An AIR-COOLED Gaming Phone!?

NOW is when the tech news starts. Go! Apple hosted their Worldwide Developers Conference today Instead of fixing our iMac and the butterfly keyboards in their MacBook Pros. Yeah, if you’re new here I’m a little harsh on old Macintosh, they can take it They got lots of money. First off, iOS 12. When it launches this fall, it’ll make Siri slightly less useless with shortcuts, essentially a macro app where you can trigger specific actions using custom voice commands.>>They already exist on Bixby. Yeah, exactly. Hmm, BIXBY? iOS 12 will also get grouped notifications like Android: App usage, Dashboard, and time limits like Android. Customisable Animoji, and the ability to FaceTime up to 32 people, and multiplayer AR experiences on top of it. Apple is also working with Pixar and Adobe on a new standardised AR file format called Universal Scene Description, or USDZ, which will enable easy importing of assets from apps like Photoshop into AR. CarPlay will finally get Google Maps and Waze support Good to see you learning your place, Apple Maps>>Ha!
It’s in the dumpster. Next up, macOS Mojave (I thought we were sticking with the mountain theme here but I guess the deserts work too.) Mojave will bring a dark mode, an App Store redesign, and desktop versions of the News, Voice Memos, Home, and Stocks apps from iOS. Desktop Stacks are basically folders for the desktop, but they automatically collect random files of the same type so your screen is less cluttered. You’ll also be able to do some basic editing and markup using Quick Look in the Finder. That’s actually kind of cool. Finally, watchOS 5. It’s got automatic workout detection, a walkie-talkie mode so you can feel like Buzz Lightyear and you’ll no longer have to say “Hey Siri”. The assistant will start listening when you simply raise your wrist. It’ll be a revolutionary way to accidentally send your friends an audio clip of you talking about them behind their back. Sorry if I just activated all your HomePods which all of you definitely have.
Hahaha (spoken in a rhythm undescribable) Okay, that’s enough Apple, on to our kind of event, Computex. Asus showed off a ton of new hardware today, including the ROG Phone: a 6-inch (15 cm for metric paupers) powerhouse for GGAAAMMERRZZZ! You better believe you can game so hard on this thing! (who put you on the planet,) Eeeh! It’s got a 90 Hz display powered by an overclocked Snapdragon 845 with an Adreno 630 GPU, which could run hot. So, there’s a game cool vapor chamber cooling attachment. (named “AeroActive Cooler”) It’s got ultrasonic trigger buttons, usable in landscape mode. But if that’s not enough, you can use the TwinView controller dock to turn it into a shield-like device. The mobile desktop dock to game using your PC peripherals. Or the WiGig dock–to stream to your TV and then play on the third-party Gamevice controller. Good gravy, Asus, you really want this gaming phone to be a thing, huh? The question is: who will be able to afford this who wouldn’t just buy a Switch, or maybe I’m crazy. If you guys are actually interested in this phone, leave a comment below. Let us know. It’s time for Quick Bits, brought to you by Memory Express–my new favourite electronics retailer. Whether you are a gamer, business owner, or literally anyone else; Memory Express is your go-to destination in Canada for electronic products and services. If it uses electricity, there’s a good chance Memory Express carries it. And trust me, they have the *best* electricity. Plus, with their Über Price Beat Guarantee, they’ll beat any authorised Canadian retailer by 10% of the difference both in-store and online–so click the link below for all of the details.>>What does that have to do with Uber though?
(über linus echo) The cars? Aaaaaah, Quick Bits: the ROG phone wasn’t the only hardware Asus showed off at Computex. They also presented three new high end monitors, two versions of the new ROG Strix laptop: one for FPS and one for mobile players, the Balteus LED mousepad with phone Qi charging, the Delta type-C gaming headset with a built in DAC, the company’s first all-in-one CPU coolers: the Ryuo and Ryujin, I can’t say that (now with caption magickery you may be able to spell it) a lineup of AX WiFi-compatible routers, and a full lineup of tough (???)-branded products, including a mouse, keyboard, laptop, and a PC case!>>That’s a lot of gear!
Good gravy! I already said that. I already said that earlier. (time warp to 2:43)
“Good gravy” You can be sure Linus Tech Tips will have coverage of a lot of those maybe all of them. I wouldn’t know. Nvidia unveiled Isaac, a platform powered by Jetson Xavier a system on-chip intended for AI. At the unveiling when asked about when we’d see the next GeForce cards, CEO Jensen Huang said “a long time from now.” but he’s gotta be bluffing gotta be bluffing. ***Good gravy!*** Microsoft has acquired code-hosting service GitHub for $7.5 billion in stock; but if you’re concerned about their tyrannical rule, don’t worry GitHub will still operate as an independent company and will remain an open platform. Or so they say. ****Good gravy!**** Famous overclocker Kingpin has worked with EVGA to develop an all-in-one CPU cooler that uses liquid nitrogen and automatically overclocks chips. It won’t be heading to consumers any time soon, but it’s super cool. Just like that gamer phone. This thing rocks hard, man!>>Stop!
>>(laughery)>>Stop it!
Eeeeeeh! And on a lighter note, Mark Jacobs is releasing a fashion-focused smart watch called the Riley touchscreen. That’s my name. Do you think he’s a fan of the show? Maybe! That’s it for this episode of TechLinked, there’s a bit too much tech news for my liking, so I have to go recover. Subscribe to the channel if you want to. Hit the bell icon if you feel like it. It’s time for me to have a burrito bowl.

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100 thoughts on “An AIR-COOLED Gaming Phone!?

  1. I'd love the ASUS gaming phone if it wasn't a advertised as a phone. They should just pitch it as an android gaming handheld. I think it would have a place if there were more games that were worth spending that kind of money to play on the Play store. For now it's just a fun device for developers imo.

  2. ROG phone equals one less thing to carry around… and it would be the best emulator machine, now allowing the 3DS to be played properly. if it had a Nvidia GPU, it would be amazing. I can't convince myself to get a switch since it's another thing I'd have to lug around

  3. I'd be SUPER interested in that phone if it had good games, and wasn't built into my phone using my phone battery while I play games on it.
    Ever since PSP died and the shield flopped, I'm DYING for a single-screen analog controlled handheld DEDICATED gaming device with good games on it! I don't want touch screens, I don't want 3D gimicks, I don't want multi screen, I don't want touch pads and motion controls, I don't want it to be part of some all-in-one device that all share the same screen, resources, and battery. I also don't need it to be super slim and easily pocketable. Just be reasonably portable with decent battery and good games with real controls and a single screen. Like the Switch, but with better battery life and maybe not quite so big. Maybe also a bit more powerful. Lastly make it clam shell design if you have to, to save my screen and so I don't have to have uncomfortable controller backs just to keep it "sleek".

    Basically, someone make the old shield, but good, and with good dedicated games rather than trying to sell it on streaming over wifi from my PC. If I'm on my PC's same network then I can just play on my damn PC…

  4. Donโ€™t know much about that memory express website, but the G602 they had on the front page is the one I use, and itโ€™s never been more than $40 on amazon anytime I had looked between 2016 and now. Sketchy

  5. #HostWithTheMost. Love your delivery and apple jokes. But seriously Apple is the second coming of the baby Christ child

  6. Oh wait.. It's going to use GameVice's stuff…? No thanks. They're (GameVice) suing Nintendo right now.

  7. I'm interested in the ROG phone but I don't want to upgrade yet. I wouldn't want a switch. It would need to at least be usable as a general purpose tablet.

  8. why is riley going on vacation in china for food videos only a month or so after launching the channel, kind of soon to be leaving already, he's coming back right?

  9. Nah won't buy that phone I rather get a new gpu. I mean you cant even eat a phone so what's the point

  10. I could afford it and wouldn't buy a switch #pcmasterrace lol, jk I would buy a switch if I wanted that kind of thing.

  11. It's great that we're getting such powerful handheld gaming phones, the kinda games that developers are going to build will blow us all away over the next couple of years.

  12. The phone will not sell well if it is expensive. Smartphone gaming is dying, as there are simply no game that doesn't resort to shady tactics to extract money from users.

  13. Macs are stupid. They are overpriced and incredibly restricted. BUT, MacOS looks really nice. I wish I could modify Windows more than just UltraUXThemePatcher and Rainmeter, but neither Microsoft nor Apple will ever make their OSes that customizable… Oh, Linux support… where are you?

  14. apart from pubg, gta series, emulators and few console ports mobile gaming is a freaking joke with all the ads filled coin chest earning bullshit.

  15. I'd be more willing to watch if Riley cut back with the Cringeworthy faces he does and his one-liners, they really are freaking Cringe,… I mean, It's Good Gravy? and when he crosses his arms and screws his freaking face up,… I used to turn the old channel off when he did this shit and now it's happening here.

  16. I like the idea of this show LMG, but damn is this new guy annoying. Please ask him to tone it down or find a new host.

  17. yes game phone, be better then pc eventually. like that movie where the nazi's are on the moon for a 100 years and decide to come back t earth and the earth is so advanced and the black guy who is one of main characters has an iphone 6 sized device that has the power of 2 xeons 28 core cpus's and 10 titan v's

  18. smartphones have allways needed air cooling im glade to see someone to say " oh wait i think we need better cooling after all its a quad core-octa"

  19. When are they going to make non shit phone games. I've never had a point in time where my 50 dollar samsung p.o.s. can't handle it fine because all phone games currently are for children

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