Hi there! I’m here on a rainy day in
Seattle and I’m super excited for today because I get to take take you guys on an
exclusive tour of the new Amazon Spheres in Seattle. So what are you
waiting for? Let’s go in! you’re not gonna see Pauly Shore at this
biodome. The Amazon Spheres are for employees only, but there is a museum
below for the public to visit. Sorry Pauly! Technically the spheres aren’t
even really spheres at all. They are overlapping pentagonal hexecontahedron catalan solids… or however you say that The largest sphere is 90 feet tall and 130
feet wide and the spheres are made up of 2,643 panes of glass. There are 40,000
plants in total from 30 different countries and as much as you want to
you’re not allowed to touch the plants. Wah wah. The first floor houses primarily New
World American plants while the upper levels have the old-world Dino plants. Okay
they’re not dinosaurs, but you get what I mean. The spheres are humid. My hair got to frizz City pretty fast. During the day it
is at 60% humidity inside and 70% humidity at night to keep those plants
nice and happy. And it’s roughly between 68 and 74 degrees inside. The environment
inside the spheres is most like a cloud forest. Yes, I said that right, cloud forest.
It’s a type of high-altitude tropical rainforest with cooler temperatures
causing clouds to form that provide moisture to the plants. There are hidden
devices inside the spheres to monitor the humidity and light levels and the
ventilation system even mimics a slight breeze. The lights inside are even set at
a special color spectrum to benefit both humans and the plants.
Believe it or not there are some nice insects inside the spheres. They help eat
the pests that are bad for the plants. I didn’t notice any while I was inside, but
I’m pretty happy about that. The biggest showpiece in the spheres is definitely
the four-story tall living wall that houses plants that
normally don’t cohabitate in nature. And I must admit it was pretty cool Although my favorite part was definitely
the suspension bridge that made it feel like I was in a tree house in the jungle.
Also Donuts. Yes there’s a donut shop inside. I hope you guys enjoyed this tour of the
Amazon Spheres. Next time you’re in Seattle grab a donut and connect with
nature inside. Where it’s not raining of course. Give this video a thumbs up if
you like it and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more awesome
videos just like this. I’ll see you guys next week. Bye!

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16 thoughts on “AMAZON SPHERES INSIDE TOUR | parejeda

  1. Thanks so much for this video! I lived in LQA and saw that whole thing being built. I had to leave Seattle before it was done and was sad I never got to see it, until today! Thanks so much! Can't wait to check it out myself next time i'm in town!

  2. But can you get to the donut shop from the area that’s open to the public?? 😋
    Heard about you from other Seattle YouTubers- glad to see there’s so many of us out here!

  3. Nature as a backdrop for consumer/spectator culture. Beautiful place (the architectural envelope is a technological marvel), but sad when you realize that this is an ark of sorts for the natural environments we are destroying worldwide. A place for thoughtful reflection perhaps.

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