All-Spec GL679 Nitrile Gloves

Hi, I’m Julie with All-Spec Industries and I’d like to
show you our popular GL679 nitrile gloves. Nitrile is a great glove material because it’s strong but still allows for tactile sensitivity
plus it’s inherently ESD-safe, meaning its ESD-safe properties will not wear off. Our GL679s has a surface resistivity of 10^10 and usually test
in the upper end of the dissipative range. When comparing nitrile gloves to latex gloves, nitrile gloves are more puncture
resistant and can be worn by people with latex allergies. The GL679 gloves are 9 inches long and have an average thickness of 4mil. These gloves are popular among our customers because the GL679s are
a quality disposable glove at an economical price. We sell boxes of 100 gloves in sizes small,
medium, large, extra-large and double extra-large. Request a sample by emailing [email protected] So those are the GL679 nitrile gloves. Thanks for watching and check out
our site,, or our YouTube Channel for more videos.

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