ADAM: Episode 2

You want to know what you are? [classical music playing] [♪♪♪] [whoosh] [raspy breathing] [raspy breathing] [grunting and gasping] [panting] [gasping] [gasping] [♪♪♪] [♪♪♪] [energy surging] [energy surging] [♪♪♪] [doors rumbling open] [foreign voice calling out
over P.A.] [heavy sighing] All of you used to live in the walled city
of the Consortium. You were cut away
from your bodies You can’t remember because the Consortium
wiped your minds. One felony conviction
saves the lives of 10 citizens. Only your brain is of no use
to the Consortium… because your brain is tainted. We don’t know
why they keep us alive… to what end, but it has been this way
for generations. I had to unlock you, otherwise you would have
wandered aimlessly until your batteries failed, and your brains… suffocated. I chose life for you. I will always choose life. But for those of you ensnared
in the illusions of the past, The Mirror
can tell you who you once were. [Traption]: The Mirror? What’s that? [second Traption]:
What is The Mirror? [Needalus]: The Mirror
reads the traces of your mind. [door entry beeps] She knows your histories. Your crimes. [♪♪♪] [Mirror]:
Consortium Criminal Code, article 1-1A, felony treason, article 1-1B, felony terrorism. Crimes against the Consortium. A terrorist attack
at the Tacoma walled city. A political dissident. [♪♪♪] [♪♪♪]

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100 thoughts on “ADAM: Episode 2

  1. Just a few ideas.
    #1. Hollywood is not the center of the Universe. Of is the main issue. It's why a lot of people think about it first and foremost. If this could be done outside of 'those' influences..maybe something great could be created.
    #2. Whatever you do…don't make it into a video game.
    #3. Hollywood per-se represents a lot of distraction..and always trying to grab people's attention. The question has always been whether you could create a full CGI action or sci-fi movie. Also, I think a year or two year long marketing campaign and hype buildup before such a 'movie' comes out would be good advice.
    #4. I see lots of potential!
    #5. Short-story writers are an 'important' breed of animal. They are different but complimentary to normal writers.

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  3. WOW!!! What was that, man… This is awesome. Creation, animations, voices, story (so far), everything is amazing.

  4. He has been blown away in recent years by 100%! What can I say … -This filmmaker was going to shoot some kind of fantasized Aliens 5, Robocop … Terminator, Predator NO? And year in the film! The place of that is engaged in some sort of nonsense, making short films that are not necessary to anyone. Now another horror thriller. Another fantasy and flying in the clouds … Almost for 5 years – Shit.

  5. Horror Mirror

    seek seeping change
    reach peace nothing
    each blame god
    god is a planet farmer
    each blame son of god
    son of god is a planet farmer
    each blame _______
    i am a devil
    i kreep
    sit i say!
    and throw them into fire
    down and away
    down and away with them
    til now
    now i am devil angelic
    they say ________
    i war
    this is end game
    u have lied to me

    this is not to end


  6. If I have said it once I have to say it again which witch is watching the witch watcher watch the wicket witch wind her wrist watch or go to Congregation Smyrna Website and click on Videos Sense we are living in the Second Earth Age and there are 3

  7. It's now 2019 does anyone know if this have more clips or even better a movie, doesn't have to be hollywood. I'll take anything as long as it follows this line of story telling.

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  9. This is getting interesting by the minute ! First of all the name Adam has special meaning at least to those who believe in God that is , second those look like machines , but they struggle , they need air , they are getting hurt , then the monologue gives you some clues …

  10. Ohwww my fucking god this is sooooo fucking amazing in every aspect possible. I found my heroine and its this more please more more more

  11. This is DOPE asf ——————–> I'd like to see this is as a movie as this is much better than that Hollywood trash -EXCELLENT SCI-FI!!!!!!!

  12. That's why folks, I have huge respect to the makers, cuz this kinda series or stories ain't easy to make. The amount of time they work on scripts, design, texturing, fucking rigging is crazy. These are the people that deserves a fucking oscar

  13. Okay I think I understand basically they're telling us our souls are trapped in these human bodies and our mind was erased when we were born well most of us…there's more to it but imma stop because most will not understand what I'm talking about

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