Alpaka Air Sling 防盜機能側肩包

this video I’m going to talk about
another product from alpaka is the alpaka air sling and this bag comes with
the USB so if you want to know everything about this product stay tuned
after the intro hi everyone welcome to MADpack where we
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definitely subscribe to this channel but today we are going to talk about another
product from Alpaka and this time is the Alpaka air sling and this small bag has
some features quite quite interesting so first of all like you can see this bag
is really really small so if I put next to my hand you can see that is not
really really big but you have a capacity of 4 liters and something that
is quite interesting you see this knife it don’t cut and these knife cuts
really really well so there is an advantage that you have here so you are
sure that this backpack will have a very very good durability another feature
that I really like in all the products from Alpaka is the smart mechanism
so if you don’t have seen I’ve done another video that is the Alpaka 7ven
mini that I’ll leave in the description in the cards above me but when we talk
about features I love the way that you can close your bag so you just have to
slide to the side to open and when you want to close it you just have to come
closer and because they have some magnets it will close automatically this
bag also comes with some space to put some pens so it’s very very easy to have
access to them you just have to slide to the side and you can put until two pens
on this backpack in this way another thing that you have with this small bag
is this small hole here that you can put a locker but I have to tell you guys I
don’t see the purpose to put a locker on your backpack on the bottom you have
also this rubber here that is also cut proof so like you can see I’m passing
with the knife and it doesn’t cut and I like the rubber so the material are quite
quite nice another thing that you find on this bag is the strap where you can
grab it and also space you put on your belt but I use this bag in another way
that will let you know in a minute when we talk about the front compartment all
the Interior is in 210D ripstop nylon you have a keychain so in that way it’s
very very easy to find your keys you have a small compartment where you can
put your debit card with contactless using on public transport or obviously also
your public transport pass and at that way if you
need to use it you just have to come closer with your bag and use it so that
is an advantage that you have on these front compartments when we talk about
the main compartment is big you can put everything that you need is in 210D
ripstop nylon but the other two pockets they are not in 210D ripstop nylon
so if you have some water that goes inside this part here will get wet and
I’ll have done something different in this bag then I’ll let you know in a
minute on the back you also going to find a hiding pocket that all the zipper
is waterproof and here you can put very important documents per example your
passport but it’s just one pocket so you don’t have anything to divide everything
that you have to put here so I would like to have seen something different
also here but also all the interior is in 210D ripstop nylon but right now
let’s talk about the feature that is more interesting in this backpack that
is obviously this USB port and the only thing that you need is obviously
rechargeable battery and this one is quite interesting I’ll bring really
really soon to the channel and the feature is 9000mah
that you can recharge in 20 minutes but we’ll talk in another video about it so
the only thing that you have to do is obviously you have to plug you put your
battery inside you close your bag and imagine that I need to recharge the
control of my electric skateboard from slick revolution also if you don’t have
seen that video I recommend to check it it will be on the cars in the
description below and the only thing that you have to do is obviously connect
from the outside of your bag it’s connected and like you can see it’s
charging so definitely there is a feature that I really like on this bag
when we talk about the strap you’ll find also the same mechanism the magnet
mechanism to close it and now if you want to open you have some arrows that
will let you know where you have to pull it and that seat is adjustable and also
when is on top of you is very easy to adjust and to make it bigger or smaller
all the material the same as you find on the bag is also
cut proof so that is good and here you find a place to put your glasses like
you can see let me just take minds to imagine that you are using some
sunglasses and you needed to be put there and it they will stay in place so
that is an advantage if you use regularly your sunglasses you are going
to enter inside the building or something you can put in there and you
don’t have to concern to put inside a bag and after it’s very easy to access
to your sunglasses once again but now I’m going to show you the way that I use
this bag and definitely I don’t use on my shoulders and you’ll know why the
pros and cons and I always wanted the bag that I can use around my waist
and I can use with this one you just have to do a small adjustment very very
easy so you open the velcro you pick one of these metal parts you put in there
and you’ll close it and in that way the strap will be smaller and you can use
around your waist and I really like because the bag is very small it stays
close to my body I never forget anywhere and definitely that is a plus a massive
massive plus so let’s talk about the pros and cons that you’ll find with this
bag and the first one is obviously the build quality is amazing it’s very very
compact if you are like me that many times I mean the chair I take my bag and
after I forget there if you’re using the way that I use you will stay always
attached to your body and I have to tell you guys because it’s so small it will
not bother you obviously if you put a lot of things inside you it will be a bit
bulky but this is for small travels so I’m definitely enjoying a lot this
product and obviously the biggest Pro that you have with this bag is the USB
port so if you need to recharge your phone or all the devices you don’t have
to take out your external battery all the time from your bag so you just need
the cable you open you put your cable here and you start to recharge so
definitely that is a massive pro and when we talk about cons this one
is definitely not a subjective con but for me it don’t bother me at all because
I use this bag around my waist so for me is exactly the same but if you want to
use on one of your shoulders the cushion to put on top of your shoulder is too
small so it’s staying really really short on this area they should have done
a little bit longer and in that way you will have more cushion around this part
of your body that it doesn’t happen and besides that many times when you are
moving these part here, it fold and after you have to adjust and I really
really don’t like that and the second con that I have to tell you guys is the
small areas the small compartments on the big area if you want you to put your
external battery like you can’t see it’s impossible to use it like this because
after you don’t have this place to close it so the only way that you have to use
this in my case with this big external battery is to use the big compartment so
I think they should have done a compartment an horizontal compartment
just to put our external battery so that is a subjective con but it’s just to
let you know that is something that I will have done different in this alpaka air sling.
question of the day what you think about the alpaka air sling is it the bag for
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