Amonkhet Black White Zombies Deck Tech

Be very quiet, we are hunting zombies. I have quite a few rare zombies. But I need some… upgrades. Maybe some more of the same Zombies. They work really well together. Ahhh, I found one. I’ll show you the upgrades, right now. Welcome Young Mage I’m The Rhino. Young Mage is devoted to reaching and teaching
young mages of all ages. Subscribe now to show your support. And don’t forget to tap that bell down below
to get notifications of all the cool stuff coming soon. Before we get started, tell me one thing. How many colors do you like playing in your
decks? Put that in the comments below. This is a deck based on the cards I already
had. It does have a few uncommon cards that I could
easily get. If I had plenty of money, I would build the
deck differently. But this should show you that you can build
a competitive deck just by opening packs and doing some simple trades. So now on to Black and White Zombies. Cue that Zombie Music. Now for the Deck Tech. I have 24 creatures… all zombies… it’s
a zombie deck. Four copies of Dread Wanderer. He is the only 1 drop in the deck. He does enter the battle field tapped, but
you can bring him back easily from the graveyard. Four copies of Binding Mummy. A 2/2 for 2 that lets you tap down one of
their creatures. You can also tap an annoying artifact. Four copies of Metallic Mimic Technically not a zombie, but he will always
become a zombie in this deck. He also boosts my other zombies when they
come in. Two copies of Relentless Dead. If I had more, I would put more in. I can either bring him back or another zombie
when he dies. Four copies of Wayward Servant. He is a drain and gain. With all the ways of getting zombies on the
battlefield, I have drained my opponents a lot. Two copies of Diregraf Colossus. This is another one I would love to have more
copies, but I don’t. He makes more zombies and comes in with a
lot of plus ones if I have zombies in the graveyard. And finally four copies of Lord of the Accursed. He makes all of the zombies a lot stronger
and can give them all menace. That’s it for the creatures. If I had more Relentless Dead or Dire Graf
Colossus, I would probably take out a couple Dread Wander or Binding Mummy. That would make my creatures much stronger. Now for the 12 Spells. Three copies of Fatal Push. I expect my zombies to die so being able to
take out a 4 mana cost creature for one is huge value. And don’t forget tokens have no mana cost,
so you can take them out no matter how big they are. Two copies of In Oketra’s Name. This is a great combat trick. Giving all your zombies +2/+1 after blockers
have been assigned is a huge surprise. One copy of Anguished Unmaking because I only
have one. But you can use this to take out anything
that’s not a land. This is great to remove Enchantments against
you. It’s also great for Planeswalkers. Two copies of Never to Return. Great removal for a creature or Planeswalker. Later you can use the Aftermath to exile one
of their creatures to give you an extra zombie. Two copies of Wander into Death. I have used this for cycling, but also to
bring back Relentless Dead and Diregraf Colossus. And finally 2 copies of Liliana’s Mastery. Not only does this make your zombies bigger,
but with Wayward Servant those two Zombie tokens make them lose life and you gain life. The land is pretty simple. Plains, Swamps and Evolving wilds. I only have one Concealed Courtyard, if I
had more they would go in. I do have 4 Forsaken Sanctuary. If I had Shambling Vent I would have those
in here. Because I don’t have those extra buddy lands,
I do need to run a couple extra basic land. And here’s the Sideboard. I’m still tweaking it. I like the idea of Kalitas, but I haven’t
played him yet. Extra removal is always nice. Declaration in Stone is great if your opponent
produces a bunch of tokens. You can wipe them all out and they don’t
get any of the clues. Transgress the Mind is nice against anything
but Aggro or Weenie decks. I did have Dusk to Dawn in the main deck before,
but I moved it to the sideboard for when your opponent has really large creatures. You can wipe them out and often keep your
zombies on the battlefield. And Gideon is there, just because I have two
and he’s … Gideon. Most of the time I will cast him and immediately
minus 4 him to get the +1/+1 for all my creatures. That’s it. Tell me what you think in the comments below. Did I do good based on the cards I had on
hand? The Ewya cover of the Cranberries song Zombie,
was used with permission. So take a moment to check out the full song
on their channel I also have a link in the description below. Give them a thumbs up and comment that YoungMage
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7 thoughts on “Amonkhet Black White Zombies Deck Tech

  1. I have an extra shambling vent or two, but I'm on vacation right now. I don't have my collection with me. I'll message you when I get home next week to see if you still need them.

  2. Thank you for that link on Eywa's video.
    I now listened both versions – Eywa and Cranberries. I think that Cranberries has better video and for me it is easier to understand what she is singing.

  3. I like playing one colour. No worries about not drawing the wrong mana and don't need to buy any expensive lands.

  4. That intro had me a little spooked lol. I usually prefer 1-2 colors if I can help it. Think I have most of these cards in the deck tech, will give it a spin. Great job with the video!

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