Adam Savage demos Blind Spot Detection Technology

(keyboard typing)
(acoustic guitar riff) (playful music) As technology advances,
cars are getting smarter. Today, cars can provide
even more useful information to you as a driver. For instance, let’s
say you’re driving and you wanna change lanes. – Adam, watch out!! Woah! [Labored Breathing] The new cars can
actually tell you when someone is in
your blind spot, and this new system is
much, much more reliable. In this car, the blind spot,
or blind spots, actually, are about this big, and
for eons, detecting a car in your blind spot has required this classic driving maneuver. But even still, cars
can slip in there. Now there’s blind spot warning. The way blind spot
detection technology works is that when I’m about
to change lanes, cameras and sensors on my
cars can detect a car in my blind spot and
send me a warning. Okay, I’m goin’ about 35 miles
per hour, and there is a car sittin’ right in my blind spot. That car is driven by
a professional driver on a closed course. And I’m gonna try
changing lanes. Here we go. Whoa, okay, so clearly
my car doesn’t like that, because it’s flashing at me. Cool! I’m going to ignore it
and change lanes anyway. Here we go. (rapid beeping)
(honking) Whoa, okay, okay! I guess I shoulda listened. 94% of fatal car crashes
involve human error, error that may have been avoided if a different choice
had been made. Choices that may
have been different with crash avoidance technology.

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