AMD Navi’s RDNA is Going in Samsung Phones!

today in the news we got some Radeon in
our galaxy and we cover a cheese graded PC what’s up guys i’m snow’s and this is
your boot sequence let’s get started with AMD at Computex
the company unveiled some details on their new graphics architecture called
RDNA radeon DNA is a new compute unit optimized specifically for gaming as
compared to GCN which was much more of a balancing act between gaming and compute
power according to sweet lockers though the new 5700 series Navi line of GPUs
arriving in July is actually a mix between GCN and RDNA the higher end
Navi cards a k-8 Navi 20 or big Navi is supposed to arrive at next tier and
those will be the first to support our DNA through and through in any case it’s
nice to see AMD focusing more on the gaming market but let’s make sure we
don’t lose too much compute out of that also keep in mind that these are
speculations so keep the grain of salt in the wound but anyways what is not
speculation is Samsung entering a multi-year partnership with AMD this is
a huge move for team red not only are they in pcs notebooks consoles and cloud
services and supercomputers but phones too now and Samsung phones on top of
that the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world anyways this partnership
will let Samsung use RDNA graphics across all of its mobile hardware so
that might be a reason for Samsung to stop using Qualcomm chips completely and
integrate RDNA into its own Exynos processors Plus Samsung has its own fab
so they don’t have to rely on tsmc for these chips AMD CTO mark
Papermaster also said that last year that their future designs would be more
flexible to use multiple fabs going forward
so maybe AMD’s next to chips might come from samsung and tsmc in tandem next up
we had apple’s WWDC today so let’s talk about it
first is the apple arcade looks like someone puts some sense into Apple
because now the Xbox one and play station 4 controllers are being
supported for the app then we had iOS 13 with dark mode the Apple watch but
anyways we don’t care about that let’s get into the meat of it the new Mac Pro
it’s finally back as it was supposed to be a proper tower computer the design is
kind of weird honestly I mean I can’t say I hate the cheese grater look but I
don’t love it either I guess it’s too Apple II for me it uses a stainless
steel frame and handle which I guess looks nice but the inside that looks
super clean it will make the use of Intel’s Xeon for up to twenty eight
cores six channels of memory and configurable up to 1.5 terabyte of
system memory what though that means 128 gigabytes per stick do
they even exist what is more likely though as Apple may be making the use of
Intel’s optin DC persistent memory which would count as system memory and would
come in much higher capacities but that’s just me speculating here the
system has eight internal PCIe slots which are actually pretty usable four of
them are double-wide three of them are single wide and you have one IO slot for
things like Thunderbolt USB and audio so really there’s only seven PCIe slots I
mean if you want to get technical there are ten of them but anyways let’s move
on to graphics which gets really weird it’s called the Mac Pro expansion or MPX
for short it starts at a Radeon Pro 580 X and it’s upgradeable to a Vega 2 card
with 32 gigabytes of HBM – but this thing has two PCIe slots front to back
not side to side like in our regular pcs no front to back one for graphics and
another to integrate Thunderbolt into the card now they say that this second
port will be used for power – and that the card will consume roughly 500 Watts
the card is also fanless to allow it to be cooled by the rest of the system the
whole system has a 1400 watt power supply and it is cooled by three thick
propeller style fans and one centrifugal fan on the back oh and you can attach
wheels on it because why not they then announced their new display
the pro display XDR I’ll just stick with the basic specs on this one it has a 6 K
screen nice 1000 nits of brightness sustained
with 1600 peak which is really impressive for dynamic range it’s 32
inches and it uses Thunderbolt which is quite nice nowadays now the pricing is
also truly Apple the Mac Pro starts at $6,000 for the base model with an 8 core
Xeon 32 gigabytes of RAM a Radeon pro 5 ATX and 256 gigabytes SSD yep that is
basically a highway robbery now I don’t care about all the extra
stainless steel or MPX this is the price of a thousand maybe a
$3,000 system if you want all the Thunderbolt ECC Ram and all of this
right now in the PC world maybe once you get 28 cords it might be justifiable and
if you buy the $6,000 one and you upgrade it yourself you might save a
hell of a lot of money but come on $6,000 for this as for the pro XDR
display it’s $5,000 but you can’t really blame Apple since there is nothing else
like it in the market so yeah so what do you guys think of the Mac Pro do you
like the design how about the MPX as usual you can leave your comments down
below I’ll be right there to answer you can click right here to see later this
video right here to subscribe to the channel stay frosty my dudes and I’ll
see you on the next one I’ll try something different for the outro let me
know what you think too

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54 thoughts on “AMD Navi’s RDNA is Going in Samsung Phones!

  1. Holy crap, just an 8 core Xeon, rx580, 32gb ram, and 256gb ssd for $5,999?
    My 6core R52600, Rx580, 16gb ram, 1tb hdd,256gb ssd only costs 800

  2. ugly case $6000 for 8 cores and rx 580 WTF with that price you buy can 2 threadripper with 34 cores screw you apple!

  3. 128gb sticks of memory are a thing they are for servers and the macpro has always been built of server hardware so it makes sense even if its useless overkill

  4. I personally love the apple design as it looks truly beast, but $6000 for that? They must be charging minimum $2000 for the tooling of the case and $1000 for the logo before they get to the actual hardware.

  5. You had me at take my money until 4:39 then i was like hell no. but then again this is a pro workstation OEM system. i think thats acceptable coming from Apple lul. the price is only acceptable when you take into considering the motherboard has much higher capability than the parts your initially buying into. so your paying alot for the motherboard basically.

  6. It looks like that mac pro has an actually good sized cpu cooler, it might be able to actually achieve sustained boost clocks. Still would never buy it

  7. Qualcomm Adreno GPUs are licensed from AMD already. And 500 watts of TDP without active cooling inside a cheese grater is a perfect recipe to do an exquisite grilled cheese 🧀🥪

  8. When you compare this to building a comparable system, you need to factor in the price of the motherboard, TB3 and 10Gbit ports, these Xeons, ECC RAM, the build material of the case. It’s overpriced, but I don’t like when people compare stuff without knowing what they are talking about.

  9. nintendo sell cheaper and powerful machines that SAMSUNG would dream of….but my point is ..since when AMD is fast in phones when they suck already in AMD want to ruin phone market too



  12. AMD and Samsung are weak competition for Nvidia, and combining their efforts they can dominate the low end. Samsung's ARM chips may reach the power of a two year old i5, which is quite adequate for gaming, but they need a powerful gpu to go with it, while AMD needs to cut Nvidia off at the knees at every opportunity, and wait for Intel to stomp on them.

  13. Oh damn! $6000!? Uhhh couldn't you build like 4 or 5 of those for the same price? Plus WHEN something breaks apple will just say "you need to replace the whole thing"

  14. I just feel angry because Apple present features for the new iOS some which exited for many years on Android and the Apple-people think Apple invested the wheel.
    I just can't. Nice ending to the episode it's feels like Family Guy comedy when you explain that you just added music.

  15. Goddamn $6000, people should be ashamed for still buying these. yEaH bUT aPpLe cANNoT gEt vIruSSes. YeAh buT Im jUsT UsEd tO MaCoS. ApPLE iS a StaTuS SymBol.

  16. I think that Mac Pro is a little too crazy, it's apple's craziest PC to this point, I'm not sure they are actually able to handle all this… I mean, 500w expansion card?!

  17. The apple pc looks nice but 6000 dollars is overpriced like every product from apple. The pc is maybe with all parts worth 3000 or 3500 dollars not more even with goodquality steel case and 6k monitor this is overpriced maybe for 4000 dollars I would say is fine.

  18. Maybe if you play the lottery you can choose money or an entry level Apple device with your choice of one extra (charging cable or brick only)

  19. Samsung would have to put in Liquid cooling in their phones or else I see history repeating itself(Samsung Galaxy Note 7 going ALLAH HO AKBAR).

  20. The new Mac Pro would still be overpriced at 1/2 the $5,999 amount with the base 8 core processor, 32GB of ram and the RX 580 configuration.

  21. why even give apple so much of your time, I thought there was other stuff after the apple segment, but then the video ended….

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