Amazon’s New Headquarters – SNL

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100 thoughts on “Amazon’s New Headquarters – SNL

  1. Why y'all gotta hate on my man pitbull. Tell you right now, if you want to get a party started just put on the pitbull channel on Pandora. Never fails.

  2. It's funny as hell that dumb cunt AOC killed those job for those in Ny congratulations queens you dumb fucks deserve what you got ….nothing

  3. OMG LOL!
    When the skit begins my Alexa at home responds to kyle with, "yes but if you're planning to bring in pitbull let me stop you right there!"

  4. Atlanta was perfect, i’m from Augusta, so I know this is great

    Go Waffle House, Coke, and Chick.

    Paula Dean was good too

  5. How is Virginia not on this .. coz the headquarters are 7 mins away from me and my rent literally went up $345

  6. Hahahahaha, my Amazon Echo is close to my laptop. Alexa now responds to the first question "Alexa, are we ready for the presentations?" and answers with "Yes, but if youre bringing in Pitbull, let me just stop you there" 🙂

  7. wait literally

    my alexa heard him say “alexa are we ready for the presentations” and she said “yes, but if you’re going to bring in pitbull, let me stop you there.”

    OMG 🗿

  8. That was cute but too short. They should have explored the very ending part where Bezos gets personal and insecure with Alexa.

  9. Lemme understand this, they were sitting on comedy GOLD with AOC costing New York the Headquarters for Amazon, but chose NOT to parody that? Is that airhead AOC untouchable, because Cecily Strong already impersonated her as DRUNK GIRL years ago. They just have to change the characters name.

  10. S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    Now Neil Patrick Harris reminds drd me that a.homland security is the most corrupted agency/and b. Since the guy who stRyed the patriot act and Homeland was even a congressman …Homeland doesn't even actually exist // so the "Homeland security plan" for me to go to new York was also bogus anyway

  11. S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    Plus they didnt actually want to peaceful protest /I tried to protest with them 10 or so times // they told me to go New York

  12. Srb
    Haaa/ when you in the Aaaaaa// hey y'all// dint forget the freaknick /// there's the Hawks in between.thi is thzt are actually fun

  13. i love how cecily strong gains 10lbs every season…..just wait til shes got 20 years under her belt, shell be playing all those Aidy bryant parts.

  14. So lovely, cities, and City officials begging at a private company CEO for Jobs and prosperity for the region. The pinacle of democracy and freedom. Lets Pray to God Bezzos that he chooses an American City over a much cheaper labor market. when we nd Bangladesh as he please if

  15. SNL used to be so damn. Funny with so much less!! Is this what kids now days find funny ? Maybe I’m just getting old !! I’m only 18

  16. As a native of Atlanta, let me say they southern accents are trash, but they funny. So, I’ll forgive them this one time.

  17. Wow… Leslie Jones has an impressive range of characters and impressions! There is "Woman from the hood," "Lady from the hood," and my favorite "Woman from the hood beside Keenan." Thank God she is there to play the same character in every freaking sketch, because hood women cant be played by anyone else other than every single other person on the cast.

    Seriously, find me a sketch where she doesnt fuck up her lines or play a woman from the hood.

  18. "3 butter pudding y'all"! Kudos on my lady Amy, Wiggs a tough act to follow but she holds her own. I love your character work and comedic voice girl!!!

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