Allosaurus, pointy bones, and warp accelator anything changes in Durango

Hi welcome to the durango video this time. for those of you who have not updated the durang game application, please update it on Google Play Store. Okay, guys, I’ll just go straight to the matter Allosaurus, because it’s maintained or updated this time “what studio” reappeared allosaurus but not so interesting if this allosaurus, less challenging I used to be more fierce allosaurus and also allosaurus updates on this update, can’t be slaughtered. Okay, for those of you who want to take part in this Allosaurus event or its warp accelerator you can go to the desert Index 1, 2 and 3 I don’t know about index 4 because I haven’t checked yet, but if index 5 doesn’t have the accelerator warp so later when you get to the desert island, you can find the accelerator warp by opening a map using a ticket or around the island in the desert then if you find a crater like this, you can just click on it later you pay with tstone for 1,400k to activate the accelerator warp If the acceleration warp is activated, the map icon will change as in the video (purple) 10 seconds later, there will be small to medium dinosaurs such as: utahraptor, oviraptor, tujlangosaurus, just about everything will be around the accelerator warp, guys. Later on that dinosaur you must kill until the warp accelerator goes up to the next tier guys! even if there is an allosaurus, it will appear on the 9th tier but not necessarily in tier 9 sometimes the allosaurus doesn’t appear guys I don’t know the factor why it doesn’t show up, but what is clear is that my experience is getting lonelier who joined the warp accelerator, for example there were only 10 people, it seems the allosaurus didn’t want to appear maybe there will be maintenance later, the problem is that it’s just updated if there are some mistakes, it’s natural, hehe but I found it, allosaurus appeared in index 1 because index 1 was really busy hunting when all the tier has finished the notification will appear if you are required to take the prize is in the accelator warp, guys. OK For a variety of prizes guys, there is meat, branches, wooden blocks, coconuts, large stones, ribs and small legs, etc. But here is my motivation for following the update this time, there are 6 spiky buffs guys. For the calculation of the accumulation of prizes that were won… if in my opinion it’s not determined by the damage well, but if I say it’s really the hockey factor. if for example get a bone with a rare buff (pointy 6) if I say this is determined hockey, because I’ve tried solo warp accelerator the prizes are the same when you are busy joining the warp accelator event coincidentally here I’ve got 1 lv 6 small spiky leg bone this is just 1 in the island index 1 guys it’s not just when you have a gift like a purple cake You can use the purple cake at the shop so the function of the cake as a medium of exchange that you can later spend with some of the items offered in the shop there are a variety of prizes, ranging from less good to a little good .. the prize should be taro spiked not in accordance with expectations, I have been waiting for allosaurus to appear again, but how come allosaurus is really I’m sure other players who have retired, and played again because allosaurus appeared again but when he found out that allosaurus wasn’t interesting, he immediately uninstalled again hehe .. what is certain is that this allosaurus is very different from the past, honestly it tastes better in the past Okay, that’s it for the video this time, hopefully useful thanks for watching see u one the next awesome video, bye.

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20 thoughts on “Allosaurus, pointy bones, and warp accelator anything changes in Durango

  1. Bro clem.. mau tanya donk, apa durango ini skrng g bisa di jalanin lewat jaringan paket data? Kwkww
    Kog skrng mau maen lagi .. eh harus lewat wifi mulu..

  2. Bang.. di pasar durango ada kulit allosaurus, harganya 10k/pcs.. buff perintis 3 / indeks 3.. sama tulang runcing 10.. coba cari tau itu dapet dipulau apa? Pasti kontennya langsung banyak yang nonton.. thanks.

  3. dulu main durango sampe nolife. skrg saya sudah sembuh, ngk main lagi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
    salam sejahtera by sulastri klan kriket πŸ‘πŸ˜

  4. Allosaurus tu ga tentu bang ga harus 10. Pernah 6 orang juga keluar itu Allo. BTW suaranya enak di dengerin. Wkwkwk

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