Aircall’s Pipedrive Integration – A Phone System Within Your Sales Software

The Aircall + Pipedrive integration
takes only 4 clicks to set up. You can pick and choose which Aircall
numbers link to Pipedrive [Ringing…] When receiving a call, the Aircall app
pops up to display key caller info. A link directs you to the contact sheet inside Pipedrive to deep dive into the conversation history
and the associated deal. You can then make comments, add tags,
and assign the call via the Aircall App. All calls get automatically logged into the proper fields. That includes: call recordings, comments,
assignment rules, wait times, and more. Tickets can be automatically created in Pipedrive
for all missed or unanswered calls. By adding Aircall to Pipedrive, you will… Streamline your workflows, Have more relevant conversations, Keep your CRM data clean, And scale your business faster.

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