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3 thoughts on “Amazon #FBA Food Products Creating the Perfect Food Business Startup

  1. Amazon offers dozens of ways to expand your food business, and I talk about certain food products are better than others and how they sell your food !y

  2. Trying to find plastic bottles to hold hot liquid has been a challenge. Cooling my product before bottling would be very time consuming, as I make it in large batches. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Does Amazon package these items for you to ship to customers or do you have to have them ready to ship in different quantities? I'm a bit confused on what you said about shipping to Amazon for them to fulfill and ship to customers for you. You mentioned if a box gets damaged on corners, it will make you look bad not Amazon. I make hot sauce, which can be sold in any quantity. If I ship it to them in cases of 12, will they be held responsible if an order comes in for say three bottles and is delivered damaged? I hope this is making sense.

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