Amazon fires back at Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘starvation wages’ accusation

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100 thoughts on “Amazon fires back at Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘starvation wages’ accusation

  1. Cortez is an idiot. I typically refrain from name-calling, but she stretched my limit. She doesn't have enough experience or knowledge for the job she conned people into thinking she was capable of doing – the disservice she did to New York regarding Amazon is incalculable.

  2. You see the democrats don't even care to try and prove any thing they say.they need to prove their statements.put fourth the truth or shut up.the democrats are still trying to bring the American economy down.sounds like the democrats are working for foreign countries

  3. Cortez only carries a lot of weight with the far left fringe and those few who actually believe she can get them all the gee things she is promising.
    Like politicians before her, if re-elected she will then blame the “lack of progress” on others in Congress and say she’s trying her best while ginning up more anger at republicans and other democrats. All to keep a cushy job where she doesn’t have to actually work to make a LOT of money

  4. Why so concern about white businesses / millionaires and not talk about these actors, rappers musicians living large and flaunting their wealth and crickets.

  5. When it comes down to it it's all about government control telling companies what they have to do and when they're gonna do it

  6. If the company you run does not provide a living wage to its lowest paid workers, then your company is a recipient of corporate welfare, and the company leadership should be ashamed.

  7. UNIONS are the PROBLEM!
    People like Alexandria Occasional Cortex ARE IDIOTS with A DIPLOMA !!
    Socialism IS SLAVERY – and anybody who supports it is an IDIOT TOO!

  8. She’s a dismal failure..she has no integrity or intelligence..someone with an IQ as low as her should not be in Congress or anywhere near.

  9. OC need to go back to school, or need the good adviser to tech her about everything, because she doesn't know to much , mostly about the political

  10. AOC carries no wait with Americans because she is afraid to debate anyone. Unless she can speak from a script she is useless.

  11. I thought she was a Socialist. Did she fail economics?? $15 hr 60% taxes? Huh?
    She needs to go back to bartending!

  12. The bar tender,now in Congress is a shame to all people in Congress, how low you need to be to be a Congress person.

  13. She's an idiot, why keep trying to make sense of the stupidity that comes out of her mouth. I'm surprised the democrats haven't reeled her in because they are losing voters by the droves, because of her. And I disagree with what the gentleman said that it wasn't necessarily her that drove Amazon out. Amazon said they didn't need the headache. The mayor and the governor or even the people were not the headaches, only ONE person was and a vocal one too.


  15. get rid of blood suckers and your country will be better , but no system will work when your people are criminals and that includes criminal brained judges, lawyers, doctors and cops and ceo and any field

  16. I never thought I'd see the day when people side with corporations it's almost like businesses propped these stupid congresswoman up so you would side with corporations

  17. You guys are crazy, she fighting for you. They don't care about you. They don't care that your getting shot at malls, schools or concerts. And that don't care that your dying of cancer without health care. I'm so confused about your thought process?

  18. It is so nice to hear that someone is fighting for a living wage for us rather than allowing the government to hand out welfare; to supplement for those making less than 17,000 a year. Thank you.

  19. All this broad is doing is wasting time and $$$ with her stupidity. Stop Giving her the time of day & lets get on with real issues.

  20. Don't forget that Amazon frisk its employees before allowing them to leave work and the employees are not paid for this invasion of privacy.

  21. Like a child she lacks the ability to say sorry… She is always poorly versed on an issue, yet refuses to accept any constructive criticism… She also lacks an ability to make concessions with the otherside to get something that works for both sides… She has the attitude that it's my way or no way… She has to go…

  22. They union you made 30 dollars then pay 10 for union dues then they go on strike you get nothing my aunt stayed on strike for 4 years then the company moved south

  23. Lol Jeff has put a lot of people to work and the only thing AOC has done was chased jobs out of her district. She is as dumb as the day is long.

  24. AOC is what happens when stupid, immature, and mob rule type people are allowed to vote using their emotions.

    If I were bezos and continually bullied by idiots like AOC who don’t even deserve to pick up my used tissue, I’d start a campaign “thanks to AOC Amazon will move jobs to Venezuela…40000 amazon employees out of work.”

  25. Congress/Senate need to be paid by hours worked and bills passed.
    No free Walter Reed medical.
    Better yet, no pay since it is their civic duty to serve. Our Founding Fathers received zero pay. But to be fair, they should be paid like jury personnel are paid.

  26. If there was a barnyard election all the pigs would vote for the person who feeds them everyday even though it’s the same person that will slaughter them down road. Socialism Defined

  27. This woman didnt even understand the basic structure of the fed gov, just listen to her speak on any subject,, she has very limited understanding if any on all matters she speaks about.

  28. No one who serves one term in Congress should get a lifetime retirement especially when clearly no work for the American people have been done.

  29. Who would listen to a woman with madest eyes ever she is a nutcase, she won her position in a competition like a chook raffle in a pub, this must never happen like this by some foreigner who is a millionaire, next will you back a person who is a X ISIS person this must stop[ it is far too dangerous you already have 3 terrorist supporters. She carries weight for a while she is as mad as a rat come on they will not last. Pelosi and Chucky are lazy bastards, they should for sure be impeached the crap they have done.

  30. oh no he said "inmates running insane asylum "now hes a racist skinhead for saying that.dems are a joke.he should of said mental patients running the insane asylum.then they would say hes insensitive to mental patients


  32. The average salary for educated, hard-working people is around $30 per hour. The average salary in America is around $50K a year. At 175K/year, She makes too much money.

  33. Lmao, she talks a lot and seems she knows everything and she has solutions for every problem. But guess what she has zero knowledge and zero experiences on every issue that she brought up. Now she is talking about economics where she has no clue at all. I wonder why this ignorant was voted into the congress.. democrats are joke now.

  34. To hear her spout this nonsense about wages when anyone that knows economics the market determines wages. Low wages are not an evil conspiracy against unskilled people. If a million people can do the job, the wages are not that in demand, so wages are low. She is immature, too emotional and moody as well as not too bright.

  35. Lefties HATE wealthy self-made men, especially WHITE men who have done well for themselves. Jealousy is a stinky perfume

  36. Can't live off over 100k a year? Thats sad, i can live comfortably with 20k a year, that takes care of all of my bills and lets me put 5,000 dollars away a year? Thats pathetic.

  37. O A C has a economics degree ! someone should shut down the school that taught her everything she knows ! which isn't much !

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