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Hey everyone welcome back to tech feed i’m
juliet beauchamp. You guessed it–today i’m covering the changes to the huawei ban following
the g-20 summit. Stick around. Remember executive order that barred all business
transactions between u-s companies and huawei? And remember the panic–and backlash from
tech companies–that ensued? Well, no need to panic anymore.. President trump essentially
reversed the ban as a part of trade talks with china at the g-20 summit this past weekend. So let’s talk details of the reversal. In
a win for big tech, president trump said u-s companies can sell products to huawei that
don’t interfere with u-s national security–what his administration is calling quote general
merchandise. So that’s a huge relief for companies like intel, micron and google. Intel
and micron sell physical chips for huawei to use in its devices, and huawei phones run
on google’s android operating system. It seems like business can return to normal for
those companies. Okay, if business can return to normal, then
what was the point of the whole ban? Well, the ban began because of alleged security
risks associated with huawei technology. But that never meant devices like phones or laptops.
The u-s government’s case against huawei is that its wireless equipment could be used
to spy on the united states. Huawei has denied this claim time and time again. But it seems
like this ban reversal upholds those original security claims. Under the reversal, it doesn’t
seem as though huawei equipment can be used as the united states builds 5-g networks.
And that’s big, since huawei is a global leader in 5-g infrastructure. So where does this reversal put u-s 5-g deployment?
Well, frankly, it’s still where it always was. It’s unlikely any u-s telecom companies
would have felt comfortable using huawei’s tech anywhere in their networks, so most have
planned around the chinese company anyway. But not using huawei tech could put the u-s
at a global disadvantage for 5-g. United states diplomats have lobbied against allies using
huawei equipment, but most countries have ignored their requests. It’s likely the
united states will lose the race to be the first country with widespread 5-g–and lose
out on the innovation that could come with it. Thanks for watching this episode of tech feed.
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plenty of time to let me know what you think about the ban reversal–and are you surprised?
See you next time.

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  1. General Merchandise that does not affect national security. Errr…everything is connected to the internet ….

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