Acoustic Guitar Fret Dress

Yeah, this is how I set up to do my abs dress on this acoustic guitar I just miss the frets and biscuit arbor sharp enough to draw Blood I finished Edge dressing Now I will go to the neck to body Junction and just breeze over that you know what I’m working on frets these strings although. They’re fairly new By the time I tighten and loosen a titan listen 20 times, they’re fried So I always use the the old strings to kind of do my setup when I get on the home stretch Then I’ll put those new strings on for the final ultra tweak. Yeah, I stick a tongue depressor Under just hold those strings out of the way, I like to leave Monday guitar Well, I’m going you look at him right now. I did the edge dress That’s done, and I’m just going to start now on that neck to body junction fret leveling So there was quite a bit of discrepancy if you look closely let me just zero in the camera the last fret haven’t touched it This fred here the next fret over just barely grazed it But those ones right at that neck junction where the dovetail goes into the head block They all needed quite a bit of leveling I backed up the fingerboard a little bit have not touched this part This part of the fingerboard of the file didn’t really need it. It was really that neck to body junction that were concentrating on Next step will be to re crown and polish you right now you can see that those some of those frets are pretty squared off and Yeah, I’ll go out on with the crowning file Then we’ll come back a few seconds and just sort of clean up the mess Back to a nice clean start before we take this fret dress to the next stage Well, this is what I’ve done here. This is my first pass with 320 grit I’ve gotten rid of all of the file marks I catch the edges and the crown of the frets at the same time in this pass So the 320 is only used to take out the tooling marks of the files Then we’ll do our final polish all right now. I’ve gone full length with the 400 grit all the way up, I’ll step it up now to 600 Grit It’s like a mirror of those threats you could shave and them. That’s the way they should be No more barbs along the Edge of the neck smooth as silk Dead level crown polished now. We’re ready to set this guitarra There’s no [doubt] about it that this is the cash cow job for the tech deck the small shops home shop small Mom and Pop music stores They turned the price on this thing the first week, they own it incidentally this was a brand new guitar. That was never really playable She’s playable now more than blable okay? She’s all done done. Deal smooth as silk edges of the frats Action also is smooth silk no fuzzing No rattling look at the action on that thing you’d never get within a mile about the way those frets were That’s it as saying I’ve said constantly that neck to body junction You don’t need a hundred-thousand-dollar fret dressing machine CNC fret dresser machine man you you gotta wonder what the real estate would be too How’s that thing and the team engineers to run it well you know something we do this on the Tech deck easy peasy people

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