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Hello everyone! We are back with another Budget Modern deck
tech, and today’s deck tech is Ally Pally. This deck is built around some of the best
1 and 2-drop Ally creatures in Modern. Starting off with the Offence, we have Hada
Freeblade and Kazandu Blademaster. Both of these creatures get +1/+1 counters
when other Allies enter the battlefield. Kazandu Blademaster is particularly good because
it has first strike and vigilance, and starts as a 2/2, which means that it can hold its
own against many aggressive starts by our opponents. We also have strong amounts of lifegain in
the deck. Ondu Cleric triggers when Allies enter the
battlefield and also gains you life equal to the number of Allies you control, which
can get ridiculous if you have multiple copies of it out. It can get to the point where your life total
is irrelevant if you can keep chaining together Allies. Kalastria Healer is another life gainer and
drainer, and one of our main win conditions is to drain our opponent out. Jwari Shapeshifter is essentially a Clone-Ally
– it can enter as any of the Ally creatures you control. It can be used with Ondu Cleric if it’s necessary,
but it’s amazing with Halimar Excavator, which is maybe surprisingly the most likely to win
you games. It triggers when Allies enter the battlefield
and mills cards equal to the number of Allies you control. Most of the time you’ll want to be pointing
this at your enemy, but there are some circumstances where you’ll actually want to be milling yourself,
such as when you have a Rally the Ancestors in your hand. Rally the Ancestors takes this deck to a whole
new level. If your opponents kill off all of your Allies
or you’ve milled a large amount of Allies, then Rally the Ancestors brings them all back
at instant speed for 4 mana. This will usually create a stupid amount of
triggers, and hopefully a lethal amount of milling or life drain. The downside is that if it’s not lethal, your
Allies will be exiled at the beginning of your next upkeep. One of the ways around that, and a card which
fits completely naturally into the deck, is Eerie Interlude. You can flicker your Allies in response to
anything (including the Rally the Ancestors exile trigger) and you get all of your triggers
again. It’s also a really good way to trigger all
of your Allies at the same time, which compounds the effects. We have a few utility cards – Captain’s Claws
to make some more Allies, and a single Panharmonicon because basically it’s just fun! Mana-base wise, relatively budget, but because
it’s tribal we get to use Unclaimed Territory and Ally Encampment – these lands are vital
to be able to get out your Allies when you need them. The deck can function with two mana for quite
a long time. For fixing we have Caves of Koilos and Prairie
Stream, and we round out with some basics. Sideboardwise as always you should choose
what’s appropriate for your meta, but you do have access to white mana here, so you
could put in Leylines, Rest in Peace or Paths to Exile if you have them. So, that has been Ally Pally! I hope you enjoy the deck, it’s a relatively
budget deck, so you should be able to put it together on MTGO for not many tickets. Hope you enjoy it, and let me know in the

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3 thoughts on “Ally Pally – Budget Modern Deck Tech (3.5 tix / $45) – MTG

  1. I think this sounds like a solid strategy. Looks fun to play, as a tribal deck, and has low cmc. How many tickets do you consider "budget?"

  2. Someone beat me down with a deck similar to this. It was nuts! Thank you for the deck tech and great video!

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