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– Few cities can possess the same sort of mystique as Shanghai. This historic and sprawling
metropolis blends together China’s past and present, while offering an insightful
glimpse into the future. Oh, and Shanghai? It’s busy. It’s the most populated city in the world. So, I know what you’re thinking. How do you make sure
that your feet stand out in a crowd while in Shanghai? Well, you go see Terry
and Himm at their shop DOE on Tong Ren Lu in Jing’an district. Relatively new to the sneaker
streetwear boutique scene, DOE has quickly built up its reputation as a major player in Shanghai
and the world respectively. It’s more than a shop. It’s a place to chill,
hang out, and socialise. This is a film about Terry
and Himm from Shanghai. – Ni hao – And their work on the latest collaboration between DOE and adidas Consortium. This is SHPTLKS. – Hey, what’s up guys? Himm? – What up?
– Good to see you. – Yeah.
– Terry. – What’s up man? – You guys gonna show me
your favorite spots today? – Yeah, let’s do that.
– All right, let’s go. – So how is Shanghai different from most of the major cities around the world? – I think you can see, I mean,
to walking along the river I mean, one side is actually
the shame of Shanghai which is back to the war timeframe, a lot of foreigners trying
to take over the city. And the other side is
the pride of Shanghai, because this is actually
built by our own people and then this is the modern side and this is the history side. So it’s more like
contrast and combination. So that makes Shanghai
really, like, different. We’ve been through a lot of dynasties and, you know, this kind
of history, so I mean, this is kind of different from other global key cities in the world. – The fashion scene here is also becoming more important globally as well. What do you think is
driving this right now? – Shanghai is becoming
more and more international so I think everything just
happen in a natural way because I think people just get inspired by the speed of the
development in the city. – Both of you have travelled to a lot of the major
cities around the world. How has that influenced
how you guys are doing DOE? – When I travelled around, I saw many things we should learn from it. And I think we have a long way to go. And the people see China
as everything’s good. Everything’s getting fast. But we think we still have – Room to improve
– Yeah. – Space to improve. The idea to create DOE is because we travel a lot. And we just realized, oh there’s no cool shop who is able to really represent the city. I think it’s more motivation
to push us work harder. – Yeah. – What drove you guys to start DOE? – Because back in the days
we want do something new. – Yeah, something different, but still keep coaching
the younger generation, educating them. And then we start from a coffee shop idea, because we just wanted to do
something as a side project. And see this as an opportunity and then, yeah we just brainstorming and come up with the
idea right now for it. – Were you guys friends before you met? Before you started DOE? – Oh yeah.
– Yes. – We know each other
for almost eleven years. – Yeah yeah eleven years. – What were you guys
doing before starting DOE? – I starting China’s
first, streetwear magazine, and street culture magazine, talking about hip hop, skateboarding, all kind of these underground culture, since 2002. – Huge influential power and then I read his
magazine for long time. And I used to be like a corporate guy. I worked with some of
the retail companies, so I kinda have a little bit of the retail experience, merchandising. That’s why we actually just come together and set up DOE. – All right is this, are we here? – Yeah, let’s go and check it out. – All right, let’s check it out. – So guys, tell me what
does DOE stand for? – DOE is from John Doe / Jane Doe it means, “no name, nobody.” We come from nobody. – Yeah it could be everyone
but you could be no one, so coming from nowhere. I think it’s just like keep a
low profile, keep it low key, always stay humble but
keep doing the right thing and to deliver the right
culture to the consumers. So it’s more like very traditional and authentic Chinese culture. – This is the second location. – Yes, yes.
– Yeah. – How did you guys pick this spot? – Because you can’t find
the other lake in Shanghai and face to the store. – Ahh. – The vibe is great and this
is really in the old town. And then like history and
modern combined together. – Tell me how it felt when you guys knew that you were going to
be a part of Consortium? – Very excited.
– Yeah. – I think this is actually the first mainland China account, who’s being part of Consortium community. And then when they actually
reach out to us for collab, we feel really really excited. I don’t know how to express
even, you know, just like work with such a big brand, sneakers, and then in the global community for us, I think it’s quite unbelievable. – So this is the new DOE and adidas Consortium collab. – This is it. – You can see it’s a Micropacer and this is a UB19. – Where’s the inspiration? The story behind this collaboration? – This is actually the first collab adidas Consortium with
a mainland China brand. And back to 1984, that’s the first time, People’s Republic of China actually attend the Olympic in L.A. And then by the time they
created this shoe, Micropacer. – Original idea is we
want to do a Micropacer. But we want to change
the sole to a 4D sole, maybe it’s a Ultra Boost sole. But the guys they told
me in the technology, they can’t make 4D sole. But we can choose use the UB19. – So this is really like
the first running shoe with the chips inside. For us, it’s like a zero to one, because it’s more like a
revolution for the sneaker. Micropacer is more like a history, a heritage of adidas running shoes, and UB19 is the most – Contemporary
– The best, yeah. Shoe, running shoe from adidas. So it’s more like respect the heritage and look for the future. When we connect the dots,
everything just knitted together. – And this is a friends
and family, not for sale. – So if you want to
– This is for sale. – Get this, you have to be a friend or a family member of DOE crew. – All right, I’m glad
I’m a friend of you guys. – Yeah.
– You’re family actually! – You talk about Chinese
culture, you talk respect. In the collab, there
is a logo of this here. If you could explain just a little bit what this represents. – It’s from our Asian tradition of polite – Yes.
– It’s right, right. It’s like a way you seek advice, it’s nice to meet you, it’s like this, the
right hand a tight hand, you should cover it.
– Yes. – And very nice to the people, you know. – So no fighting. – Yeah, no fighting.
– Peace, respect. – Tell me a story about this place. – This is a very traditional
Shanghainese noodle restaurant. So we brought a lot of
friends, like 40 friends, to be here and eating the noodles. These guys were like
shocked by all of this, the food is amazing. – Back to DOE, how did you
guys build your clientele? – Serve with heart. – Yes, serve with heart. So it’s more like interaction
with the consumers, so build the vibe, like lifestyle vibe, so people can actually
hang out in our store. Because we have coffee right, and then people just interact with it, with the store staff and barista, and also all the brands in there. – How would you break down the male to female
ratio of your consumers? – I think nowadays it’s very like unisex, especially for streetwear industry. So if you’re talking about the business, based on data, right now we
have 35% female consumers, and 65 is actually from male consumers. – Is that more than before? – Yeah.
– I think… I think it’s more than before. I think the female, women’s
business opportunity is huge. – So what’s in the future for DOE then? Is there a certain legacy or a message that you would want to leave behind, one day when you’re finished with DOE, or for the next generation? – Maybe it’s very simple, it’s just let the younger
generation from China know, we can also create cool
products from this country, or design, made in this country. And to have the right
kind of rationale behind, to do the right thing. So this is something
we’re trying to educate. Himm’s been doing
magazine for a long time, so this is like the
continuity of the magazine, just like a different
platform, try to educate and try to ask these people
to do the right thing, so this is the only
thing we’re trying to do. – Guys, it was really a pleasure. – Yeah, thank you. – Thank you, thank you
so much it was great to learn more about DOE. – Thank you, Wes. – Thanks for showing me
all your favorite spots in Shanghai.
– You’re welcome. – I can’t wait for the
Consortium adidas release. – Yeah.
– Yeah we will as well. – Thank you very much Wes. – ‘Til next time. – Next time.
– Okay, see you. – Thank you.

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  1. Guys came out of nowhere. Who is DOE? doesn't matter, they are now part of the adidas consortium account and that's gotta be something! #BeUp

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