AirPods Pro Review | Strong sound quality with a high-end price tag

hello I’m Gareth Bevis editor-in-chief
of TechRadar and these are the new Apple AirPods Pro they came out to
October 30th it cost £249 pounds so are they actually better than the original
airpods well the answer is yes emphatically yes so two new features of
the AirPods Pro that really worth talking about
number one noise cancellation and secondly a much better fit that noise
cancellation comes from two microphones one pointing outwards and one into the
ear the airport’s pro here the sound coming in and make the best version of
it offering the exact opposite sound wave to give you that great noise
cancellation in real use that means that on the tube near roadworks near a
motorboat for instance or if you just got a fan or an airplane sound in the
background those sounds do disappear over they’re not the best noise
cancelling on the market if you’re comparing them to the original air pods
it’s night and day the new redesign of the air pods Pro means they fit so much
better in the ears compared to the original air pods
there’s a second tip on the end and you get three different sizes in the Box
snapping them on and off is very Apple because there isn’t a stem to clip on to
it’s more of an overall fit the only issue we did encounter when it comes to
fit was when working out when you have sweat into the mix the silicon does get
a little bit more greasy and doesn’t grip the ear as well so compared to
day-to-day use it wasn’t quite as snug but again they didn’t fall out the other
thing you care about with wireless earbuds is obviously the sound quality
that was done a pretty good job here when it comes to mid tones things are
well balanced and rich but the overall sound court is a little bit closed off
so it doesn’t feel like it’s coming from all angles or just in a tighter package
that’s no bad thing when you combine it with good noise cancelling listening on
the tube on the train you’re gonna be perfectly happy with the experience but
it’s just not the best on the market right let’s talk about the battery life
of these things and we found the five hours that Apple is quoting for each
Airport charge was actually pretty accurate when you get down to absolute
zero and you put them back in the charging case for five minutes you do
get about an hour’s worth of charge which is what Apple is quoting in fact
we got to 35% which is probably a little bit more now the problem we’ve got is
with the charging case itself apart from a green and amber light on the front is
very hard to tell how much charge is left the only way to test is to put the
airport back into the case open it next to an iPhone and then it will show the
actual percentage but we did find a situation where we ran out of complete
juice and we couldn’t use the air pods at all now when it comes to child in
that case things are a little bit different
inside the box you’ve got a USB seat and lightning cable and no charging block so
unless he’s got a new MacBook Pro or a new iPhone there’s no way to connect
this up and charge the air pods however the good news is that most people buying
these will have an iPhone already and thus have the necessary lightning
connector so in summary while you are paying a premium for new Apple earpods
Pro we do feel it’s worth extra money over the original air pods if you’ve got
the cash we suggest you spend it however if you’re not willing to cough it up we
completely understand the original air pods are still a decent buy and they’re
going to be coming down in price over the coming months because these new
airports Pro on the market so you could find yourself picking up a real saving
in the coming sales so as ever thank you for watching and please let us know in
the comments below if you’ve got any thoughts about the air pods Pro or
you’re going to buy them yourself give us a like or subscribe because that’s
what good youtubers do and if you want to watch more videos click up here thank
you very much for watching again and please keep it locked to
for the latest tech news reviews and those all-important Black Friday deals

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6 thoughts on “AirPods Pro Review | Strong sound quality with a high-end price tag

  1. In the US it costs $249 and in the UK it costs £249… change that to currency exchange dollars to pounds and see how much you save from purchasing it in the US. I live in Spain and everything Apple is a lot more expensive in euros than buying it in the US due to the currency difference.

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