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100 thoughts on “ADAM: Episode 1

  1. This is amazing, but the breathing of a robot took me out of a otherwise great short. My god, this is impressive!

    Edit: To be fair there may yet be a good reason for the breathing revealed in future installments.

  2. Unity in thousands of robots or is that humaniods anyway it shows alot of flaws like the robots that are already questioning their present existense and the mountainos task of repair when you have malfuntion i say follow your lord Jesus Christ and you dont need to be a chunk of man made implimentation steel bot for Jesus is better than all this and you get to live forever in a soul body that out last any man made robot thing…

  3. I expect a graph of games for the Linux platform, but those who are able to dominate this game market are other companies.

  4. Люди попали в мир иной,пришел ангел,который забирает души и он их забрал. Все просто.

  5. Why are they shooting at the robots that are just gonna walk outside the perimeter and then get "set free" unplugged. This is an example of something that people say is good because it looks pretty.

  6. It takes a good imagination to come up with this crap,steel,copper wires,computor programming to over take nature and then humans.

  7. Men taken from their communities and transferred counciousness into robotic bodies so their bodies could be harvested for the use of their immortal masters who live through the generations in New skins.

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