AdHero Podcast EP 12 – How To Win At The Convention Game

Alright guys welcome this is another episode of the AdHero Podcast we’re here live from TechCrunch
Disrupt 2019 put a date on that on that right well we’re we’re here in San Francisco and it’s been a very special experience because we actually have a special treat for you today, special guest Dan Chan The Billionaire’s Magician, master magician and he’s been featured in a number of other places help me out with this man so you’ve been at TechCrunch in previous years, BoxWorks, VMWorld as well we’re gonna get into we want to hear all about
that but you know what man we got drop some quick knowledge because we know our
listener base loves when we banter about the MCU you
I’ve just gotta jump right in a I’m excited we’re at TechCrunch but there’s something
bigger breaking news that just dropped last week Geno what’s that breaking news
spider-man’s back in the MCU spider-man’s back in the MCU that’s great but I want to talk to Tom Holland can we set that up did you see the video he posted on instagram about that Tom Holland open invitation to come be on the AdHero
Podcast listener base because we made a Tom Holland posted the video with the of the movie the wolf of wallstreet where Leonardo says I’m not leaving i’m not effin leaving big deal we literally like recorded a
supplemental episode special episode because we’re so upset about the initial
breaking news so how many movies in total are they gonna allow so it’s going to be two movies and the first movie two movies as of now and there will probably be three because what will probably happen is a good exit strategy for Tom Holland out of the universe so there’ll be this one completely drop off the clip
there is a once more spider-man three movies to wrap up the children and then
there’s another movie that will be non spider-man, but still Avengers and Marvel related you might get Dr. Strange excellent a catalyst into this whole multiverse
which actually now the rumor is is that sony’s other properties of the
spider-verse or Cohen-verse or whatever you want to call it coincide with the MCU and will have it so that it’ll alternate universes it will be Morbius, Venom interesting alternate universe like everything is in Kansas this time or something yeah like Tom Holland can end up in that universe and do things there well I’m glad they could come together on a peace treaty
here this is really what the fans want and I think they heard the fans feedback
on Twitter loud and clear and they probably heard that the our special
episode that’s the thing that no one really knows because the original take
put up 50% of the costs and then take the gross sony sony i recall us
literally like suggesting that that 50% hopper was like the first operand why
aren’t they just going back and forth like so it sounds like they were able to
come to that conclusion right at least for two more films oh I’m sure he did director – right I’m just so happy please no please retire let him just
play poker or whatever you let him let him play Seabiscuit let him
do whatever hey you know real fast just because we mentioned it on another
episode opening weekend of Joker its flying off the charts people are saying
amazing things about it switch over to the DC Universe but I am hearing it is a
very nice he crushed it well Joaquin Phoenix I hear he’s already getting
Oscar nods he’s already he’s already on shortlist so I can’t wait to see you
have not checked it out yet I will be posting about it after so yeah I won’t
spoil it just to keep get us back on track here we are at TechCrunch Disrupt
it’s actually our seventh year as an organization add symbol being here at
TechCrunch Disrupt we’re partners with TechCrunch media marketing partners they
use our platform open display to do billboards to promote the show and we
wanted to make this episode about conferences right our if you’re a small
business out there listening this episode
zero and you’re you’re thinking about going to a conference attending a coming
a presence at a conference is it a good thing how can you maximize that value
that investment and so we have Dan Chan here who has quite a bit of also
experience in the conference space and okay guys what questions you have for
Dan about conferences well I saw a lot of people making major dollars doing
magic at trade shows and I saw that that was a big value add
so I analyzed their formulas and I created my own formula I’ve heard
stories about leveraging trade shows to really build contacts but also if you
don’t know these show booths here are like twenty or thirty thousand dollars
for just the exhibit here so when you’re spending that much money if you’re not
supplementing it and you’re giving away squishy balls or junk you are really
wasting your tradeshow dollars so that’s pretty much it I realized that I wanted
to follow the money but I wanted to provide true values of people hiring me
back again and again you asked me to go outside run
this is not my Instagram gg8 where you and I like outside and promoting he’s
doing Street magic and he just Wow nice but what was that yeah I love the fact
that I can be a brand ambassador before when I first started I was focused on
them telling me what you do but from an outside perspective I saw that the
numbers of badge scans when we first started off we had a directive even from
Matthew and we’ve gone through the years he was like scan those badges get
everyone signed up but if you have it from the top directive and you took the
CEO and you get that alignment because they’re usually the one signing off on
the dollars now I tell people it’s not about the number of badge cans it’s that
the top guy is aligned with getting cultivating quality leads that number
could be one or two or three clients that are really valuable so bad scans
are not it I have a lot of ideas one is having a massage here and once they get
in they have to listen to your pitch so bringing in like marking out like
sometime just giving out free massages but then blocking out time for a VIPs to
get them to sit in your chair right you reserve some for yourself in your staff
right but give those spaces up for someone who walks by that looks like a
qualified prospect don’t give it to everyone you don’t have to give it just
a lot a certain amount of time because you just get everyone’s throwing stuff
at people right giving stuff to people who are never qualified clients qualify
your clients before you give up you should have your candy jar out there for
everyone swag Sam the trigger trainers as a shout
out to another episode with Sam Kay Burt who said
you have your giveaway for the trick-or-treaters bola candy you have
your medium tear product branded item that you give out to a little bit higher
quality people then you hold a really nice thing behind the counter for the
extremely qualified people that walk by maybe this massager concept with VIP
slots reserved can be that very thing for searching you that was one of my
ideas because I am a brand ambassador and I’ve looked at guerrilla marketing
and guerilla marketing can be done in different ways for example when our
booth was empty I was walking around and we had people following me with video
cameras sometimes yesterday I performed for I did two trade shows in a row I
work for box works and we had no one we had the smallest footprint and they’re
like we’re paying him they said to the one of the booth girls follow him around
give up flyers but video tape I found I started creating massive crowds around
because I went to where the crowds were normally do you walk up as a salesperson
you say here learn about add symbol they’re gonna say no but can I show you
a little bit of magic compliments of add symbol and cogniser they’re not gonna
say no because they’re waiting for something they’re on their phones
they’re texting at least they know who our brand is and they’re giving them
something free and with a freaking amazement they blow up and you see their
face light up like a Christmas tree I love when they come to the booth later
on I tell them come on over to the add some boo booth then they come for the
longer show so they start coming for the longer show and that shows results
because if you want to see my good stuff I got a quick like you know for a quick
start guide I’m thinking the small business that’s out there listening to
this that’s never gone to iteration I’m looking around this huge massive
warehouse and I’m seeing some booths that got light-up things and one of them
even has live moss growing on its wall which is insane yes so you know you’re
seeing $100,000 plus designed things and then you’re seeing other tables that
literally just the stock tablecloth with a few pliers what would you say is the
if someone’s just gonna go for the first time they want to put their toe in the
water they want to be conservative when they go to their first show what are
some basic things that they need to have success what would you say from your
experience you need a brand strategy something that’s congruent with who you
are people give out these pens great I have this pen from MU but I’m never
gonna think about it hmm so you want to amplify there’s certain things that will
make your brand like let’s say you’re trying to recruit people and you’re a
really big growing company then you’d probably want your staff to be
encouraged you wouldn’t want to hire a Steph Curry which is a big mistake I
think a lot of people do like they hired Jill Montana there is a conference I
just did they hired klay Thompson I think and it’s gonna cost you probably a
hundred thousand dollars and he just signed autographs but for me look at the
value I bring we talked about strategy and long-term and qualifying the clients
when someone walks by we want to know if they are a potential investor if they
are somewhere in a product map or maybe I really Alliance it we pre gamed
everything so if you bring on a strategist to say what what are our
goals and your staff members we have sales people to sell but we also said
because this is TechCrunch Disrupt we’re thinking let’s dream a little bit big
let’s think maybe there might be some BC people who want to be strategically
aligned and add money or an alliance or maybe there’s a company like Verizon
Ventures who’s a little bit more established or City ventures where
they’re throwing in the 50 or 100 million dollars for presea before
someone like a face book requires because there’s a growth stage and you
have to think about yourself as a company where are you in that growth
stage and what are your goals if you do not come out with clear outline goals
you’re wasting your tradeshow dollar and I’ve seen so many companies wasted and
it’s reflective of what they leave there I’m gonna tell you some of the best
things we saw Rachele it drop it the headshots
everyone needs headshots they had who’s the company right there
that was a bumble bumble bumble friends or something like that was giving away
headshots but now they have a business so I look at this is I will I personally
gave a shout-out on LinkedIn to bumble biz and also box because I had head
shots done there and in between because Matthew has been so generous yeah I in
between I wasn’t saying this is sponsored by ad symbol I actually jumped
in line and I say can you hold my spot I did 10 minutes of magic there and it
kept on kesi ad symbol and cogniser because they were my sponsor yesterday
and I was over on the other side this morning I got head shots
all the way along the line I was throwing ad symbol this entire morning I
got to so many more people that I think I pretty much blanketed 50% brand
ambassador and yesterday night I was on the line for food when you leverage the
fact that someone spending so much advertising dollars you can leverage you
don’t want to compete against them like we my mentor he did he was a top trade
show gone and I learned from him he was making $25,000 a day at trade shows
because he he can provide that value when people were giving away a Hummer
next to him he’d say congratulations so the person who just won the Hummer but
for those of you when come on over to our booth because we’re gonna give away
$5,000 so who do you want to be the guy who’s spending six times the trade show
for print because these are in like units the trade show units of the
smaller companies are hiring me they’re they’re looking at $100,000 Hummers back
in the day they were giving summers back in the 80s in the dot-com
boom they just had money they were flat it was other people’s money but if
you’re a smaller company how do you leverage that that’s a multiplier effect
that’s a leverage when they’ve done that in the end you’re just gonna remember a
contact and what your company does and does it drive revenue does it is it a
meaningful contact and when you find someone who’s present in the moment like
myself you’ve hired a brand ambassador who really is strategically aligned with
your company’s goals well that’s why we’ve loved having you here at all for
the last several years now because it’s such a unique offering and you’re a
valued friend of me personally and the company and and a partner and you just
bring so much to the table but I think when I’m also hearing what you’re
describing is for the person that’s out there just considering what should they
do to spice things up to really get that focus I love the massage chair idea but
the brand ambassador we’ve seen that with the the jack girls we’ve seen that
with a few different things right yeah neon green yeah you get on I do first of all bring
up the mic and I believe everything you guys are saying whatever this year and
last and that is if you’re going to have a company correct yes for a short time a
return on investment and relationships so doesn’t make sense to have let’s say
it’s a and you have this new widget does it make sense to have someone try to
sell you on the technical side or about what and see how he would sell out and
he wouldn’t sell it like oh this is a computer
it’s about this is how it’s been change your life or make your life and most
people here but most people who are cannot sell
their product came in to me interesting yeah he take away for someone listening
this you’re gonna come to a trade show key keeping from Gino here if you come
to a trade show you should have those brand ambassadors you know just someone
who can sell but obviously you would want to have a CBC you know hopefully
because money to start up I get it but you’re here you trying to make a Breton
question that’s still you walk away feel like they cannot convey their message
and they need someone who’s grounded outside of the company a lot of times
what I like what you guys do is you started giving up right brand audits
helping folk amplify every Kaminsky if you’re listening we’re gonna have you on
the podcast soon sir with some of the customers that you have been walking up
to you you’ve been helping them add value not just in billboards but telling
people like the strategies that you came up with right about buying a billboard
because a lot of small business owners they do it for the Eagle play they’re
like hey I want my name in lights which is great we do do that we are ego driven
Misha our purposes but when we do that you might like the remember the strategy
came up with Matthew where yo we knew that this business owner wanted to she
had it set her mind to have two weeks and we said to her hey it’s probably not
gonna make a difference and we’re fighting and we spent about four hours
going back and forth between whether it was one week or two weeks and she really
only had a budget for two weeks but the point that we came with a realization of
buying one week and then paying five dollars
she puts this on her Facebook post and boost the post and her friends could see
it and target by zip code and geography so the out-of-the-box thinking that add
symbol has been adding to these business owners who were on a budget
I love the valley ad that you guys provide in the terms of that brand on it
and that is revolutionary in terms of thinking what were you what were you
gonna add airship I felt like it was something right on the tip you want to
add about what Gina was saying just speaking in common tongue yes shout out
Brittany boy right right and I think that’s another key thing is speak in
common terms that people can understand not overly technical jargon also people
are being inundated with literally over 500 new ideas in one giant space so what
I personally like to do a strategy I like to deploy is I just like to give a
person a handshake and just ask them how they’re doing yeah asking how their day
is going I like to make even if I’m only gonna speak with them because it’s so
many people are walking through I have to only budget but a few couple of
minutes a time and I have to move on to the next person that is looking for some
what we do I try to make that two minutes very personable and very
valuable in the terms of like I’m a human you’re a human
this trade shows big it’s overwhelming well let’s well let’s just let’s just
have a real conversation here even if it’s only for two minutes yeah you do that if you do that when you
get done with a whole 2-day event you will legitimately walk away with a
handful of really good connections foundational connections that you’ve
made that you can carry the conversation forward and those can become your real
customers very organic club in some other places and I was asking for the
socks and there were these Google Chrome socks hey thanks guys
Club hey can I get those socks and they’re like no we’re gonna give them
that see you at the end of the tradeshow and one cool tradeshow hint is have fun
you know there’s a lot of swag but at the end they give away a lot of stuff
especially food but I the lady she had her socks off and she’s like can I get
one of your bags it looks like I just picked it up on another one and they
said it’s over there do me a favor I said I’ll trade you for my bag for your
socks that they weren’t giving away so she ended up giving me her Google
Chrome socks that she wasn’t supposed to give away but I gave her my bag and I
walked back over to get another bag so I did a small thing and she was and I’ll
tell you why people say no to a magic trick it’s you’ve done it in the wrong
way like I even picked people’s pockets by should make them smile in a relaxed
and I scream it in a way that it’s like I make it so fun that they don’t mind
that I’m stealing stuff off of them but if you told us closer he gives it back
and it’s a cool trade show swag because if you’re on a budget and you don’t want
to give out stuff that they don’t want I say you’re gonna win a prat we’re giving
out like yesterday we were giving out for a cogniser day I they were giving
they had a limited budget and they had these grain things that they pre bought
and I think that’s the worst thing to do but I said give them let’s print out
Nick decks of playing cards Matthew when we get rid of all our bottles we write
cards do you know what happened people tell me that they keep that single card
that they saw eight years later I’m not even asking to give up I tell people you
don’t even need give away you could just have me doing the trick give them what
once if you want to skimp on budget we can give them one card if they’re
keeping with them for eight years what type of emotional impact did you
just make for them to keep it in their wallet that’s real estate so in terms of
yeah but if you can create a memory or someone saying hey I remember going to
Tim Ferriss party and there was a lady who said I saw you I saw you eight years
ago at the same party and this Wow talk about brand ambassador well it
needed magic that’s sold strong if I could just run short on time here if I
could just maybe help our listening audience with a quick recap and we’ll
put everything in the show notes too but what that collective here that I’m
hearing from everyone is have a bob of battle plan have a game plan before you
even arrive have a strategy about who’s gonna be in attendance right
could be a new customer could be investors whatnot have someone have a
brand ambassador there definitely have marketing people there in a brand
ambassador someone that can speak common language okay try to develop meaningful
connections with every single person that walks by okay and don’t get
overwhelmed by the thousands of people that you might have missed you know be
satisfied with the really good connections you’ve made even if it’s but
a handful and really try to develop those beyond the show into something
right is that pretty good Rica don’t oversell yourself right then walking
past and it’s you can find out who your ideal demographic but when they ask you
a question sometimes answer it or sometimes ask the question back to them
because notice that we have Korea and some people the first thing that people
did when they didn’t and there is a lot of people from Asia they’re not gonna
buy a billboard and if you spend your time waste and wasting telling them oh
going through the right they don’t even live in America and we’re sitting and we
make a mistake the first couple years we said but no it’s like show them a magic
trick smile or even sit back and reserve our energy for the clients that health
because this is a long day yeah so come up with a game plan think about
your goals and object objectives think about your strength weakness opportunity
and threats on the trade show a lot of things are happening come up with a game
plan and it helps if you can talk to people who have been there and done that
I’ll be more than happy to give you an audit or what we trained how to maximize
your dollars you can see that I’m working yes Instagram when Jan magic you
can see a trade I’ve been to what I’m doing in life win

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