ALL the AMD Ryzen 3 and Navi Leaks!

we haven’t really had much information
regarding leaks on the specs of the next Ryzen 3000 series and the next Radeon
line of GPUs while today we dive into it what’s up guys I’m snows and this is
your boot sequence first let me start by saying this you will catch me talk about
those leaks like there were facts but I just wanted to make sure that you
understand that all of those are leaks from sources and nothing more those
sources are one a reddit leak that happened a few months ago about AMD’s
process two a leak from reddit on the Ryzen 3 series and three an updated leak
on adored TVs YouTube channel all of them will be linked down below let’s
start with Navi since there is less to talk about there apparently during CES
2019 three new Navi GPUs will be announced first is the Navi 12 based GPU
the RX 3060 come on AMD will you stop piggybacking other peoples naming scheme
I mean net NVIDIA has the RTX 2060 so you gotta go RX 3060 geeze anyways that card is supposed to match the rx 580 in
performance with 4 gigabytes of gddr5 at a super budget-friendly $129.99 that my
friends is value especially considering it won’t require a power connector the
second one will be the RX 3070 at 199 this card will support 8 gigabytes of
gddr5 a 256 card the third one is the rx 3080
this time based on the alleged Navi 10 this card will also support 8 gigabytes
of gddr5 teen percent above vega 64 the best part it’s only 250 bucks now this
this is the card I’ve been looking for super cheap and amazing performance of
course you can tell by the naming scheme that those cards are meant to compete
with Nvidia’s 10th series of the similar monikers the 3060 will compete with the
1060 the 3070 was the 1070 and the 3080 with the gtx 1080 that’s it for the
navi lease let’s jump into risin so we have some major leaks on the Ryzen
3000 series let’s break it down first Ryzen 3000 will likely have a new
addition to its lineup just like Intel AMD decided to add the 9 moniker for
their CPU line which means we now have a Ryzen 3 Ryzen 5 7 and Ryzen 9 line of
CPUs AMD will also switch to the chip lead design for their CPUs so if you’re
wondering how the cores will be arranged I’ll have some graphics put up on the
screen let’s begin with the Ryzen 3 the leaks show 3 models with a spec bump to
6 cores and 12 threads while you can see the specs on screen here I’ll focus on
what really caught my attention first the price starting at $99 AMD is
definitely taking the word budget seriously then we can see that a 3300G
model will also be available almost doubling the graphics compute units and
switching from Vega to Navi this CPU will have 6 cores on one chip –let with
the other chip led being a dummy except for the 3300G which will use it for the
graphics chip moving on to the Ryzen 5 but we also get three models but this
time with 8 cores instead of 6 the boost clock of the 3600X is getting
dangerously close to 5 gigahertz all thanks to AMD’s choice in manufacturing
but we’ll talk about that a little bit later for now take a look at that beast
our r5 3600G with 20 Navi compute units that’s once again almost double the C
used from the last generation and almost as many as Intel’s hades Canyon package
except this time it’s Navi instead of Vega then we move on to the real
interesting stuff for me because that’s my upgrade path right here the rise in
sevens according to the leaks they will see their core count bumped up to 12
cores skipping 10 cores completely the 3700X
will have its base clock of 4.2 gigahertz with a boost of and I’m glad
to say I was wrong all of these times I said it wouldn’t happen 5 gigahertz now
as usual this is full of precision boost magic so it won’t be 5
Hertz on all course but that still means that it should hold somewhere around 4.6
maybe 4.7 gigahertz and all course we can also see thanks to those leaks that
the price still isn’t budging for this generation which is incredible take note
Nvidia and Intel take notes lastly we have the new additions that a roster the
horizon nine at this point I don’t even know if AMD would need such a thing
since the third gen rising seven already looks like it could crush the rumoured
comment like ten core Intel anyways at a hefty but still reasonable $500 the r9
3850X is said to have 16 cores stepping into thread Ripper territory
with a base clock of 4.3 and a boost clock of 5.1 gigahertz all of those CPUs
are supposed to be announced at CES next year except for the G Series which will
come in q3 of next year and apparently the Ryzen 9 3850X is supposed to
be announced a little bit earlier in May so how could they increase the core
count this much well there’s two things first
AMD created Zen to be scalable and then two on the epic platform really showed
us how far they could push things thanks to the Chiplet design I give you my two
cents on how AMD could make this happen a few videos ago and it looks a lot like
the little animations I made one thing I didn’t expect though is for them to
replace a core chip lit for a graphics die anyways increased core count is
great but how did they manage to pull the clocks of this high well AMD is
apparently changing more than just the process note yes going from 12 nanometer
to 7 nanometer is great but they both have two variants LP and HPC can you guess
what LP an HPC stand for that’s right low-power and high performance computing
the first two generations of Ryzen were built on LP chips and that was one of
the reasons for the cap around 4 gigahertz by switching to a seven
nanometer HPC process they might be able to deliver a much much higher clock
speed of around 5 gigahertz we of course trade that in for a little bit of power
consumption but who cares am i right hopefully see
sensi won’t be overcrowded because AMD is very likely to use their process and
a lot of other companies are sourcing their chips from there too Global
Foundries unfortunately doesn’t seem to have seven nanometers on lock right now
all right hopefully that got you all up to date on the leaks for AMD and
honestly they seem pretty solid both sources old and new are from different
people and for them to have so many things in common and be in the realm of
the possible makes me feel confident that those are the specs that we will
have don’t forget to drop a like down below as well as letting me know how you
feel about those leaks as always you can click right here to see the latest video
and right here to subscribe to the channel let me know what you thought of
this specific video that style of one subject and that’s pretty much it stay
frosty and I’ll see you guys on the next one snows oh oh if you want me to make a
song about risin let me know I’d love to

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64 thoughts on “ALL the AMD Ryzen 3 and Navi Leaks!

  1. Navi leaks are pretty much going to turn out incorrect, no doubt about it. No way they would sell it for that cheap, even if they could.

  2. RX 3080 15% over VEGA 64? COMPETE AGAINST 1080?!!!!! 250$?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAT?! 😲😲😲😲😲 RX 580 cost that much, I wanted to buy it to play on 1080p Ultra/High @ 50-150fps. With RX 3080 (If that price is true) I could play everything 4K ultra.

  3. PLEASE HELP! Is it worth buying "X" version of Ryzen CPU? Are they same? Is X version overclocked by default (Factory)? And last question, does it mean that I can overclock Ryzen 3600 to clock of 3600x manually skipping to pay extra for Ryzen 3600X?

  4. AMD: patients is key, low prices CPU and Apu is gold
    Nvidia: power is key, high prices is gold
    Intel: gamers is key, more high price CPU is gold

  5. Will Navi and Ryzen 3000 be launched or announced at CES?
    The different videos I have seen has given different answers to when the processors and graphics cards are launched or announced.

  6. I am planning to build PC this month with ryzen 5 2400g. After hearing about AMD new APU's which are releasing in 2019 what should I do? Should I build my PC or not or wait for this APU's

  7. Rx 3060: 1:20
    Rx 3070: 1:35
    Rx 3080: 1:55

    Ryzen 3: 2:52
    Ryzen 5: 3:45
    Ryzen 7: 4:19
    Ryzen 9: 5:05

    I had to do this since i keep coming back to thia video.

  8. this is bullshit remember its still a rumor . amd pls comfirm this coz definitely ill throw my money infront of your office i really like it !!!!!

  9. If these leaks are true…I'm in for an amazing upgrade next summer for sure 😛
    But Intel is staying pretty quiet, wouldn't trust that and who knows what they will produce..2019 an awesome year for sure!

  10. I am a new subscriber and I came here from hardwarecanucks. I must say you make great content and I like the music in the background.
    They way you explain it is also short and sweet. Right on Point. Keep up the good work. May your channel grow. I will spread the word 😉 Peace

  11. man, ryzen is a monster… that's why you must not awake the beast. but rx 3000 is much more interesting, since these gtx 1080 pricing is just insane. Great year for upgrading parts.

  12. well fuck, i hoped to get a high end navi card to kick of my 1070ti, well the strongest navi card will be as good as my 1070ti in oc so…, yeah its nearly half the price but idc, ive already got my gpu since over a year…, but the r5 are pretty damn good so ive got something to kick of my 1600x @ 4ghz

  13. Will 3600G be much better than 2400G? I don't understand all these specs but it doesn't seem it's worth to upgrade.

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