Alumni Startup – Datalogue

Health Tech trains students
with a deep understanding in digital technologies, in the context of this complex problem of health and healthcare and in a style that is about
entrepreneurship and innovation. What’s cool at Cornell
Tech is that you take a product development lens where you explore those
very deep and kind of uncertain technologies
and you can start actually turning them from bleeding-edge
to cutting-edge tech. The closest thing to deep technology that we use at Datalogue is deep learning. So we implement a lot of
the cutting-edge algorithms that are just tracking what’s
best implemented in academia and we leverage those
in commercial settings. The mission at Datalogue is to
eliminate the need to prepare data and get data into the
hands of the people who need it. I have worked almost
exclusively as a software engineer and I’ve felt that pain of
having to deal with data science problems, where you can’t
actually get the data to work in the way that you want it
to, to answer your questions. To be an effective
Health Tech innovator, whether you’re doing it in a tech company, for an insurance provider, for a hospital, for a pharma company, for a startup, you have to have that ability to understand the health
context and to understand the technology deeply enough
to create that next innovation. We’re starting to do a
lot of work with big pharma and we’re helping them
increase their reliance on big data sets, on new and novel data sets that they pretty much hadn’t considered for developing new drugs or doing post-market surveillance of their drugs. To humanize that, there’s
a thousand hospitals that we might need data from and every single hospital collects that data in a way that’s perfect for that hospital, but when you’re the drug manufacturer, and you need to do analysis
of the whole ecosystem and all of the patients
that are with this, you need to collect
data from all of those, and we’re the company that facilitates turning all of those disparate data into one that can be
understood by the developer. Every single company
wants to be data-driven, and what we are evolving
to and strive to be is that foundational base for every single data-driven decision that is being made. What’s fascinating from kind
of the guidance that you get at Cornell Tech is that
the faculty might not be experts in this specific problem that you’re trying to solve, but their expertise is so
well-ingrained in their own domain that they often ask you questions that allow you to think about
different ways of solving the problem that you probably
hadn’t thought before.

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