AMAG Pharma’s Shannon Gath on advocating for women in tech

Now, on women in IT and you know getting more
gender and racial and educational diversity into IT I know this is a focus
for you, so what how did that come about and what do you do about it? So
I’ll share a quick story I was at a conference for CIOs a few years back and after a keynote I went to go meet a colleague so I go up to the
colleague and he introduced me to the to the rest of the group which I didn’t
know and they said okay everybody this is Shannon Gath and the first comment
was oh is that your wife because it was more likely that I was
somebody’s wife than a CIO and I think that was a catalyst for me
to say okay we need to change this and the worst part about it the person that
said that was the only female CIO in that group. So if we can’t even see
ourselves in these roles you know it’s gonna hold us back. So I think for me
that’s something I carry with me everywhere. I’m a big advocate for women, so I invest a ton of time in that space I you know I was in 2018
was the chair of our Women’s Network at a mag and I sit on the advisory board
for the Women’s Network for the Boston Chamber of Commerce as well so trying to
reach out and make sure that we continue to make progress and change I’m a big
believer in getting to an equitable environment for everybody but it’s got
to be men and women working together to solve for that gender gap. It can’t just
be women. So you know that’s really what I approach you know and try to lead with.

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