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Welcome to the know I’m Ashley Jenkins And I am Gus Sorola Adblocker Plus, the most popular adblocker on the web just put a brand new program in the beta that gives you more of what you always wanted Ads. Well, they can’t add more blocking, right? Unless they add more ads. Ashley: Right. The new version of Adblocker Plus’s acceptable ads
program will get rid of the ads you hate seeing on all your favorite content and will
instead replace them with ads served by Adblocker Plus themselves which they
will then collect revenue from. Wow. – So generous.
– Bold new direction. This move is proving to be just a
little bit controversial. Ad blockers in general are already controversial enough
for interrupting the business model that content creators rely on but now Adblocker Plus
is not only blocking that business model they’re taking the money directly for
themselves without any agreement with content creators which some would call, I
don’t know, stealing maybe? I would call it stealing. Look, before we get too much further
into this, we can’t even pretend to be unbiased in this case because ad blockers
– We really can’t. It affects every content creator who wants to make a living
outside of a paywall so we’ll try to cover each side of the issue here but you
should know in advance where we stand and I’m I’m not gonna try to cover the other
side of the issue. We’re gonna-
– I hope you cover the other side. Well, we’ll, we’ll do our best to at least
like acknowledge points but just so you know the sarcasm meter is gonna
be turned to ten. Before you get too salty about the delicious irony of
Adblocker Plus needing to serve ads to make money, let’s give a little primer
about how ad revenue works for those who maybe don’t know.
– I want to see like dollar bills
falling down the screen here. That’s how it works. All these dollar bills. It’s just like-
– Money everywhere. It all starts with your eyeballs which
are worth a whole lot of money to all the companies out there
trying to sell stuff. Well, I mean, it’s not your eyeball
specifically that are worth a lot of money. it’s an entire audience’s collective eyeballs.
– Takes a lot of eyeballs. And the wallet that they’re connected to.
– Anyone who is creating something people want to read or watch or listen to on the
Internet has two basic options if they want to be able to pay bills and eat food,
which most people do. They can either charge people for it or they can provide it for free.
– But as we all know nothing is really free so if the Creator isn’t
selling their content to you, they’re selling you, or your eyeball specifically,
to people who are willing to pay to put their products or services in front of a big audience.
– And sometimes your ears. Sometimes your ears. And the way they do that is with
ads. The more eyeballs on the ad, the more money the content creator gets.
– That unspoken contract is what allows anybody to provide content without charging for it. Contrary to popular opinion, businesses
exist to make money. Creators can’t spend all their time creating content if they
have to go get a job and work full time because the content can’t support them.
– Many of those advertisers want to be sure their ads are seen even if it means
interrupting content or downright overshadowing it, which has led to some
obnoxious practices on the web. As a result, other companies began creating a
service that put a stop to those intrusive ads and those services are called ad blockers.
– There are, there really are
some annoying ads out there. So there are some valid points
in the pro-ad blocking camp which we’ll dig into a little bit later, but mostly the annoyance factor but ad blockers have
become controversial because they interfere with the business model that
allows content creators to provide their content free of charge. So not only are
you getting content for free, it’s also stopping the flow of money into a
creator’s pocket and potentially putting them out of business.
– Which brings us back to the most popular of these ad blocking programs none other than Adblocker Plus, who is now proving that ads are what make the internet go around
because even they need to serve ads to make money. What, what- Where are we? What is this?
– This is the darkest timeline! According to Adblocker Plus, they’re acceptable ads
program will make for a better internet because it’s going to replace bad ads
with good ones. Good meaning the ads that Adblocker gets paid for. They know that
what you really wanted all along was their own ads when you downloaded it.
– This new rollout of acceptable ads initiative is an extension of the
program they’ve been running since 2011 where certain publisher’s ads were whitelisted if
they paid Adblocker Plus enough money and they met certain standards the company
defined as “not annoying”. They’re now increasing the program from a few
approved adds to an entire ad marketplace if publishers, that is
content creators, agree to the terms they can now use that marketplace to approve
ad blockers ads on their content. It’s essentially turning Adblocker Plus into
a new ad network and you have to give Adblocker Plus six percent of
the money made from those ads.
– It’s like you can’t make a deal with any other ad network.
– Right.
– You have to use this network. Yes, exactly
– Or they’ll block it.
– Right. Of which, it bears repeating, is a need
that wouldn’t have existed if they hadn’t blocked the ads you already had on
your content in the first place. It’s like building a wall and making you
pay for it. That sounds strangely familiar.
– ABP thinks that creators should be thankful for this opportunity to get to display any ads
at all and give ABP some of the money that should have gone to the Creator in
the first place. About the new program, they said “ad blocking would have
happened with or without us. What we were able to do is try and reverse the
spread of 100-percent black-and-white ad blocking, blocking everything.” Thanks, guys.
They’re real generous. The thing that they popularized. It should also be noted
that any ads served by ABP will be much less relevant to the viewer as they’re part of a
pool meant for all of ABP’s network, plus they’ll probably be far less lucrative
in an ad or sponsorship that all is paid for by another advertiser specifically for that audience. Yeah, so we’re taking your money and
we’re allowing you to make some pennies back. Aren’t you grateful? Is kind of what that
sounds like. There’s also no way to extend this kind of a partnership to a
publisher as large as, say, Youtube for example to make sure that money gets
back to some of your favorite entertainers. Right now, the program seems
geared more towards blogs and other ecosystems that are managed by
individual entities where there’s no split out afterwards. Naturally, this new program is kicking
over the hornet’s nest all over again when it comes to ad blockers in general.
– Yes. So okay. On the pro ad blocker side, it’s creating all kinds of deliciously
ironic comments, like this one from Gizmodo, where one poster legitimately
asked, “Because at some point the people working on ABP would like to make some
money and if you’re not willing to support it by paying for it, they have to
make money somehow. If you have an idea for another way they could do so, they’re all ears I’d imagine.”
– Brilliant. Right? It’s like they’ve come up with an
entirely new business model. It’s genius and very, revolutionary.
– The people who make something want to get paid for it. Well, I mean that’s ok.
– Imagine that. But to be fair to people in that camp, there are a couple of legitimate concerns with the
way ads are served. For one the presence of malware in some advertising,
which is a big deal because of the rising rate of malvertising. One study
indicates it’s almost tripled in recent years. However, the researchers involved
in that study agree that ad blocking is simply a short-term solution not a permanent one. The problem isn’t so
much ads as it is bogus ad networks who aren’t as selective as they should be
and ABP is becoming an ad network itself thanks to this new program. So, really
the only thing that sets them apart from their claim is that they’ll try not to annoy you about it.
– Obviously there’s no cut-and-dry solution here. Ads need to
be better but creators also deserve to get paid for their hard work. Research shows that as of 2015,
there are nearly 200 million active ad block users and counting around the
globe now which have cost publishers, and that’s the actual content creators, as
much as 22 billion dollars per year. That’s lot of money. It’s really no surprise that
services like Patreon have become increasingly popular as things like ad
blocker have become more prevalent. Ads already rely on a massive impressions to
generate any kind of notable, sustainable revenue and when 200 million of those
possible impressions become worth zero dollars, creators are driven to a
subscription model to support themselves. Soon, everything is going to be moving
behind a paywall. That’s the direction it seems to be going. Yep and Rooster Teeth is lucky. We diversified our
revenue stream because ads on videos actually didn’t exist when Red vs Blue started. That’s why we do shirts, DVDs-
– Hey look! Shirts! Shirts! Rooster Teeth’s First subscription – Subscribe now-
Most creators aren’t that lucky. Ad revenue’s what supports most of their
efforts and it’s those smaller independent content creators that are hit the hardest.
– Yeah but hey, its a good thing Ablocker Plus is magnanimous enough to
give them back a little bit of their own money, right? At least until someone creates an
Adblocker Plus or Adblocker Plus’s ad blocker ++. Exactly what i was thinking,
right? It’s going to be the next tier where you can just give them money
directly to get out of the network, right? Probably yes.
– Then, I’m sure. And then the whole internet implodes. What do you guys think of Adblocker Plus now selling its
own ads, let us know in the comments. And for future news about content creation
and all things related to it like this video and subscribe to The Know and buy a shirt! We’re apparently not gonna get paid for
ads so please buy a shirt. Sign up for First.
– Wink. Yeah, Rooster Teeth’s First. It’s the shit.
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100 thoughts on “Adblock Plus: Now Serving You More Ads! – The Know Tech News

  1. I got a an ad a few years back that was literally just the Horton Hears a Who movie played start to end. That was interesting lol

  2. I think the big issue with adblocking is that there really is a need that is being satisfied with it. On youtube it might just be people evading waiting for content, but there are a lot of genuinely troublesome ads out there. It is beyond awkward when ads automatically play sound when you intend to be working quietly. It is problematic when there is such a heavy amount of advertisement that it makes a site impossible to load on mobile. Some ads proliferate, pop-up, and are generally more attention consuming than is reasonable. There are a lot of ways which ads can be problematic. Having a way to block them should they get out of hand will always seem more reasonable to a consumer than discontinuing use of a website. Maybe this is unfair, but it is not unreasonable. I think making ads that are considerate will ultimately better for everyone. But what you are seeing with adblocker is the power being taken away from businesses and content creators to request compensation for their services. I think the morally consistent thing to do is to treat adblocking as theft of service.

  3. I apologize in advance i do use ad blocker. It's not because I don't want you to get paid. Its because of the way they create the ads and present them. I have been bombarded in the past with a 15 sec ad playing before a 15 sec video. and the cycle would repeat with the same ad and a different video. its an extreme turn off to youtube and other video sites to get repeated ads every few seconds.

    That being said I don't mind an ad every so often and the best way I have seen that to present it is having YOU folks, talking to me in the video actually read out the message. this is because the ad content is usually related to the video content in some way. computer vid has computer ads and such.

    if the watcher had more control over how many ads and type they could tollerate in a timeframe, then I think it would be much more enjoyable experience for the user. things like ad length, volume (big problem with ads), repetition and subject are all things the user should have some control over so they dont feel like there computers are owning them.

  4. This should be great news for content creators, since adblocker would make itself completely useless. Only people who have it on their computer and can't find the uninstall button will leave it on.

    Such audacity of these cyber raiders. An ad blocker that doesn't block ads is a broken piece of garbage and why would anyone use a broken piece of garbage.

    Also there are a lot of misinformed people in the comments that seems to want to use an adblocker if they mean an anti-spyware or an antivirus program.

  5. As long as the ads aren't malicious or intrusive I don't have much of an issue with them. Banner ads on the side of the screen are ok, but things like scrolling ads on mobile phone, or a page full of ads for a short article, or any ad covering the entire screen are not ok. If advertisers kept their ads respectable and not so invasive there wouldn't be such a need for ABP.

  6. I had JUST paid for AdBlock and saw this. I promptly uninstalled and asked for a refund. The Acceptable Ads campaign is effectively the same as a protection racket and should not be allowed. Thanks for the info!

  7. Soooooo…

    What you're saying is that it's time for me to find a new ad blocker then? Because that's what I'm hearing. I think I'll do that now.

  8. We did this to ourselves; you know how many people out of the thousands actually bothered to read the "please donate a small amount we rely on this income" message let alone actually donate? Likely a very very small percentage. Websites were sick of Adblock because it negated their revenue and Adblock was sick of not get money so they found a middle ground. I find it despicable that everyone is furious with Adblock as if they had no part in this inevitability themselves!

  9. I don't use Ad blockers because most of the time ads don't bother me. It's just when these ads start getting 30+ seconds long, some as long as FIVE MINUTES!!! Then I start to have a problem.

  10. Again my point is- Ads DO Not make my Premium Internet cheaper- or save me bandwidth- so if that's all clogging something I pay top dollar for. If ads keep blasting me out sound wise- then screw em on all accounts.
    And then let's not forget the data mining. And what about data I have to pay for on mobile?!- Ads seem pretty sketchy on all fronts.

  11. The only reason I keep my ad blocker, mainly on my phone, is because automatic redirecting to king webpages or the App Store infuriates me.

  12. Isn't this just Racketeering? Offering a service to solve a problem that wouldn't exist without the service? That's what the mob would do when they'd demand protection money from businesses… It's straight up illegal…

  13. Some information I'd like a source on: You say that Adblock plus incentivizes ad companies to pay them lots of money, more than other ad companies and this is how "acceptable ads" are chosen. I'd definitely need to see your source of that information because it sounds blatantly false. There is an initiative to improve the ads seen, and most internet users are really fine with seeing some ads, more than others. I personally don't mind very brief, indiscriminate ads because I can easily ignore them and I understand that they help content creators. Ads that are well-made and funny, I don't mind. I do watch the Superbowl just for the ads.

    So if Adblock plus can really keep their word, giving us "acceptable" ads, then I'm perfectly fine with continuing to use the service. They haven't failed me yet.

  14. Ads are dangerous at best anymore. Not only that, but they can drag a high end system to a crawl with all the scripts they run. They want people to not run blockers? Quit jeopardizing my system.

  15. You know what else is not free?
    My attention. Waste it on ads and I won't care who you are. I close it. And you get nothing all over again.

  16. Adds only work if we trust them. Problem is how do you trust a site that uses annoying ads. This leads to people like me, who have never bought anything from online adds, and probably never will. To compound the issue many adds are just cheap gimmicks to atempt to phish money.
    even then I've never seen an ad for something I actually want. When was the last time you saw an ad for a programming site or book, how about electrical components? Maybe if they weren't so aggressive and actually acted as a discovery mechanism rather than a dead end of useless junk. I can't even remember the last time I saw a useful add, Eben then I dont need to see it moor than once per day/week. I've already vowed that every item/company that serves non-skipable ads is off my list of acceptable purchase locations. (guess my next car has to be a tesla because of this alone) if some company were to screen ads, let me select the kind I am okay with, and reduced the frequency I saw them then I might add them to an acceptable filter. Please take note Google because your computers have it wrong so far, and if you ever want me to be okay with you collecting data on me then give me some control, and don't overshow ads. Ads for cars, drugs, style are useless on me. mobile and games are okay once in a while, but all the time gives abp and similar services more incentive.

  17. I use AdBlocker Plus to block ads by default (avoiding any didgy ones), but whitelist any sites (including YouTube) that create content that I am happy 'paying' for, or run ads that aren't annoying.
    Perhaps also worth noting is that since viewing this video I have opted out of AdBlocker's 'acceptable ads' program. I wish that it could have generated a movement of acceptable ads, many publishers continue to refuse to enforce any kind of guidelines on the type of ads on their network, and I am sick of seeing 5 tips to lose weight/make money from home or win big at an online casino.
    So: block all by default, but let them through if the publisher wins my heart.

  18. the ads that redirect/falsely claim my tablet is infested with viruses is one of the main reasons I have to block JavaScript. after seeing this report, I uninstalled ABP. Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth.

  19. The big problem with ads isn't that they're annoying its that some of them infect your machines with malware. if the consumer can't control what ads we see and no one is looking out to protect machines from the bad ad servers that inject malware what options are there?

  20. I dunno… My concern is when I got ad blocker, I did it because I was tired of all the ads getting in the way off the content I was trying to see in the first place. And the way I figure it, users should take the initiative to white list ads from content creators they enjoy. In short, look at it like actually buying something. You are paying them your time and attention, for the content you enjoy. But who knows, maybe my outlook on it is just shallow.

  21. Stopped using ABP because it flat-out didn't work. Crashed videos left and right. Now I just use a pop-up ad blocker and hit mute/Skip Ad when needed.

    Glad I'm not hurting your ability to keep the lights on anymore, RT! You guys have given me such joy over the years when I really needed it. F*CK YOU, ABP; thy name is hypocrisy.

  22. Dont worry… someone else will make an ad blocker… I mean, NO ONE likes ads (except business'), so if AdBlocker goes down and succumbs to ads, someone is BOUND to make their own

  23. I believe a certain quote from a certain Christopher Nolan Batman movie applies here. Something about dying or becoming a villain.

  24. I dont trust ads for things i havent gone looking for. stuff is just too sketchy. Also I dont need ads. They dont make me buy things.

  25. The only reason we block ads is because those ads often make browsing unbearable or even impossible. If I go to say, New Grounds to play some game, theyll have ads. If those adds are multiple looping Flash animations (and they usually are) that will make it harder to play the game. Which is the reason I came there.

    And sometimes I go to a site, and the site won't load. Not because of the site having problems, but because the ad server isnt responding. So now I can't get to the content at all. And sometimes peopl cram so many ads onto pages that it just crashes the browser.

    Its a very simple problem really: If people stop using obnoxious ads, we'll stop using ad blocker. Content creators do not seem to understand this issue.We do not want to block ads. We want to support the creators. But if the ads are so awful that they make browsing impossible, then they're going away.

  26. Honestly if sites stopped using ads that pop up, open new windows or hijack your browser and don't allow you to click away then adblocking would be far less. I only use adblocking browsers for a couple sites that have crazy ads, youtube ads should not be enough to make you adblock, at least here it's just short commercial breaks.

  27. Thing is, they can afford to interfere only that much before users get fed up with their bullshit and … MAGIC! download another type of ad blocking program.

  28. I have never, and will never use an ad blocker. I think you guys should get paid for making something I enjoy. And I totally believe Ad Blocker Plus adding ads is stealing. "Give us the money from watching ads instead of the content creators you enjoy"

  29. I've despised ads… i understand being capable of making your money, but when an adblocker of any sort, blocks over 70 ads on ONE PAGE (specifically Youtube) which runs video-based ads behind your original video, causing severe lag between your video running (even with amazing connection speeds due to the sheer volume of them) it drives you insane, especially when AVG likes to go "HEY! this site is bugged!" all because of an advertisement…? :/

    I don't run Adblocker unless it's a site i'm not a fan of (such as skype's arrogance, i've actually blocked their main page because their ads actually interrupt or cause calls to be dropped because of those damned animated ads and how many are shown during said call at the same time (usually 4-5 running on one screen PLUS your call/video if you have it running. Stresses connection severely.).

    I didn't use adblockers of any sort too often on youtube back in 2014.. but 2015 started getting ridiculous with their advertisements, instead of just one or two ad-banners on the side and a single ad on the beginning and end of a video, now even half hour long videos deal with FOUR OR MORE ads strewn through the video! I mean come on that's freaking crazy! So i've started using Adblocker on youtube, because when you're watching a 15-30 minute video, or even just a 5 minute short (like RvB) and get STOPPED by ads that equate to half of that video's running time you just get sick of it… It's like Battle Bots. 5 minutes of fighting, 25 minutes of commercials -_-

  30. I installed a tool to block trackers after a certain site managed to actually cause a BSOD, this also blocks a lot of ads that rely on them for targeting but not the ones on YT because their tracking doesn't work like that. I probably wouldn't block YT ads anyway.

  31. Friends, I don't know where to turn to, so I came here:
    You see, with technology changing, smarter fu**ing ads also change…
    I don't know the tech name of these ads but here is how they happen (2
    of them)

    "Smartad 1"- you are on a page then suddenly a new page takes over it – not a popup, but a whole full page!
    (on the same web address, meaning – no refresh)
    is this some type of java code that runs after a certain time? I
    mean, my adblock plus does not stop it..
    this happened to me on this website:
    I think I may just have found out that these type of webpage ads are called: Native Ads!!!

     "Smartad 2"- the annoying "thought you could leave unharmed huh" ads….
    you are about to leave a webpage, by hovering your mouse to go away, the
    page "senses" that and throws you a "leaving so soon" type of "popup"
    and again my adblock plus does not block it…

     How can we get rid of these smart mother f**rs?
    thanks a lot! 😀

  32. It's nice to have ads as an option for those who are too poor to subscribe. Subscription model is nice but in order for everyone to have access to everything (which is ideal), then ads need to exist.

  33. And very conveniently, you forget to mention that you can easily disable this lovely new "feature" of ad block plus by unchecking it in the option menu.

  34. out of the thousands of ads shoved in my face everyday they can deal with me using adblock to cut out the few hundred during my youtube trip i guarentee 100 percent i have never baught somehting because i saw it in an ad while watching youtube

  35. The only thing I don't like is money being taken away from creators (should come from the advertisers), other wise it seems like a decent compromise between having zero ads and being bombarded with ads that attempt to scam you and destroy your computer.. Either way something needs be done because internet advertisements have gotten way out of hand.

  36. I don't use ad blocker and never will – YouTube Red ftw. I think YouTube should show some solidarity with their content creators and make an ad blocker sensor that simply blocks the video when used, that would be an appropriate middle finger to the ABP subscribers. Or watermark the video with a dimmer and obnoxious statement that says "thank your ad blocker for this message"

  37. Ah "content creator" great name for talentless freaks who're too low brow for the simpsons to parody. Get a patreon account if you want people to throw coins into your hat you hacks.

  38. Well, The people behind ABP are gonna have to be REALLY careful with what they do.
    I can get behind the idea of providing consumers SAFE and NON-intrusive ads.

    but the moment they start tossing pop-up ads, ads that last 10+ second before you get to watch a video cough*youtube*cough or ads that automatically open up a new browser, then you might as well just remove ABP completely, because then it's completely worthless.
    Quality ads? Yes please, I don't mind them hanging around, but the moment they start interrupting me, or otherwise force themselves upon me, making me spend time on closing them down… Well, then the pain in the ass factor kicks in and I do everything in my power to remove them from my system completely because I can save more time doing THAT, than by manually removing them all the time. That's why I installed ABP in the first place, because I got so pissed by ads like that. I never even considered an ad blocker until a few years ago when they started wasting my time with some generic bull crap that I wasn't even interested in.

    If ABP starts dishing out the very same thing I was trying to avoid, it becomes obsolete, and I'll uninstall it.

  39. So here's a question: if ad-block inserts its own ads to websites, does it mean that a website that blocks content because you have adblocker in use will no longer block content? For instance, if I have ad-blocker installed and I go to a website to watch a video, but the website refuses to show me said video until I have ad-blocker installed, will it continue to refuse to show me said video until I remove ad-blocker even if ad-blocker inserts ads itself? I'm thinking the answer is no, but I'm no tech guru.

    Also, I'm pretty sure the Forbes website went to subscription-only for this exact reason.

  40. I'll be honest, if Adblock adds their own ads, I'll just get rid of it. I mean, lately some sites have been getting their ads through adblock anyway, including Youtube now and then, and some sites don't work if you have adblock. All in all, if adblock adds this annoyance with outright having their own ads, then I'll just remove it and deal with the right ads, the ones giving money to the content creators I don't care about.

    I'll make a side note that I always whitelist sites or creators that I like. I'll always give ad time to those who I visit more than once or twice, essentially. Like I won't use ads on anime sites, or some channels on youtube, etc.

  41. If you guys are so shitty at placing non-disruptive ads, then good, you deserve to have to give up some of your income to people who will actually do it.

  42. I feel like YouTube may finally be doing something about AdBlock Plus: It takes forever to load a video with it on. With it off, it'll play an ad, but then it'll get right to the video. It might just be my shitty internet connection, I don't know.

  43. I don't mind ads, (except pop ups) but when ads invade your pc and nobody is responsible for third party sites that spread malware thats a cry for adblockers. I'm tired of ads I cannot close and x buttons that open another window

  44. It would be nice if YouTube gave people the oportunity to choose if they want to see ads on particular channel or not. That way people would support the channels they like and drive the shitty ones into the extinction where they belong 😀

  45. I never got an ad with adblock plus i dunno wtf you guys are talking about and that guy on the right looks like an animal.I forget what but i saw an animal that looks like him.

  46. 0:50 "I would call it stealing" I would call it go F yourselves. Us, the consumers want to have control about what we want to see. We do not wish for the content provider to choose it for us. Sure financial stuff is playing an important role there, but that is not the problem of the consumer thus a service such as adblocker did not exist if the content provider just did their job right. You guys are really ignorant.

  47. FUCKYOU! I will use ABP for life nobody wants to watch or cares about web host's reasons why we should watch them -_-.

  48. I have just today started to get ads on youtube videos, I have removed adblockerplus from my browser and replaced it with U Block Origin, hey presto ads have gone.

  49. Nah, this is garbage, I've been using Ad-Block Plus for countless years, never seen a single ad or banner!  Could be an agenda out there by Youtubers to fight people the very system that takes money out of their pockets!  For some reason they feel entitled to make us pay for their gaming habits!  They're even quiting their jobs to make gaming video's and they suck at it, because they're NOT gamers!  YouTube is gonna pull that carpet right out from under their feet, you wait, it's coming!  That's how these corporations work, they get you addicted, then they crap all over it!  I'm also predicting that Star Citizen will be the greatest scam in gaming history!

  50. It would be a shame if something were to happen to your ads. Now we won't say it will, but just to make sure you can pay us so those ads stay up.

  51. Y'all and one other channel on YouTube are the only ones I don't skip ads for. That's because I really enjoy the content y'all create and watch y'all daily. Very few YouTube channels bring me in daily.

  52. Ads slow down loading on webpages and can contain viruses/malware even in the normal-looking ads. Ads have virtually nothing positive for an average internet user.

  53. advertising is exploitive. Let the advertisers pay me foir sending me the Damned things to begin with and maybe I might think again about ads. if your making money on what I lo0ok at and your making money why the F aren't We allowed to get on the band wagon and you pay me for the right to send me ads

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