Amazon Alexa Newscaster Voice – Tech News a more natural voice

This is just gonna be a short video
showing you newscaster a new feature that Amazon has added to make your
device sound a little more natural when delivering the news. Hi my name is Craig
here I do tech videos and this is part of my weekly Echo series. Check out the
description, I’ll put links in there for the echos so you can learn more about
them. Please use those links they definitely help the channel out. This is
season 2 episode 3 of my Echo series for this year. Check out the playlist if you
want to look at some of last year’s videos. Also, I change the name of my
device to Echo to hopefully avoid triggering your device. This feature is
only available in the US right now and it’s limited to only when you ask for
what the latest is in the news from your device. This feature is more a sign of
what is to come in the direction that Amazon is heading in. But, it is not
implemented across other news briefings, reading audiobooks or any of that other
stuff. This is similar to whisper mode. It’s kind of showing you where some of
this stuff is heading in the future and what we can expect. Whisper mode gives
you a natural response when you whisper to the device. With newscaster Amazon
created a neural text-to-speech system that with a few hours of training it was
able to learn how to deliver the news in a more human newscaster tone. So let’s
take a quick listen to it and you tell me does this sound a little more human?
Echo, what’s the latest in top news. echo “7 weeks after a massive earthquake struck
Alaska. Seemingly endless aftershocks are keeping many residents filled with
anxiety. There have been more than 7800 aftershocks since the main earthquake
struck November 30th just north of Anchorage. Most were too small to feel.
But 20 have had magnitudes of 4.5 or greater including a magnitude 5.0.” Now I
let that play out so hopefully you could see those little
nuances in there. Let’s ask for the weather so that we could hear the normal
speech pattern. Echo, what’s the weather today. Echo ” right now in Agoura Hills it’s 68
degrees Fahrenheit with clear skies and sun. Today’s forecast has mostly sunny
weather with a high of 74 degrees and a low of 49 degrees. Now that has a little
more robotic sound, an unnatural sound to it. It’s really, it’s a subtlety when
listening to the newscaster. Let’s listen to it again and see if you notice the
difference there. Echo, what’s the latest in top news? Echo – “Seven weeks after a massive
earthquake struck Alaska seemingly endless aftershocks are keeping many
residents filled with anxiety. There have been more than 7800 aftershocks since
the main earthquake struck November 30th just north of Anchorage. Most were too
small to feel but 20 have had magnitudes of 4.5 or greater including a magnitude
5.0. That it… she pauses better there’s more inflection. It’s interesting.
This is the result of a few hours of training programming their neural
text-to-speech system to listen to how newscasters deliver the news. Picture how
this can be used in the future. This is interesting to see that we’re gonna
start receiving more natural delivery. What if you had or listened to comedians
when telling jokes or actors reading stories? Your audiobooks, having
her read a story to you might start to actually sound more natural. I find it
interesting. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. If you like this
video, please hit that like button. If you haven’t, consider subscribing and click
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41 thoughts on “Amazon Alexa Newscaster Voice – Tech News a more natural voice

  1. Here's an interesting question… Most Navigation systems give you an option to choose either a male or female voice. Any chance of there being an "Alex" in Amazon's future?

  2. It's nice to see them investing into this type of thing to make delivery of information less robotic and more natural.

  3. It's a natural next step that they're looking to humanise the voice more, you have to imagine they'll try making it sound more friendly for kids skills, teacherly for educational apps, it'd be fun if they had a crazy sports commentator option for reading sports scores 😄

  4. Thanks Craig!! 🙂 Yes I would like actors voices! I suggested this to google a couple of years ago, now they do have some actors voices on certain responses.

  5. I didn’t find it more natural. At the end of some sentences she had a high pitch tone instead of bringing it down. That didn’t seem natural to me.

  6. It's subtle but the enunciation and emphasis is improved! Thanks for the heads up, Craig and being on top of things, as always! 👍

  7. I waiting on the “Lady A” southern edition lol. I can see it now “ Y’all it’s 102 degrees in South Carolina” or “ Bless your little heart”

  8. I received my sandstone Echo Dot for the kitchen today! Woo! Hoo! 🙌 That makes 4 and the 5th for my room should be here Tuesday! Then I'm all set! Five for a 2-bedroom apartment! 😉 The stereo pair is workin GREAT in my living room! 👍 I decided against the Show and just got another Dot instead. I appreciate everyone's indulgence! 💖

  9. One day, Alexa's responses will be too good. We'll ask her about the time twice, after not paying attention to her the first instance, and she'll go off on us and shout, "I SAID IT'S 5 O'CLOCK!! And by the way, I'm tired…TIRED, of always having to give you hunches about how you forgot to lock the stupid door at night! Stop watching old episodes of 'Full House' on Netflix long enough to make sure your family's safe! mumbles Can't do everything for you!"

  10. It's very subtle but it's definitely a step in the right direction. I'm hoping by the end of this years weekly echo series we can get a new voice all together.

  11. I think this might be a subset of the responses I get when I burst into the house and shout "ALEXA, WHAAA'ZZ HAP-PEN-NEENG?"

  12. Canada still hasn't gotten any of the updates that have been available in the US for half a year! I think its another great Feature none of us in Canada will ever get!

  13. We need voice like Gilbert Gottfried, Joe Pesci, Christopher Walken…
    While that would be fun I'm just kidding. Sort of.

  14. When I first heard about this Newscaster Voice I don’t know why but I assumed the voice would be male. I know not all Newscasters are male but that is the first thought I had. As for the difference I didn’t notice much, but I’ll try it out on my own devices to really see if there is a difference.

  15. hey craig wish we could skype sometime.that would really make my day. im so glad ur back from vacation.take care ttyl.

  16. lol you sound like a real tv host man ! Alexa has some work to do but it's great they try to make it more "natural".

  17. You’re right , I just noticed that today, plus regular Alexa said my name. Right here in CT it’s 2 degrees with a wind chill factor of 25 below zero. It’s like living in Illinois.🥶❄️🥶

  18. Hi Craig, yes very subtle changes i really had to listen very carefully to pick it out, but exciting times, thanks for keeping us up-to-date

  19. interesting questions but the newscaster voice is so technically similar across all markets, channels, outlets, etc. vs. comedians who have very different voices, deliveries, etc.

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