Aer Day Sling 2 Review | Sleek & Comfortable Sling Bag For Travel & Everyday Essentials

– The Aer Day Sling 2
is a 4 1/2 liter sling that’s designed to carry
your everyday essentials. And it’s made with the same
high quality components and materials as the Aer Travel Pack 2, one of our highest-rated packs. Hi, I’m Nathan from Pack Hacker, where we use our expertise
and real world experience to provide practical
resources and honest opinions, guiding you towards smarter travel. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. We’ve been testing the Aer Day Sling 2 for just over a month now
around Detroit, Michigan. So let’s dive into the review and find out how well it performed. (upbeat music) Opinions on slings are pretty divided. But there’s definitely been a
surge in popularity recently. And we like the sleek, minimal, and streamlined look of
this Aer Day Sling 2. We decided to throw this out
to our Instagram audience as well to get their take on it. And here are the results. And while we went with the
black color of the sling, it’s also available in
gray and black camo too. There’s certainly no crazy
colors to choose from which isn’t typically Aer’s style anyway. But it’s nice to have
three different options. And just a note on the colors, the only difference between them is that the black and the gray colors are made from a 1680D
called Dura Ballistic Nylon, and the black camo is made
from a 1000D Cordura nylon. And as always, Aer has kept
their branding on the outside of the pack pretty minimal with
just a logo tab on the side, and a black on black
imprint on the zipper pulls. And now moving into the materials, the Aer Day Sling 2 is made
of the same water-resistant and highly durable
Cordura nylon, YKK zippers and Duraflex buckles as
the Aer Travel Pack 2, which as we stated earlier on, is one of our highest-rated packs. YKK are a Japanese
manufacturer that are renowned for making some of the
best zippers around. And we’ve only ever had good experiences with Duraflex buckles that are easy to use and
are pretty durable too. Plus Cordura grade fabric is assured to be highly durable and built to last. The bottom line is these
materials just feel good in your hand and everything
works together really well. Now, you could argue
that the thick material and the kinda chunky components
used are a little bit overspec’d for what is a
sling under five liters. But we appreciate the
durability that comes with it. (upbeat music) First of all, it’s important to note that this thing is a sling
and is designed to be carried as such, across your body, either on your back or your front. It can not be worn as a hip belt and isn’t designed to be used as one. The overall carry of the
Aer Day Sling is comfortable and the length of the
strap is easily adjustable so you can have it sitting as
high or as low as you’d like. And we really like the
elastic fastener on the strap, which keeps everything together to create a dangle-free experience. We found the best way to wear this sling is cross-body along the wearer’s back, swinging it round to your front if you need to get anything out. But if you’re wearing a
backpack on your back, you can also wear this on the front and it works really well
as a dual carry option. Moving on, there are two
lash tabs on the front so you can clip items to the sling. Obviously with this being a sling, you can’t for anything
too large or bulky on. But we found this was a great
place to attach a Heroclip, and it actually worked
really well in testing, as we were able to easily
hang this thing up on tables when we were out and about. Finally, there is a
looped handle on the top which you can use to hang this sling up when you don’t have a Heroclip attached. And also you can use it
to pick this thing up, but to be honest, usually
this thing is slim enough so you can just grab it with your hand. (upbeat music) Now, it’s time to look inside this thing and let’s start with
the pocket on the front. Inside, there are two stretchy
divider pockets to the back. And then, there’s plenty of space in the front for larger items. This pocket is the
easiest to access quickly so we popped our wallet and keys in the stretchy divider pockets, and then a pair of
sunglasses just in front. Next up, we have the main compartment which you’ll be happy to hear can fit a Nintendo Switch or an iPad mini. There’s a large sleeve at
the back of the compartment that’s the width and height of the sling, designed to hold those tablets. Then, just in front,
there’s a zippered pocket that we found good for holding coins and other smaller items. There’s also a key clip inside here, but it’s plastic and we
prefer to keep our keys in the front for quick access anyway. Just in front of that
zippered compartment, we have two stretchy divider
pockets exactly the same as the ones you’ll find
in the front pocket here. And inside these ones
in the main compartment, we put our power bank
and also some earphones. And then, there’s plenty of
space in front of those dividers for larger objects which is a
great place to put your phone. Finally, there’s a hidden
compartment at the back which is a great place to keep
items you wanna keep secure. Now, there’s no internal
organization in here. It’s just a large compartment but it’s a great place
to put your passport. With three separate compartments and multiple divider
pockets inside this thing, it’s hard to argue that there
isn’t plenty of organization. But what we will say is
that we’d like to have seen the sizes of the pockets just
a little bit more diversified because there’s really only two sizes. There’s the full-length ones which stretch the height and the width of the sling. And then, there’s the half-divider pockets that go halfway across the width. Now, we’d love to see just like a couple of smaller pockets in the compartments so you can keep smaller
items more organized, but other than that, it’s all good here. (upbeat music) At the time of this review, we’ve been testing the Aer Day Sling 2 for a little over a month
around Detroit, Michigan and on a day trip to Ann Arbor. We’re pleased to report that there’s no sign of any
wear and tear as of yet. And we expect this thing, with its durable materials
and high-quality components, to hold up for a long time, just like the other Aer
products we’ve tested. When we first started using this sling, we struggled to fill it out with just a phone, a
wallet, and some keys in. But after just a few days of use, we found ourselves putting
a ton of stuff inside, like sunglasses, earphones,
and a power bank. And all in all, we’ve
really enjoyed carrying our everyday essentials in this sling when we don’t need a larger pack which is exactly what this
thing is designed to do. Now, moving on to the pros and cons. We’re digging the sleek and minimal style. Durable materials and components
have been used throughout. And it’s even large enough
to hold smaller tablets like an iPad mini or a Nintendo Switch. Now, the cons. The internal organization
is all the same size. It’s not the lightest sling but it’s also not too heavy either. And the key clip is plastic
which we’re not big fans of and it could certainly be more robust. (upbeat music) The Aer Day Sling 2 does exactly
what it’s designed to do, which is carry your everyday essentials when you’re out and about. It’s comfortable to wear, and there’s a ton of room
with plenty of organization even if the sizes aren’t that varied. The materials and components
could be considered slightly over the top. But we appreciate the high
durability and quality feel that comes with it. If you’re looking for a
sleek and stylish sling that will likely become your go-to way to carry your everyday smaller items that would typically fill
up your pockets otherwise, the Aer Day Sling 2 is a great
product that’s worth a look. So there you have it, our
review of the Aer Day Sling 2. And as ever, we’d love to hear
your thoughts on this thing in the comments section below. Thanks for keeping it here at Pack Hacker, your guide to smarter travel. We’ll see you in the next one.

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72 thoughts on “Aer Day Sling 2 Review | Sleek & Comfortable Sling Bag For Travel & Everyday Essentials

  1. Wow! I bought many items based on your review such as Aer Travel Pack 2 but this Day Sling 2 is one of the very few items that I bought even before your review lol I've been using it all the time over the past 2 months and just love everything about it and the inside organisation being all the same doesn't really bother me at all. However, I find the elastic fastener a bit too loose. It just keeps slipping as I walk or move my arms.

  2. As always thank you for your awesome reviews! I'm planning on using this as a tech pouch when I'm carrying a backpack. Is the straps removable?

  3. Thanks for the review guys! Been using this for a few weeks. Took it on a road trip and on a few walks across the city. It's held up really well.

  4. I got this in grey 1 month ago. Its great, I never thought I would get a man bag but its very useful to especially in the summer when I am wearing shorts and have no extra pockets in a jacket for example.

  5. Good tip for security is to clip the strap round a table leg or something similar if you are at a cafe for example.

  6. please review the DC SHOE SHOULDER POP BAG
    thank you!

  7. Well, I'm kind of a bag nut, too, so I have several to choose from in the small sling category. I like my Aer a lot and it still looks and functions like new but I don't find that it carries that well crossbody. It almost feels like it was originally designed to be a fanny pack and then they chose to modify it to be a cross body sling. I like it but I wear it over just one shoulder when I use it and not really as a sling. There are a few 'deceptively named' sling bags out there like that. I find that the Peak Design 5L is really much better to use as a sling than the Aer. I'm not into camera gear so I removed the inserts from the Peak and it works really well. Another sling that is outstanding is the Maxpedition mini valence (7L). That thing is a work of beauty, wears close to the body, is constructed extremely well, and tops them all really.

  8. Can you guys do a review on this bags?

  9. How do you keep slings from swinging around whenever you bend over? My Tom Bihn cafe bag has an extra strap attachment to prevent it swinging.

  10. Really useful things, but no matter what variations I buy, my best friend and travelling partner will always, always point and yell "bumbag!"

  11. Grrr! …just realised that it's "handed", as in set up for right-handers to be on their right hand side, as opposed to being symmetrical as many messenger bags also are. Sigh.

    I truly wish more companies would take this into account, but we're only 10% of the market, so probably not going to happen soon!

  12. It would be great if you show clips of bags on both men and women. And maybe on different body types. Not that I think a lot of women would get this one.

  13. Big fan of Aer, this is a great sling but you should've compared it with the Moment Fanny Sling. Can you please review it, may be a quick comparison with the Day Sling 2? Thanks for the videos, keep up the good work!

  14. I think one important feature for ANY sling is to either NOT have a clip or have the clip, just like the aer, in the front. This way I can wear the sling in the front in a crowded area and not be afraid that someone just clips open by sling and runs off with it. While certainly the strap could be slashed, but opening a clip is much faster.

  15. Living in Europe i find it difficult to track down these without having 50% of the bags price on top being import and additional tax. Have you guys looked at the Mammut Seon Bumbag before? I think quite a lot of 'hip' folks would definitely also recognize the climbing gear company 😉

  16. Hi there! Do you know if an iPad 2018 can fit in the Aer Day Sling 2? Looking at dimensions, you can’t do it..but maybe can you “squeeze” the iPad 2018 inside the bag? Thanks!!

  17. I love this bag. However I was surprised that one the front compartment uses YKK aquaguard zipper. The other 2 compartments aren't very water resistant from the look of it. Did someone test it out?

  18. With slings becoming increasingly popular and most having some sort of hidden compartment, are you guys keeping your passport and other important items with you at all times or do you recommend leaving that stuff at the hotel or place you’re staying?

  19. Picked up a 5l hipbelt/sling from Decathalon for 10 Euros. Enough to fit everything I need for a day including my iPad, water bottle, fuji X100 and other essentials. Decent quality for 1/7th price. Picked up last minute and I use it quite often.

    Edit: after two months of almost daily use, I found a hole. I guess Decathlon products are cheap but not cheap in the long run, for your pocket or the environment. I will still try to patch it up and extend the life of the bag as much as possible.

  20. This one certainly looks nice and well made. I would like to love sling bags but can't say I do. Reason being that they tend to get pretty heavy filled up and are worn over one shoulder. Also you don't have good control over your items carried on your back with leaves them exposed. I prefer a small stylish front carried hip bag with just enough space for a phone, credit cards, keys and earphones etc and a flyweight packable daypack that can be carried over both shoulders for anything heavier.

  21. More sling bag reviews like this, please!
    Although some say sling bags don't make much sense, for someone like me who's very active and have busy legs, It's much better to have items in them instead of pockets!
    I found your reviews and website are solid-legit and very helpful! The intuitive scoring system, very thorough point-outs, and also you guys are very responsible and interactive. Perfect!
    Thanks to you, I decided to order Aer Travel Pack 2 and I'm very excited to get it 🙂 Please keep your great works! I'm really counting on you guys!

  22. 6:23 🎶phone, wallet, and keysy🎶. Great review. Bag seems like a great option for a simple camera/action cam configuration.

  23. Could you use this as a dopp kit inside a carry on and break it out as a sling once you've arrived at your destination and emptied your bathroom kit?

  24. Thanks Nathan for the excellent review.. which do you prefer, Aer "Daily Sling 2" or Alpaka "Go Sling Pro" and why??

  25. I had and returned… the "dangle free strap" annoyed me more than anything b/c it was not actually dangle free. Looks great otherwise.. I thought of cutting the excess..

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