Airports, Beers and Hotdogs – Startup Company Essentials – Episode 1 – Inside Silicon Valley

Good morning It’s a new week, new possibilities and welcome to Inside Silicon Valley our VLOG where you follow me and my three co-founders Mathias, Samir and Jonas This is the story of how we got started. So we are four founders founders. Too many? No I don’t think so because now we have the knowledge and experience in the team to really change things and we want to change something we have been really frustrated about for many years. To build a successful company you need think about the company culture. It’s really important to have a strong company culture with a clear vision and mission and to do that, you need to find the right people. That’s why we spent a lot of time to find the right people. All our new employees must record videos and send in with their job application. This is Rob: Who recorded a song for us. Time to go to Sweden. I’m really looking forward to this since we’re on-boarding five new employees. One of the most important things being the CEO and founder is to spread the company culture. Let’s follow me. Now I really have to find myself a classic Airport beer. Now we’ll have to see if we have some Swedes here in the office. Look at that one – good morning Sweden Here, me and Adam do you say Adam?
Yea, exactly Anyways, we are at the fair Hotel and Marketing fair in Stockholm Let’s do it! Perfect! The best part this week is Samirs vision about sales and just getting the feeling that we’re not just a tech company but also a family to meet founders and hear the story is really inspiring and meeting all of these motivated and awesome people Feels like we’re launching a really great team and continue with the company, so it feels good. We’re really up-and-running here so i think the Swedish team will do a home-run this year. So here I am now finally back at copenhagen, going back to the US. It has been a crazy week, this is the eighth time on an airport now during this week, This time I’ll by myself some nice Swedish chocolate. If you’re bringing on new people make sure they know the vision that they know the culture and that they are sitting on the same train as you are Check this out; you get a sausage and beer for ten dollars and as I said, you always need an airport beer to get in the right condition and mood for a long trip. Now it’s time for ask the founder the opportunity where you can ask us anything. Don’t forget to comment for the next episode what you want to ask us for next week so this weeks question was
“how did we dress at the Y Combinator interview” This is how we dressed. Tuxedo t-shirts The acceptance letter said
“Don’t dress up – we won’t” We wanted to stand out and be remembered and I’m pretty sure everybody remember us as the crazy swedes with the tuxedo t-shirts. Actually we got a lot of questions about how people dress in San Francisco so next week Mathias is going to talk more about that Don’t forget to like the video hit the subscribe button and comment what you guys think. Cheers! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Sweet tuxedo outfit! Question: Who has been the most inspiring person you have shaken hands with in Silicon Valley so far?

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