Aircall: Set your agents up for success

hi, my order payment didn’t go through, can I get some help? let me transfer you to Zack on our customer care team, just one moment please. Recording: Hello, we are not available now, please leave your… (On hold music) If you’d like to leave a message, please wait for the beep. Recording: press pound, press three, then dial your name… (On hold music) Press six then dial your number. Then press star. Press sixty-nine after your extenstion… Bark like a dog, sit in a circle, called in a circle, press one for… (On hold music) Oh gosh… Just Catch! Hi, how can I help you? Hi, This is Hermione, I’m calling about my payment. It didn’t go through. Could I get some help? Of course, let me just put you on another brief hold… Hello, Hermione. How can I help you today? Hi, my order payment didn’t go through, can I get some help? It’s you’re order of the Broomstick 2000 Let me just put you through to someone who can better assist you with that. One second! Hi Zack, I’m transferring to you Hermione. Just a heads up, It’s pronounced like in Harry Potter It’s about her Broomstick. So I see you called in a few days ago, your new payment has now gone through. Don’t worry, all is good now.

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