Activated Cooling – HeiQ Smart Temp textile technology

In the heat of competition staying cool can be the difference between winning and losing Raising your game, raises your temperature and for the best athletes in the world staying comfortable in uncomfortable conditions is the key to a perfect performance HeiQ Smart Temp technology interacts with your level of body heat and sweat helping to lower your skin’s temperature when needed most The patent-pending hydro functional polymer is activated with high skin temperature and deactivated once your cooling is complete As you keep turning up the heat a vaporizing energy action transports sweat and heat away from your body Helping you feel cool, dry and comfortable whilst staying focused for your best performance I was sweating but I didn’t really feel cold when the wind blew on me. The suit transported the sweat away from me quite good. It feels fast, I would love to do a whole triathlon in it and see how it feels because I think it will make a real difference. Amazing, very comfortable! Probably one of the most comfortable race suits I have ever worn. I own a lot of tri-suits but this is definitely the best one I have got! Experience complete comfort in the most uncomfortable of conditions with HeiQ Smart Temp Activated Cooling technology

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