Advances in wearable tech help track, treat and prevent diseases

CAIR going even more high-tech in the way we track treat and prevent diseases a you of a physician introduces us and use for Toussaint’s priscilla Kasper to advances in wearable technology this is a story you’ll see only on 4 I think wearable technology is going to be one of the next major advances and healthcare this wearable technology is called bio stamp it was manufactured by a company in Boston University of Arizona physician and scientist dr. Marvin sleppy and says the FDA approved device sticks onto the skin and some patients don’t even feel they have it on we’re going to now apply this to our volunteer the patch sensor ena and measuring vital signs activity posture and sleep we can measure six degrees of freedom and really look at the details so if someone has an injury we can see if how bad that injury is we can monitor their rehabilitation dr. slep ian says the device is able to measure multiple degrees of movement a signal now he’s moving in a very specific plane and there we have documentation and measurement of the details of his motion now documentation and measurement he says is able to extend healthcare and track a patient to see if they’re on course or deviating so if he’s moving in one plane this plane we called the X&Y plane we can get a very specific signal of that movement and if something seems off doctors are able to intervene sooner slep Ian says a version of this device will be available to consumers soon personally Casper news for Tucson doctor slep en will discuss this device and the advancements in wearable technology tomorrow night at the U of A Health Sciences Innovation building that lecture begins at 6 o’clock

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