Alela artfull provocateur, Commander Decklist and Techs, FR/EN

Hello and welcome back to Monocommander Where we talk about decklist and tech for EDH Before starting i wanted to thanks for the comments that helps me a lot to improve Like the video if you liked it, and to give an opinion if it doesn’t ! that’s still helping Today we’re lookign at a new commander from the throne of Eldraine Alela Artful provocateur A faerie warlock creature costing 1, 1 white, 1 black and 1 blue for a 2/3 flyer with deathtouch and lifelink giving +1+0 to others flyers we control and creates a 1/1 blue faerie flyer whenever we cast an enchantment or artifact The decklist today is based around enchantments and mostly around pillowfort strategy that consist in protecting ourself to develop and win this deck is made to tempo to create a lots of faeries and to win with this numerical superiority as always i’m going through the deck with differents tactics and we start right now with A fairy tale castle our fortification are gonna be mostly enchantments as a third of the deck, but also some artifacts which also triggers Alela for more faeries For protection i use : Propaganda, ghostly prison, koskun falls Norn’s annex, Sphere of Safety taxing opponents that willing to attack us and making it really hard to attack us Marchesa’s decree, that make us draw with the monarch Make opponent that attacks us to loose life Blind obedience slows down our opponents and drains life for each spell we cast if we can pay extort thunderstaff is pretty good against go wide decks by cutting down the damage and can also powerup all attacking creature pretty usefull for our faeries but also to boost opponents that fights each others Finally Meekstone can take rid of big creature without impact on our faeries which are 2/1 this castle has sharp guards in this 2nd tactics i’ll put cards that slow down our opponents Ashiok dream render and Aven mindcensor prevents opponents to search their libraries and ahsiok can exile graveyards Aura of silence and Great arbiter Augustin IV increase spells cost for our opponents and with a secondary utility Kambal drains opponents for playing non creature spells Lavinia prevents opponents to use mana dorks and rocks and counters 0 cost spells narset shuts down draw and can look for enchantments with her minus 2 Rising waters and armageddon puts us ahead if we already got some faeries and enchants in play by destroying all lands They got married Here i’m including all tutors and copy effects for artifacts and enchants I use Vampiric tutor and demonic tutor that find any card in the deck and Enlightened Tutor and zur the enchanter which look for enchantments Muddle the mixture is a counterspell but can also transmute to find anything that cost 2 As for copy effect i’m using mirrormade versatile, copying enchants or artifacts for 3 Estrid’s invocation that can change its target every turn for adaptability and mirage mirror copying anything in every situation they got a lots of presents the deck is using lots of mana rocks to benefit from Alela we’re using Arcane signet, Azorius signet and orzhov signet Talisman of hierarchy and talisman of progress Sol ring, fellwar stone, commander’s sphere and mox amber, as an addition there’s Starfield mystic, reducing enchantment cost and smothering tithe, a staple in white that generate a tons of treasure to ramp ourselves Ashnod’s altar synergise with our tokens and some other cards we’ll see later like martyr’s bond and skullclamp they lived happily (cause nobody bother them) here we talk about control cards that are counterspells like swan song dovin’s veto and narset’s reversal and some permanent removal creatures already be taken out by our enchants Anguished unmaking and despark exiles a permanent cyclonic rift can puts us way far ahead or saves us at any time grasp of fate and imprisoned in the moon that synergise with alela and removes some permanents Martyr’s bond is an answer to opponents who are destroying too much of our stuff by forcing them to sacrifice their own and they get many childs some cards are creating tokens in addition to Alela to win the game Sigil of the empty throne creating 4/4 flyer any time we cast an enchantment luminarch ascension which, if we don’t get hit for 4 turns, can create 4/4 flyer for only 1 and a white as much as we need curse of disturbance can choose a priority targets for attacks by making zombies for us and the attacker it’s also an easy self trigger with our faeries Thoose child grew fast to protect and pump our tokens i’m using etchings of the chosen that gives +1+1 to a creature type and can make alela indestructible scion of oona give shroud and +1+1 to faeries and with flash heraldic banner can mana fix, ramp and can pump our faeries to make them 3/1 Serra the benevolent creates 4/4 flyers can also pump all our flying creatures by +1+1 and, can makes us unkillable if we control a creature finally, Sephara sky’s blade give indestructible to all our flying creatures except her and cost only 1 if we control 4 creatures They plundered nobles and merchants, the deck needs to draw and we are using mostly enchantment to do so bident of thassa and coastal piracy can make us draw a card for each creatures dealing damage, working well with faeries curse of verbosity, as the other curse, can make someone a priority target and gives us more resources Kindred discovery is by far the strongest it draws us a card any time a faery comes into play and also when a faery attacks Mesa enchantress draws a card for each enchantments we play Phyrexian arena is a free card per turn Rhystic study and mystic remora taxes our opponent and makes us draw And finally Skullclamp recycles our tokens for only 1 to get 2 cards To get the loot back home here i include recurssion spells to get back from massive enchantments wipes crystal chimes bring back in our hand all enchantments and is an artifact, triggering Alela Dance of the manse, a new card, bring into play artifacts an enchantments and can transform thoose into 4/4 hanna ship’s navigator gets back a card per turn open the vault is a symetrical effect of which we nearly always get the biggest advantage by getting into play all enchantments and artifacts and then replenish is for 4 our best recursion effect getting all our enchantments directly into play i’m putting only 30 lands in the deck because there is enought ramp to get functional fast i’m using esper fetchs dimir orzhov and azorius’ shocklands some basic lands and as special lands hall of heliod’s generosity that bring backs enchantments and academy ruins, that bring backs artifacts That’s the end of this little tale, i hope you enjoyed the deck Do not hesitate to comment, like and to suggest decks that you’re interested in you can also find my others video at the end of the one, as always decklist is on the description See you soon on the next video, that was Monocommander, Bye

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