AirPods First Look

At today’s event, TechCrunch tested out Apple’s
fully wireless AirPods. The new headphones look pretty much exactly
like the company’s Earpods line, with the obvious distinction of being wireless. Apple promises five hours of life on a charge
with an additional 25 hours of life offered up by the charging case. The sound quality wasn’t bad, though we
hold judgement until testing in a less chaotic environment. The new AirPods feature touch functionality,
so you can double tap to activate Siri, who will take commands via the built-in mics. Music stops automatically when you pull them
out of your ear – definitely a nice feature that should save on battery. At $159, Apple’s AirPods are not exactly
cheap, but certainly inline with other wireless models.

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71 thoughts on “AirPods First Look

  1. For $159 it better have a good sound quality. People do realized that wireless earbuds has already existed in the market since before today right? nothing innovating about that. I'm worry about using the included earbuds, the cord is gonna be flimsy and break easily(from personal experience.) This could be a viable option.

  2. So now I see what Apple is doing there forcing you to buy the $159 dollar headphones cuz there is no headphone jack so you guys can't have headphones without paying $159. So there going to make money off of you (not so smart people) SLICK MOVE APPLE.

  3. Airpods.. These pods gets easily lost and one would fall of the ear easily if not placed tightly , compared to the old earpods , most people will expect to spend twice as much as original cost of 158$ … If you resort back to the lightning rod earpods… Then you cannot listen to music while the phone is charging , you have to charge your phone first before listening to music , you cant do it at the same time anymore … apple nice try but it wont work well !

  4. Honestly they should come with the phone if you're going to take away the headphone jack and replace it with Bluetooth so why do we still get the wired EarPods?

  5. No one bothers to talk about the negative health effects. They just expect you to trust the technology doesn't cause disease like cancer and/or mental disabilities. The new generations of children are going to be even more stupid than the ones now.

  6. These are the dumbest looking headphones/earbuds I have ever seen. They look like Apple earbuds with the cables removed and a new design around the driver. Maybe they sound good? (Lemme know)

  7. Just found out there isn't a lightning port on the new macbook. This means you can't connect lightning headphones to the macbook and you can't connect iphones to the new macbook out of the box either.

    What are you doing Apple…
    Just ditch lightning and standard usb. Go all in to usb-c or don't half ass it like you are right now.

  8. So many complain about these being so easy to fall out of your ear or you’d lose them right away but I own them and have never lost them once plus the case and each airpod come with a nifty little gps feature just like your iPhone or Apple Watch so if they are stolen or lost you can track them to see where they are.

  9. imagine waiting in line to use them and you were next after this guy who uses them, lays them on the table you go up to use them, and there are earwax all over them

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