. Verizon Media is at the forefront of helping people become active and informed voters. You can check out the “Election 2020” content hub to see reporting from all platforms. You’ll find a voter registration initiative in partnership with TurboVote encouraging voters of all ages and political affiliations to register to vote. Finally…Best Network. What a night for the network team at the biggest awards show in television. Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband service powered broadband internet access for the media company broadcasting the awards. The company used Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network and two Inseego 5G devices to provide broadband Internet access to support operations on the ground during the event. Wow. What a night for the V-Team. And congrats to all the winners. You hear that? My time to go. Until Next Time…you’re Up to Speed.

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