A Stupid Business That Makes Big Money For Little Time

My name is Kris Krohn. And today, we’re
talking about stupid businesses that make loads of money. And it comes down to
3 specific rules. I’ve got standards in every aspect of my life. And when it
comes to business, there’s no exception. I’m going to share with you the 3
rules and standards that I use that help me make stupid money. Check it out. So, check it out. I just turned 40 years
old. And I’m so excited because I’ve been looking forward to my 40s for like a
whole decade. Because think about it, when you’re in your 20s, you’re experimenting
you’re trying to figure out what you like. You’re going to screw things up. You’re
definitely going to make dumb decisions and you might make a few good ones. And your
thirties, hopefully you start finding your groove. And then you’re going learn
what works and what doesn’t. But I have always looked forward to my 40’s and I’m
like… Man, by the time I get to my 40’s, I’m going to like be freaking racehorse. I’m
going to be zoned in. I got 20 years of experience under my belt and I know
how to go. I’ve created more wealth in the last 2 years than I have in the
first 2 decades of working. And so, I’m super excited about this. And what have I
learned… Like why am i excited about this video today? Because here’s what I’ve
learned: Standards are everything. You know as a
moral person, I have standards about my morality. When I married my wife I made a
decision. I decided that I’m not going to mess around, I’m not going to fool around.
I’m not going to have other women in my life. And I’m going to… Even when my
wife isn’t looking like all the beautiful eye candy that’s out there, I’m
going to dedicate all of that sexual energy and momentum to my marriage. And
it’s just it’s a personal standard. You’ve got to have standards in your
life. And you have to know what those standards are. I always thought that
standards though was a game of ethics and morality.
You know what I’ve since learned? Standards is in business, standards is in
finance, the standard is in relationships. Standards are everywhere. And your
standards are ultimately determining what you can get out of life. Today, I’m
going to share with you like I said, three standards that I now have in business
that allow me to slay it and crush it and make as much money as possible. So. I
want to break this down for you today and kind of share with you what this
looks like. So, check this out. There’s 3 rules that have brought me so far
in business. Just like in real estate, I have rules. Like if you’ve had a chance
to read this book. I’ve done 4,000 real estate transactions. Where I’ve helped my
partners make lots of money. I buy homes every single day. My wealth is exploding
through the roof. And it’s because I decided what my standards are.
And people that like my standards want to play with me. So, they bring money to
the table and then things blow up. But in business, I have standards too. So, what I
want to do in this video is I wanted to share with you 3 simple rules that I
have in business that allow my standards. These 3 rules are like standards and
they help me grow my business. Here’s the first one:
Innovation. Innovation means to create value. Right now, what can you do that
someone else is doing but do it better than them. You should be striving to be
the very best in your industry and the best you know how to do it. Why? Because
people will pay more for someone that innovates and is doing the best that
they know how. So, innovation is one of my standards. If I’m just doing what someone
else is doing and I’m not bringing anything new to the table, I’m not
creating new value which means I should just get what other people get. But if
you want to make five times the normal money, ten times the normal money, then
you’ve got to innovate and find a way to bring more value to the marketplace and
other people are. My second rule that took me way too long to learn is that I
need to have an endless source of leads. And what I mean by that is that business
no matter how much you love your product, no matter how much you love this idea, no
matter how experienced or perfect you are for delivering the value if you;
don’t have an endless or solid base of customers, then you’re in trouble. You’re
not going to be able to do the amount of business that you want. You might make
killer margins or have a killer product. But if you can’t serve enough people,
you’ll never make enough money, you’ll never have your success. And you’ll never
help the number of people that you want. So, when I actually evaluate a business
because I have several of them, I’m always asking. What’s the lead scenario?
Just yesterday a buddy of mine at the gym was pitching me an idea says, “What
about this?” And I automatically thought, “How are you getting leads?” “I don’t know.
if the products really amazing, we’ll figure the leads out.” I’m like, “You don’t
have a business plan. I am not participating in that.” At least, I didn’t
say it out loud. It’s just what I was thinking in my head. Which is if I can’t
see a machine for leads, a marketing plan then it doesn’t matter what you’re
innovating it. Doesn’t matter how good the product is. You have to know how to
tap into your number of people. And then the third rule that has become crazy
important to me is what I call delegation.
Delegation is real simple. You have to ask yourself right now. Are you going… Why
are you really going into business in the first place? Is it to make money? Okay,
that’s not a good enough reason. You won’t be driven to necessarily innovate.
Money motivated people usually don’t have enough vision to take an idea as
far as it really can. One of the things that you need to consider when it comes
to delegation is whether you want to be an owner or whether you want to be an
operator. I hope I’m spelling that right. What’s the difference between an owner
and operator? Operators get tired and owners get rich. That comes from Keith
Cunningham. I want to give him credit on that. Tony Robbins one of my mentors
talks all the time about the difference between being an owner and an operator.
Reality is as an operator is person working in the business and an owner
simply gets the results of the business. So, I used to work 8200 hour weeks. And I
was the operator. And I was bleeding and sweating and putting and I was tired. And
tears. And doing everything I could. And I’ve learned that this business isn’t
good enough to run independent of me, then entrapped and I’m a slave. And I’m
probably better off with a 9-to-5 job working for somebody else and having
cushy benefits. So, what did I have to learn? I had to learn how to delegate and
I also had to learn how to become an owner. That means that for me I had to
learn how to trust other individuals to step in and do it. And then surround
myself with the better talent pool that could do it better than me. Because
you’re only as good as your people around you. So, you got to surround
yourself with the best people. The people holding these cameras. They’re amazing.
They’re really good at what they do. You surround yourself with great intelligent
people. You’re not in business to train people. You’re in business to rock
business and create massive value. Don’t be a training program and don’t hire
people trying to reduce expenses and wages and then bringing on second or
third to your talent. So, these 3 rules… These are standards. In business, I
got to bring innovation of the table. I have to have an endless source of leads.
And I already need to be able to delegate. Brand new business, it’s 2
months already on the running. It’s making crazy amounts of money and I’m
working maybe one or two hours a week on it. And in a month or 2, I will be
putting one or two hours a month. It has to be
that way. Because another one of my standards, if you haven’t watched some of
my other videos is I have a standard when it comes to my time. And I’m going to
share a private rule right now that’s going to I think Rock some of your worlds a
little bit. For me, one of the ways that I value my time is that when I am in
business, one of the decisions that I’ve decided to make is that there’s a
certain amount of money a startup has to be able to produce. I need a start-up to
produce no less than $5,0000 an hour in its first 10 hours.
Which means if I put in 10 hours of my time, I’m going to be compensated $50,000.
Now, I’m compensated $50,000 because I’ve elected that that’s how good the
opportunity needs to be. That means that I’m saying no to a lot of things if they
can’t even come close. Why would I say yes to something that
earns me less? That means that I’ll never get what I really want out of it. But I
have a second standard. After I put my 10 hours in, then I need to start earning
$20,000 an hour. And ultimately $100,000 an hour. The opportunity I’m working on
right now, it is doing just this. It is meeting my standard. Here’s what happens
when you actually have standards: You see in business when I talk about innovation,
lead generation, delegation; these are standards. If you don’t have standards
then you’ll end up getting what you tolerate in life. You won’t actually get
what you want. In life, we don’t get what we want. We get what we tolerate. So, right
now, what my standards are is they are already my way of pre-designated yeses
and noes. So, people will watch my videos like me want to partner with me do
business with me. And so they reach out and they email my team and say, “I got an
opportunity for Kris.” My team knows my standards. If it doesn’t match my
standards, they’re not going to say yes to that opportunity. Now, my standards
allowed me to retire by the time I graduated college. I clearly didn’t
retire because I’m still working. After I used to work my butt off, I don’t
do that anymore either. Right now, I’ve balanced my life between a lot of
pleasure, time, spirituality, parenting. I’ve got 4
little Niños that I love putting my time and energy and do. And I’m finding this
work-life balance of just loving my life and loving my work. And you know, that
means me working in afternoons. It is currently the afternoon. I’m shooting
this video. And I only do things that I love. And I love producing these videos
for you. I hope if you’re watching it right now you’re getting some serious
value out of this. There was a set of standards: 5 criteria that I wrote
about in this book. You can get it for free in the link below. But I decided
because a lot of people don’t read, I decided to actually make a video based
on this book. It’s a short video. It’s coming up next here in the top corner. If
you watch that video, it’s definitely going to reveal my 5 standards and rules
for exactly what I did that allowed me to be financially free by the age of 26.
And all I really wish for you is to live a happy amazing fulfilling life. For you
to be fulfilled, you have to ask yourself, “What are the standards that will fulfill
me? What are the standards that are going to help me live the life of my dreams?” When
you get the answer that question, you run a much higher likelihood of
someday laying down in that grave, deathbed scenario and saying, “I loved my
life. I loved what became of it. And I loved the result that I produced because
of the standards that I created.” My friend, have standards, know what you want.
And if you want to know my standards for building wealth and real estate really
quickly, watch this next video, you’re going love it.

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  1. Bruh, I just now realized that Both Your Names are spelled Wrong and kris is a girl's name. Did You do that on Purpose as a way to maintain online anonymity or were You punked by Your parents?

  2. Happy Birthday Kris! Though you probably won’t need it because of your optimism, Have a Great Birthday! Thank you for all of your very informative videos!

  3. hey I have been watching your videos for the last couple weeks. Il would love to be able to get in contact with you I just started to persue the real estate industry. And am just needed a little bit of help. Being new and some what ignorant in the feild I have been looking for a mentor. And I would love the opportunity to learn from you. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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