All about the iPhone X

– [Narrator] 10 years after
debuting the first iPhone, Apple is introducing the iPhone X. The iPhone X has a glass front and back. It’s made of surgical
grade stainless steel and comes in two finishes, space gray and silver. It’s dust and water resistant and has a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge display. For the first time, Apple
offers an OLED display, culling its super retina display, meaning more accurate
colors and image uniformity across the screen. The iPhone X is the first iPhone without a home button. Instead, Apple is using Face ID. A depth sensing front camera will unlock the phone by detecting the user’s face. Apple claims the iPhone X will know what your face looks like from all angles, even if you alter your appearance. Apple says that the chances that someone can trick Face ID and
break into your phone are one in a million. The new Face ID feature is also used to authorize Apple Pay and for a new feature called
Animoji for messaging. Animojis use Face ID to link your facial
expressions onto emojis. You can pick from a dozen different animated emojis to operate with your face. Let’s talk cameras. Apple is introducing portrait lighting, letting uses select
their lighting effects. Lighting effects can be added before and after the photo is taken. The selfie also got an upgrade. Portrait mode and portrait lighting are now available on the front camera. Video is vastly improved as well. Video can be captured in low light mode and in 4K. So what about the battery? The iPhone X has wireless charging thanks to the new glass back. It also has a battery
life two hours longer than the iPhone 7. Apple introduced a new
wireless charging system called Air Power, which allows you to wirelessly charge multiple Apple devices on one mat at the same time. Finally, the price. It is rumored pricing is on par with what you’d expect to pay
for a high-end tablet or a low-end laptop versus a phone. The iPhone X is roughly $200 more than the iPhone 8+. All that said, this new phone
does look pretty awesome. The new iPhone X starts at
$999 for the 64-gigabyte model with a larger 256-gigabyte option, costing $1,149. Pre-orders begin on October 27th, and regular sales begin November 3rd.

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14 thoughts on “All about the iPhone X

  1. The fact that they think a $1k base price for this is acceptable and the iphone8 can compete with what Samsung and Google are doing demonstrates just how out of touch Apple has become.

    Their utter greed will be their downfall.

  2. … gonna need a LOT more UNBIASED proof that face id is gonna work. Considering that police can already make you use touch id, I don't see any additional privacy benefits.
    I do need the comments to chill though, every tech company is greedy, this is capitalism after all.

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