Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything!

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100 thoughts on “Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything!

  1. When I do it, it will he done "right" as well. Great ideas to borrow here. Would like mine to include a running stream, for added energy source and fresh water source. Great stuff here indeed.🙏🇺🇸👍

  2. they don't grow food? also, they said they keep their humanure for 6 to 12 months before using it: where do they keep it during this time? and does humanure include pee?

  3. Such a lovely and fun couple <3
    Just a quick suggestion: Since you work from home, I think you'll need more desk space to feel comfy, for that you want to keep the CPU down and wall-mount the monitor and speakers. I'm sure it would look pretty good and serves the purpose at the same time. If you don't want the CPU to be seen then you can as well build a cabinet.
    Also, I personally would add a railing for the stairs for safety purposes and nightfall (drunk fall :P)

  4. I'd like to know what brand of Solar Setup they use, I looked up Giant Power but they only sell the batteries I think not the panels.

  5. Sooo cool this is very inspiring to be living off grid like this that it is possible kind of like an earthship and van living all in one .. bye bye grid

  6. how come so many tiny house people quit there job and working from home?? am i missing something? i've seen like 10 videos already of tiny house people working from home… the rest of us must be doing something wrong then

  7. Doesnt have guns tho, or a fence at least. bad people could go in, rape and kill'em, take over the place till soenone else does the same to them.

  8. Great couple! Wonderful sense of humor. I could so live in a house like this. They got it all figured out!

  9. I have a question about weight considerations and construction: they built the house in the middle of nowhere, it's completely off-grid and lets assume that for some reason they will never move the house, does it really matter the building codes if nobody sees it?
    I'm not from Australia so I don't really know how things work legally

  10. I fell asleep watching documentaries and this annoying voice- son-of-a-bitch wake me up with is stupid annoying voice.

  11. I will hate a composting toilet. Imagine having a dinner party and having to explain to the guest how to use the toilet 😬

  12. they got a great set-up for living (mostly) off-grid, but you still need money for some essentials you need to buy, plus whatever amount of rent they´re paying for the land, so….where the heck do they get the money they need to live like that?

  13. Hello, I'd like to know if I could use 2 seconds of the house visual for a video for a project about water and new sustainable ways of using it. Would that be possible if we credit you ?

  14. My concern is how do people keep valuables in tiny houses? If I were to live in one, it would be an utmost concern . Thieves can break in anytime. That’s what I think anyways .

  15. WOW! Totally self sufficient! And I love the design. Good for both of you!!!! I will be doing a rain dance for you.

  16. Seriously not the point but caught my ear and I’m curious… did anybody else hear a German accent from her? Is she German?

  17. Very nice, but misleading. What is the carbon footprint of the driving they have to do every day to go to work, or shopping. How many cars they have. What is the carbon footprint to produce all high tech they use. How much they are polluting the land around them.

  18. After building my own tiny house on no experience, no prior knowledge, and nearly no help. I can tell you that the process is complex, and each phase can be nearly overwhelming. YOU MUST COMMIT TO YOUR DESIGN PHASE AND GO OVER IT AGAIN AND AGAIN PRIOR TO CONSTRUCTION! I started before the tv shows-back when the permits were unavailable, back when no county or city officials would even talk to me about the legalities, back when everyone said:why don't you just buy an RV.

    This is a difficult process. Even more difficult to avoid analysis paralysis.

    While the "Living Big" videos are fun and entertaining, they lack in practicality. Most people who are going to build a tiny house seem to have hired help for design, construction, and planning. Interviewing people who are willing to share their process is so important for people out there who do not have any background/resources in construction. I have watched so many of these videos and have yet to see much of anything that addresses the design and implementation process…..too boring I guess.

  19. can this house go completely off-grid indefinitely ? What suppliers do they need to maintain its off-grid capabilities every year ?

  20. these people- we wanted to show our house skeleton
    me- well my skeleton is hidden in my body so your house should be to

  21. How long will those systems work? Are they a 1 time in life investment or they have to replace them every couple years?

  22. Brilliant, just brilliant; especially the energy systems! "I dunno, we wanted it long . . ."

  23. low foot print, all these systems have to be produced, humans are so spoiled they think when they are not depending on centralised systems they are doing a good job. I honestly loved the way they are living and like being independant of central systems, but definetely NOT low foot print, animals are low foot print, (no cloathing, simple shelter, only eating to survive and contributing by compost(manure) and even helping prevent desertification by eating plant material.(before it decays naturally and oxydises))

  24. Seen way too many slant roof bedrooms. I rather sleep downstairs with breathable space. Each their own. Nice set up tho.

  25. I live in Texas where the government fucks off and we do what we want. Everyone from california wants to move here because it doesn't cost 90% of your salary to rent a 4×4 closet to sleep in.

  26. I also think this is a great house, but it is kind of weird when they're like "we've only been here for three weeks and have not considered the implications of the design of the house" lol
    You should do a follow up interview with them now

  27. Very nice and beautiful house with nature surrounding and the house is not using power from grid and water from rain water ….what an environmental sensible people…hope everyone will learn from you guy's…good luck and happy stay in your beautiful house.

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