Amazon Echo New Updates, New Products, and New Features For April 14, 2019

First off let’s recap a couple of
things that we’ve talked about in previous update videos and just make
sure that you’ve heard about these things now number one Apple music did
drop a while ago in the US but it also dropped in the UK in March so you should
have access to choosing the Apple Music service in the UK already the other
thing that I want to tell you about and this came out a little while ago in the
USA is you can actually turn on and off song ID so you can just ask your echo
device to turn on song ID and turn it off later when you’re tired about
hearing before each song plays what that song is that’s coming on so that’s
another great feature that’s been out there a little while that people might
not know about now on to some newer things if you’ve been following Amazon
for a little bit here they talked about the echo link and the echo link amp that
both of those devices last year actually when they released that whole ton of
devices including the the microwave that was controllable by their voice
assistant so you remember that time period there where they announced these
devices well the Echo Link Amp is finally available in the USA,. in the UK
right now for purchase you can look at the back side of this device from
the pictures there and you know what I see is a couple of outs for some
different speaker types you have an optical out you have the speaker out or
the standard speaker wire and you can see some other of the RCA outputs as
well there’s also an Ethernet jack obviously for connection so now the
reason to upgrade between an Echo Link and an Echo Link Amp is just the powered
version so the amp gives you the additional power if you have non powered
speakers that’s really the differential here with that product and it’s about
$100 u.s. more now on top of that functionality amazon’s also giving
people access to longer form news content so it’s not just the flash
briefing anymore that you have access to you can actually ask for a longer news
source and there’s a few new sources that you can get access to today another
mass improvement here and we’re starting to
see Amazon stretch in the healthcare environment so they’ve been granted
access to healthcare patient information and so what that’s called is basically
HIPAA certified HIPAA certified and this means that they can get access to that
health information and that also means that they’ve been certified to do that
and have the security and the privacy requirements of that in place in their
company now is still a little bit ominous to think about a voice assistant
and a company like Amazon having access to all of that data but what they’ve
done now is they’ve gone ahead and they’ve invited I think it’s six other
companies that already have this data and this access to this data to create
skills that would then utilize this and that would actually give Amazon more
access to the data itself speaking of which if you’re familiar with
cedars-sinai and this is a hospital in California actually it’s kind of a
specialty hospital but it’s put at the Amazon echo products in that voice
assistant in a hundred rooms there now the Echo or Alexa
will be handling a certain amount of function so kind of your daily functions
changing the channel on TVs things like that that you wouldn’t necessarily need
a nurse for and then there’s a voice assistant that was actually created for
healthcare here that will handle the other side of the treatment so this has
been out there a little while but this is coupled with that HIPPA information
or that HIPPA capability here from Amazon really puts them squarely in the
healthcare space a couple new capabilities for Amazon and their voice
assistant miracast has come back to the firestick TV they’re the 4k TV and the
TV sticks that is now available again it was there a long time ago but now you
have miracast back so that’s that’s opening up another way to cast screens
through Amazon’s fire sticks and their Alexa assistant you will find a new
school new skill rather for Roku and their
streaming services they’re streaming TVs and sticks you will find a new skill
there that allows you to basically control the entire service a couple new
device on the horizon they’re not here yet but Ecobee is actually put out or
had leaked some pictures of a new camera that they’re looking at creating it has
a microphone on board and we know Ecobee has worked with Amazon in the past so I
think everybody’s expectation is a new camera from Ecobee later this year that
would have Amazon Alexa on board now on top of that there are there
are a number of new stories now actually out on the internet about Amazon
creating their own set of what are basically air pods and this is a heavily
crowded market but Amazon’s going to integrate their voices system with that
we know that already and we know in general they tend to undercut Apple in
terms of pricing on most of their devices with similar capability now
there are a couple other news stories that I want to talk about but they don’t
really fit in this video so I’m creating separate videos about them now one of
them is the employees at Amazon listening to your voice recordings
apparently Amazon hires a lot of people to do this and there’s also a story
about the acquisition of arrow that I want to talk about in a separate video
so stay tuned join the channel for those

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