Alexa helps Doug find his phone

– I don’t often lose my cool,
but when I do, it’s bad. And, it’s generally about something that’s not the end of the world, like losing my phone. It almost never happens, but when it does, I just blow a gasket,
just white, hot rage. I hate it so much that flames, flames, flames on the side of my face breathing, breathless,
breathing, breaths… Anyway, my options at this point are to A, ransack my house,
which could take hours or B, find a computer and pull
up Android Device Manager, find my iPhone, which
could take many minutes, or or have Alexa call it, which
could take mere seconds, since she’s always there for me. Alexa, you always been there for me. – Sorry, I can’t find the
answer to the question I heard. – Idiot. – Okay, for this you’ll
need an IFTTT account. That’s or if
this, then that, bouillons. Ever heard of ’em? Just create an account on the site, and don’t ask me about it, you can do a lot of other
cool stuff later, too. Anyway, once you’re logged
in, click the search link, and we’re gonna search for Alexa. So, Alexa is an available service. Actually, there’s our app
that we’re gonna create, but we need to connect some stuff first. So, click on Alexa, and then
once the Alexa page loads up, click on the big connect button. This will kick you off, to Amazon site, where you’ll sign-in
using your Amazon username and password, and then you’re
basically gonna say okay, IFTTT is allowed to access
my Amazon account in order to connect IFTTT with Alexa, in order to create this
magic phone finding trick. Click okay, and we’re whisked back to the Alexa page on IFTTT, and we’re gonna scroll down until we spot the find your phone card. Click on that, and we’ll
get a short description of what this actually does. Turn it on and now we need to connect the phone call feature. So, instead of clicking okay here, we’re going to click the
actual phone call link, and just like with the Alexa page, we’re gonna click the big connect button. Enter your phone number and
click the send pin button, your phone will ring, there
will be a robot on the other end that reads you a four digit pin. Enter that here. Three five four eight,
click the connect button, and boom, we’ve got the
phone feature set up. Okay, back to search, Alexa. Tell Alexa to find your phone, turn it on. And, from here, we’re actually all set, unless you want to customize
your trigger phrase. If you can keep your composure while trying to find your phone, the default phrase is, “Alexa, trigger find my phone.” And, if you’re a normal
human being, with emotions you’ll want to edit your phrase to be, “Alexa, trigger where
the (bleep) is my phone?” – Sending it to IFTTT. (phone ringing) – Are you serious? (phone ringing) Now, note that you’re
going to need to remember to say the word trigger
before your phrase, but other than that, you’re good to go. And, your phone’s gonna need to be on like a high ringer volume, and your phone’s gonna
need to not be dead. But, I think if those
prerequisites haven’t been met, you are on your own. And, if you’re like me… Flames. (techno music)

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5 thoughts on “Alexa helps Doug find his phone

  1. First; you need to let Alexa rape your privacy. Then spend too much time setting up yet ANOTHER app…then make sure you say the word 'trigger' and then hope your ringer is on and your phone isn't dead. Seriously?! Lookout and LOTS of other apps already find your phone for you and you don't have to worry about having rapey Alexa ordering lube when you say fuck.

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