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Translator: Anna Durbanova
Reviewer: Radost Tsvetkova (Beatboxing) (Beatboxing ends) TED. All right. (Applause) Well, the mike works. We are good on the mike. It is my icebreaker. My name is Elijah Aaron Palnik, I perform around the country: around Columbus, around Ohio, and I do kind of a one-man band. We’ll get to that in a second. I work in the Department of Dance here, I am obviously not a dancer, although this physique is… where it’s at. (Laughter) You guys like that? So, in the Department of Dance I accompany
all of the dance classes with my music. So, Modern, African, Jazz, even like Ballet. (Music) Right? So a little bit of everything. And the way that I am able to do it is by using some of the modern technology, a fuse with a lot of the ancient rhythms
that I’ve studied and I grew up on, and so, what this machine at my feet does, it allows me to record
whatever I want, whenever I want, and it keeps going. Thus creating a band of Elijah’s, which can be pretty intense, right? So I will just give you a little – I’ll show you how it works. And the reason I have to explain it – I was thinking about this
backstage actually, but a lot of the time
I’ll perform and people are like – perfect example: I performed at a luncheon a few years ago, and – how do I put this? – everyone was like
fifty years older than me. It was that kind of luncheon,
which was pretty hip. This woman comes up to me
afterwords, she goes – she gave me three pieces of advice
that I hold very dear to my heart. One was, “You should cut your beard.” (Laughter) Okay, the next one – she goes, “It would do you good
to learn some Neil Diamond.” (Laughter) I was like, “All right,
this lady is sweet.” Okay? Sounds like my grandmother. And then she goes,
“How do you do the backing tracks?” I was like,
“Well, I am doing them as I am going, I am just improvising
and recording them.” She goes, “Okay, so where
do you do your backing tracks?” She would not listen to me. So I have to explain it, so I am going to improvise right here. (Music) I’m just going to make something up
in front of you, guys, and then I’ll see where it goes, okay? I’d like you to enter my world,
I’m inviting you, okay? (Hissing) This is where the pyrotechnics – I wanted it, but I did not get the “Okay”. (Music) Did you hear it right out there? (Music) Here we go! (Music) We are just beginning. (Laughter) (Beatboxing) (Beatboxing ends) So then, this guy is probably
like a few thousand different drums, I just kind of turn the wheel,
and it turns into a new drum. We will see where this takes us,
I have no idea what is about to happen. (Music) (Music ends) TED. Okay, so are you good? (Applause) Fun, right? It is just one big bag of chill. Okay, so – With the remaining time I’d like
to play one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite artists. His name is Paul Simon. And, the reason I care so much
and so deeply about this song is: the intertwining and intermingling
of ancient African rhythms and Modern Pop. It’s like, “I’ll have
four slices of that.” Like that is – it speaks to me, right? It is my favourite kind of music. And, it is just what I love to do, okay? I’m going to play a song I have always wanted
to play by myself, and I couldn’t, until I got some of this modern –
(Beatboxing) – technology. Okay? Here we go. This is called:
“Diamonds on the soles of her shoes” (Music) (Beatboxing) (Music) (Singing) Ta-na na-na,
ta-na na-na na. (Singing) People say she’s crazy, she’s got diamonds
on the soles of her shoes. Yeah, that’s one way
to lose these walking blues, diamonds on the soles of her shoes. She is physically forgotten, she slipped into my pocket
with my car keys. She said, “You’ve taken me for granted,
because I please you”, wearing these diamonds
on the soles of her shoes. (Music) He makes the sign of a teaspoon, she makes the sign of a wave. Poor boy, get some clothes
and put some aftershave to compensate for his ordinary shoes. She says,
“Honey, take me dancing”, but they ended up sleeping in a doorway, bodegas and the lights on, Upper Broadway, wearing these diamonds, and I could say, “Oh oh, oh, because if everybody here knows
what I was talking about, because If everybody here would know
exactly what I was talking about, talking about diamonds
on the soles of the shoes. (Music) (Singing) Ta-na na-na,
ta-na na-na na. (Beatboxing) Ta-na, na-na na. (Music ends) (Applause)

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100 thoughts on “Ancient Rhythms, Modern Technology | Elijah Aaron | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

  1. Improvisation is where music spreads it's wings. Take Indian classical ragas as prime examples. By law, all you get to start with are 3 sets of notes. The rest is divinity.

  2. Lots of talent in Columbus Ohio. A friend named Mike Perkins from Columbus writes his own music and uses loop machines. Pretty sure he has a few YouTube videos. He's on Spotify.

  3. A main nice one Bro, you are not the only one but you are steaming hot. Look forward to more. Cheers buddy you made my evening. Cheers

  4. a big applause,….really,..loving it….great performance….his singing skills aren"t quite as good as Simons….anyway,….cool stuff <3

  5. É sério mesmo que ninguém vai comentar o quão PARECIDAMENTE IGUAL ele é com o Gregório Duvivier?! Hahaha. Poxa Brasil vc ja foi melhor…

  6. This is awesome. I use to go see a band down in Florida (back in the early 90's) called Future Perfect. The were a brother-sister team who used looping like this. They could turn the two of them and their instruments/vocals into a full symphony. This kind of creativity is just amazing to me. Thank you.

  7. I don't know who you are Elijah, but I will find you if you stop doing what you are doing and kill you… thank you !

  8. I got the Paul Simon album b/c of "You Can Call Me Al' but I have this very clear memory of hearing "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" for the first time. It was like nothing I ever heard before. Mixing a pop song over top of of this very ancient sounding tribal rhythm was like speaking two languages at the same time, but having it make sense. It just below my young mind away. I have a similar memory of "'Darling Nikki' from Prince, "Cult of Snap" by Snap, and 'Rush' by Big Audio Dynamite.

  9. nothing news at all. this purely took from ancient african knowledge. "stolen knowledge" as usual.. Now tech allow to enjoy rythms that actuallly kept billions people united. know its just advertisement and entertainement. just saying..

  10. If this man stood between a Portland protest and started playing we may get pummeled but I'd stand with him for peace and music! Just one big bag of chill indeed.

  11. What he do ?
    Copy paste .
    Do you hear the sound of the sea ?
    This guy copy it ,he is talentuous but not artist,i like what he do whatever

  12. Elijah went up in a chariot and never died. The 2nd "Elisha" did die and they tossed his dead body in the grave pile. Then another dead guy on top of him…that sprang to life because it was the last miracle. 🙄

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