Amazon’s Echo Show demo

– Alexa, snooze. – [Alexa] Okay, snoozing. – Amazon isn’t the only player
in the smart assistant game, but these days, it seems
like it might as well be. Between the Dot, the Tap,
and the standard Echo, the company has captured
around 70% of the market. And now, the Echo Show
is ready to do the same. Alexa, what’s in the news? – [Alexa] In the daily
update from Tech Crunch. – [Male] It’s Thursday, June 22nd. – I’ve been pretty hesitant about bringing one of these devices into my own home out of the concern over privacy
and a general disinterest in the current feature set, but the addition of a
seven-inch screen really is a game changer. It’s not a great screen, mind you, but then Amazon’s never really
been about the hardware. The device is basically
a small upright tablet with a large speaker built in. It’s got the standard Echo mic array and does all the usual Echo features. Weather, sports, news, calendar, and it controls all of
your smart home devices. Alexa, order rabbit food. – [Alexa] Got it. – The addition of a screen
brings a whole new dimension to the device. Having a visual element really adds a lot to Alexa’s responses, and
the touch screen controls make it easier to interact
directly with the information it brings up. The Echo Show can do
YouTube videos or play TV and movies straight from Amazon Video. Alexa, play Curb Your Enthusiasm. – [Alexa] Here’s season eight, episode 10. – [Male] It does video calls as well, sort of Amazon’s version of Skype. – [Alexa] It’s Katie Mincin’s Home. – [Male] Alexa answer. There’s also a feature called Drop In that I’m not especially
fond of that essentially lets select friends and family members check in on your unannounced. Hello. Of course, you can always turn off the mic and camera all at once with a big button on the top of the device for those moments when you don’t wanna take any calls or are just plain worried
about the information the company might be
transmitting into the Cloud. Of course, all of the standard
privacy questions remain for the always on device. And if anything, their
compounded by the presence of a camera. I tend to keep the thing
unplugged between uses for my own peace of mind. The Show is not perfect,
the hardware still leaves something to be desired
and Alexa still registers some false positives and
gets confused pretty easily. – [Alexa] I’m not quite sure
how to help you with that. – [Male] But the edition of
things like YouTube, playback, and video conferencing
really complete the package. The Show arrives this week
priced at $230 for Prime users.

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10 thoughts on “Amazon’s Echo Show demo

  1. 2 dumb statement I heard: unplug between use. It is an assistant and it is only useful if it is always ready to answer and assist you. And concern about privacy should be precondition of using one. If that's a real concern. Don't use it.

  2. A device that listens on you all the time. The people who buy these have really weird sense of privacy. Don't you still understand no system is unbreachable?

  3. You really should be more clear and less misleading. "Drop in" is not on by default… your friends cannot just drop in. You make it sound like it does. Do better next time.

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