Amazon Cyber Monday & Black Friday Tech Deals 2018: 4K TVs, Smart Home Tech, & Gaming!

– Black Friday is upon us,
and each, and every year, that means some of the hottest tech will be available at a nice discount. Today I’m gonna tell you all
about the best tech deals, that you’ll find for
Black Friday, on Amazon. Including TVs, game consoles,
smart home tech, and more. What’s going on tech squad? Andru Edwards here, editor
and chief at If this is your first time here, this channel’s all about
tech, gadgets, and gaming. So if you’re into that kind of stuff, feel free to hit the
subscribe button down below, along with the bell notification icon, so you don’t miss any future videos. Like I said, Black Friday is almost here. The day after Thanksgiving. That is the day, when people rush out to get the best deals on tech, on toys, on pretty much anything they want to buy, either for themselves,
or as gifts for others. I’m more of someone who doesn’t like to rush out to the stores. I don’t wanna be in the lines at Target, or Best Buy, or Walmart, doing mad dashes to try to find stuff. I’m much more comfortable just
shopping from my own home, and that means Amazon is my jam. So if you’re like me, and you
wanna do your shopping online, and don’t wanna brave the
cold, and the mad rush, and all the crowds, this
is the video for you. Now I’m gonna try to
keep this video brief, because I have a lot
of products to go over. So I won’t try to give you
the details, and specs, of every single product. But I will give you more information in the description below. And by the way, links to everything that I talk about in this video, will also be down in the description. Before we get started, I
want to give a big shout out to Unboxed, for sponsoring this video. If you’re unaware, Unboxed
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and creators, on YouTube, where you can see their latest videos, the products they’re talking about, and even lists of the top
trends in the tech community. More on them later in the video. All right, we’re gonna run
through these by category. And up first, is the biggest category, the most requested category every time I do one of
these Black Friday videos, and that is TVs. Now people sometimes have an unrealistic expectation
on Black Friday. They wanna get the absolute
biggest, and best, TV. Like an 86 inch TV, 4K, smart TV, OLED, and they’re hoping to pay $250 for it. That’s not how things work. There are some great deals, though. Starting with OLEDs, by the way. I’m gonna keep referring to my list here. I have a list of everything
I wanna tell you guys about. The LG OLED C8, is probably the best OLED, as far as value to dollar, right now. You can get the 55 inch
model, for 1,699, so $1,700. That is down from $2,500, saving you 800 bucks. It’s a pretty good deal for Black Friday. It’s almost 33% off. You can also get the 65
inch model, for $2,700. That is down from 3,499, or 3,500 bucks. That’s also $800 off. And then if you’re trying to go big, you can get a 77 inch version. By the way, that right
there, is a 77 inch LG OLED. That is the G Series You can get the C Series,
77 inch, for $7,000. That’s down from $9,000, so
you’re saving 2,000 bucks. It sounds like a good
deal, and it is a good deal to save that much money, but it’s also not as
great as the other deals. Because you can typically
find the 77 inch C8 for roughly 7,000, maybe
a little more than 7,000, already, even if it wasn’t Black Friday. So it’s not as much of
a Black Friday deal, as it’s just a pretty good
deal on a 77 inch OLED. Now another large TV, if
you’re trying to go big. Sony has the 75 inch XBR850F. That’s a 4K smart TV, running Android. You can get that for 1,798. That is a pretty good
deal for Black Friday. All right, now moving on to the more budget conscious
TV purchases for Black Friday. Let’s start with the
TCL, 55 inch, S Series. TCL’s, probably the best TV brand, if you don’t wanna break
the bank, value for dollar. TCL S Series, 4K smart
TV with Roku built-in, it’s a Roku TV, $349, down from roughly 650. So you’re saving almost 1/2 the cost. Now TCL also does have the 6-Series, which is their flagship model for 2018. I didn’t see any sales
on Amazon, for that. However, if you wanna switch stores, head over to Best Buy, and you can get the TCL
6-Series, 65 inch for $900, which is 10% off its
typical $1,000 price tag. If you didn’t know, Amazon also
has its own Fire TV, TV set. So not just Fire TV
sticks, and set-top boxes, but actual partnerships
with brands that make TVs and include the Fire TV OS. Two of those, that stuck out to me. First of all, the Toshiba
50 inch, 4K Fire TV. $100 off, you can get that, for $300. 50 inch TV, 4K, 300 bucks. If 4K doesn’t matter to you, and you just want the
cheapest TV you can get, Toshiba’s 32 inch, 720p, Fire TV, $50 off, $130. So 130 bucks, for a 32 inch smart TV. It’s probably one of the
best deals you’re gonna find on Black Friday for a TV, if
you don’t care about size. Moving on to game consoles. It’s one of my favorite categories. One of the best deals you’ll find on Black Friday, on Amazon, is gonna be the Xbox One X, at $100 off. So instead of the 499 price tag, you get the Xbox One X for 399. The Xbox One S is also on sale. You can get that for 50
bucks off, with Minecraft. And for both consoles, you
can choose to add on a game. Either the brand new Fallout
76, the new NBA 2K19, or the new Battlefield, for 30 bucks. So in addition to the
price of the console, you pay $30 extra, and you get a game that’s selling for $60. So basically, 1/2 off
one of those three games. Nintendo Switch, that’s gonna
be a big holiday seller. They’ve got the Nintendo
Switch, Mario Kart bundle, which costs 300 bucks, and
comes with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Now the Nintendo Switch
does cost $300, anyway, so it’s basically like
getting a Nintendo Switch, and getting a free copy
of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. There’s also the PS4 Spider-Man bundle. You can find that for $199. That is a regular PS4, not the PS4 Pro. Now next up, I want to
talk about Amazon devices, and smart home tech. This is gonna be a huge category in 2018. Before we get to that
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get your account set up and claim your space on Unboxed, by heading over to Now, let’s get into the Amazon
and smart home products. This is one of my favorites. First of all, on Amazon
Prime, the Kindle Paperwhite, recently just upgraded. Now it is waterproof. It’s selling for $40 off, at $80. $80 for what’s probably the best e-reader, for the money, in the world. The Amazon Echo Dot, the brand
new, 3rd Gen Amazon Echo Dot, is more than 1/2 off. You can get it for $24, which
is a savings of 26 bucks. That is a pretty aggressive
deal from Amazon, right there. The regular size Echo,
could be had for $69, which is $30 off. And the brand new 2nd
Generation Amazon Echo Show. Amazon’s gonna be selling that for $180, saving you 50 bucks on Black Friday. Lastly, for the Echo devices, that cute little Amazon Echo Spot, which is like an Echo Show
shrunk down into a baseball size. They’re gonna be selling
that for 90 bucks, which is gonna save you $40. The ecobee4, which is my
favorite smart home thermostat, is gonna be for sale, as well. You’ll be able to get that for $199, which is $50 off the regular price. The cool thing about the ecobee4, is not only can you control
it with Amazon’s Alexa, and the Google Assistant,
and Siri, as well, but it also has Alexa built-in. So, in other words, you
can control it with Alexa, but you can also talk to it,
as if it’s an Amazon Echo. Which means, you can use the thermostat to control other smart
devices in your home, or even ask it trivia questions. If you don’t care about your thermostat acting as an Alexa device,
there’s also the ecobee3 Lite. Which pretty much, the only difference is, that it doesn’t have the
Alexa Voice Service built-in. You’ll save extra money there. $139 instead of 199 bucks. That is a savings of $30. The Ring Video Doorbell 2,
if you want a smart doorbell, with a camera in it, that you can access from your smartphone. That is gonna be selling
for $129.99, that’s $60 off, and they’ll be throwing in,
an Amazon Echo Dot, as well, with the purchase. Which is great, because
then you’re getting $60 off, and the value of the Echo Dot. Continuing on, with smart home products. The Ring Alarm five-piece
security starter kit. 169 bucks, $30 off. That allows you to DIY your
own home security system, using Ring products. And Ring, of course, now owned by Amazon. There’s also the Ring Floodlight Cam, that’s what I use in my backyard. Ring Floodlight Cam, down to $199, which is $50 off of the
total price, that’s 20% off. And then if you wanna get
started with smart lighting, there is the Philips Hue
White and Color Ambiance, two bulb starter pack. That’s gonna be selling
for $99, which is $50 off, 33% off the price for Black Friday. And if you want to go off the beaten path, one other one that stuck
out to me (chuckling), is the 23andMe DNA kit. If you wanna do one of those DNA tests, find out about your background, and get more information
about what might be in your health, 23andMe’s DNA kit, $69. That is 30 bucks off. So there you have it guys. That is a look at a bunch
of Black Friday tech deals. And these are the best
ones that stuck out to me, as actually being a deal, and not just something
that’s more of a small sale. Let me know if you plan on
picking any of this stuff up. Again, links to everything I mentioned down in the description below. And fun fact, these
are Black Friday deals, but a lot of these deals
are active right now. So click on the links,
head over to Amazon, and check the prices. Good luck on Black Friday,
picking up everything you want, both for yourself, and
for your loved ones. Any other great deals you
find, please do drop ’em down in the comments below. I wanna see them, as well. ‘Cause I wanna make sure
I’m getting the best deals when I’m doing my shopping. Don’t forget, we have a bunch
of big giveaways coming here at the end of the year. We have a TCL 6-Series TV,
which I mentioned earlier, 55 inch, TCL 6-Series. We have the Apple Watch,
Series 4, Nike edition, that’s gonna be given away, as well. And we also have an Anki OVERDRIVE review. We have a bunch of stuff going on, so keep it locked here. And don’t forget, by the
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catch you in the next video. (uplifting music)

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52 thoughts on “Amazon Cyber Monday & Black Friday Tech Deals 2018: 4K TVs, Smart Home Tech, & Gaming!

  1. I just placed an order for that TCL last night. Canโ€™t wait to get that 4K goodness on Friday. I also took advantage of the $80 off 3 echo dots that amazon had going the other day since I was picking up a couple as gifts and it saved me an extra $5.

  2. The only issue I see with the TCL TV's I see at BJ's, is lack of built in OTA HD tuner.
    This shouldn't matter for most people, however it would matter for people who want to cut the cord all together.
    I don't know if all TCL TV's are like this, but the ones at BJ's lack the OTA tuner.

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  4. I dont think there is going to be a rush on Black Friday because a lot people said there are going to be shopping online

  5. On the paperwhite reader: The one I've seen on sale for $80 is the older version, not the brand new one as shown. I did hear at an Amazon popup store that they will be on sale on Friday…not sure for how much. It would be great if they lowered the new one's price!

  6. Starting on Thanksgiving, FREE SHIPPING on ANYTHING on AMAZON no matter what, no minimum order all the way till Cris-mass!

    I believe Frys Electronics is also doing the same! 500GB SSD at Frys for $50! lol

  7. make sure you all buy through Ebates site or app which gives you an extra 6% Amazon cash back to 10% cash back on everything at Walmart!

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