Abundance mindset in your business (when you have low runway) 💸

– Welcome back everyone, I’m Jaron Lukas. Have you ever felt like there’s a ticking time bomb on your business? I know I’ve certainly felt that way and so have countless other startups out there and so I’m gonna be
talking about kinda like my experience on why I
have found abundance, this feeling that you
can actually memorize into your muscle memory, to be something that’s extremely important to increasing your chances of success. We’ll see you in a second. (relaxing upbeat music) So for those of you that don’t know me, I’ve been an entrepreneur
for about ten years, I actually founded a
venture backed startup that I sold in 2016 and
then have advised a lot of different startups since then and one of the recurring themes that I’ve noticed in the
startup world is this idea of runway and ultimately the end of the line for your company. What I really wanna get
at here is the fact that by focusing on the end
date of your company and by the way this is just one of a few areas we’re
gonna talk about today in which entrepreneurs could
kinda level up their thinking to be more in line with
prosperity and if you practice it, the law of attraction. When we look at this idea of an end date, I want you to think about
what’s really happening. What you’re doing is, for anyone who is thinking in this way, is you are actually predicting
something that’s going to happen in the future and then ultimately creating that reality. So you’re entering this mindset where you are kind of
thinking in the wrong way about your future and
thinking from a sense of lack. So what we wanna do instead in one trick that I think any entrepreneur
can really easily implement with just kind of a few sessions of practicing this through
visualization is one in which you say I have this amount of cash today and start thinking about how you’re going to make money now. So, you know that could be how
am I gonna make money today? Look at all the money I’m making today as a thought that you can have. I’m going to make this much next month, I’m going to make this much
money the month after that. Really start to practice
thinking about like even though you’re at this level
and you have expenses, start to really feel the revenue coming into your business and you’ll ultimately find ways to get there. That’s one of the crazy things that starts to happen in meditation and visualization, is you no longer have to
just like overthink and try to figure out how to save yourself, a lot of these ideas and
opportunities just come, but and this is just the second way that entrepreneurs close
themselves off is a lot of entrepreneurs are actually closed off to opportunities and have
a tendency to say no. So I want you to think about ways that you in your life
today might be saying no. Are you saying no to partners? Are you saying no to employees? Are you saying no to investors? Maybe you’re even saying no to customers for as crazy as that sounds
I know I’ve even done that. So you know, look at ways that are kind of like true in your own
life and just notice, are there any areas
that you are closed off to opportunities that might
present themselves usually because they don’t fit
your perfectionist vision. So that’s another trait
that’s really common with entrepreneurs who
have a hard time delegating or kind of have a hard time
saying yes to opportunities. Usually the reason this is happening is because these opportunities aren’t aligned with their perfectionist vision. So this is gonna be a practice where we look at opening
ourselves up to say yes. One thing I want you to notice with that is when you start saying yes, even just do it right now, like just visualize whatever
opportunity you want to happen. Go ahead, I’ll wait. (birds chirping) With that, just imagine saying yes and notice where in your physiology, within
your entire muscle memory, you feel certain feelings. You know, you might feel it maybe like in your solar plexus in your upper stomach right here. Maybe you notice it kind
of like in the middle of your back or your arms, just kinda of notice
wherever that is for you. I want you to think about the
same opportunity and say no, and notice how maybe
like in your upper back, maybe your neck a little bit too, you know you start to
feel a little anxiety, a little tension. These are very common
physiological traits associated with abundance and living in a
world of lack and limitation. So one thing, like if you, if this is kind of a
new thought for you is, I just really recommend
getting into a practice of meditation because that’s the best way to start noticing these
things inside of you and if you are already
meditating, good for you. I’m glad to hear it, let me know what kind of practice you’re doing in the comments. I want you to think about
these physical traits that you just felt inside of you. Memorize that, memorize where you feel that in your body and if
you’re not feeling that way, force yourself into it. That’s what I do and you know, if you’re in a really bad mood, this is a great way to
just open yourself up to being accepting, saying yes to people and ultimately
leading back to the topic that we talked about earlier, you know, if you’re kinda like in a state, it could be in your personal
life or your business really, where you have like an end date, just bring that same
physiological practice that we just did a little bit
of and apply it there too. Start to feel the abundance,
feel cash coming to you, feel opportunities coming, revenue. Whatever is most applicable
to you and you want most, just start to feel it coming
and this is really the basis of a visualization exercise
that we can do on abundance. So if you want to go try a
visualization on abundance, here are just some simple
tips that I would give you. First of all, I want you to sit or lie down with your palms facing up, just you know, very open feeling, make sure that your chest
and stomach are all open, we wanna practice a feeling of openness. The next thing is start to visualize opportunities coming to you, you don’t have to figure our how or even by who, just
start to feel them coming. What are the opportunities? How big are they? Allow yourself to use your physiology to snap out of it and start to just visualize things
going well for you and as you really start
to embody these feelings of kind of accepting
happiness and prosperity, they will happen. It might take a little bit of time, but they will happen and with that, the more you can allow
yourself to exist in a state of abundance, the better you’re going to feel about your future, the more you’re going to see
opportunities just kinda start to open up to you, they
might not be the ones that you predicted and be okay with that because this is about saying yes, like we can’t predict life. In Daoism it’s this idea of Wu Wei, it’s the flow of the
universe just go with it. And finally if you’re interested in starting a daily visualization practice where you can build these feelings of abundance into your physiology as well as touch upon other areas
that are very common to entrepreneurs, I have
launched a seven day course for visualization for
entrepreneurs called Visionary. So make sure you check it out. I have a link to it in
my description below, and this is something
that takes the practices that have been extremely helpful to me from going from you know, kinda like a struggling closed
off entrepreneur into someone who’s much more open, feeling abundance and just enjoying life
and so this is a practice that if you get into it, you will see serious
results in your business, all your money back. So thank you so much for joining, please leave a comment below, let me know if you agree
that abundance is important for entrepreneurs and finally, don’t forget to subscribe because I’m covering a lot more topics that help you build up a
daily visualization practice on this channel as well
as talking about just kind of raising the overall
level of consciousness for entrepreneurs and world leaders. This is a topic that I care a lot about, we have been coming off of
really like 15 plus years where things have actually
been kinda going downhill in that regard. Society has become more
greedy less conscious and we’re at a turning point right now but it’s really up to
entrepreneurs like you and me to make it happen. So make sure you subscribe
and of course, stay visionary. (relaxing upbeat music)

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2 thoughts on “Abundance mindset in your business (when you have low runway) 💸

  1. Did you try that body hack towards the end? Let me know if you felt those sensatiosn in the same location or somewhere else.

  2. I think abundance is important for everyone, but definitely is key for entrepreneurs to trust what they’re passionate about. Congratulations on your course! Im in day two, it’s amazing so far!

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